Available Horses

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Unlimited Use

Dorcas Carey
Gr. f., 15.3h+, 2015. 2019 RRP Makeover Eligible
Gorgeous gray filly, sure to turn heads. Adoption fee $1800-
Farma Way John
Dk b. g., 16.0h, 2008
Well schooled easy going gelding. Available soon~
Ch. g., 16.0h, 2013.
Handsome and steady to ride guy~ Adoption fee $1600-
Legendary King
B.g., 15.3h+, 2008. 2019 RRP Makeover Eligible.
Easy going world traveling war horse! Adoption fee $1500-
Ch.m., 16.1+h, 2013. 2019 RRP Makeover Eligible.
Tall sassy chestnut mare- Adoption fee $1800-
I’m Not Who I Was
Dk.b.g., 16.0h, 2008.
Tall, dark, and handsome. Adoption fee $2000-.
Diamond Junior
B.g., 16.0+, 2015. Going to the 2019 RRP Makeover-
Sweet, easygoing gelding with lots of potential. Going to the 2019 RRP Makeover
Liver Ch.g., 2013, 15.2+h, going to the 2019 RRP Makeover
Personality plus! Liver chestnut with bling. Going to the 2019 RRP Makeover!
*Frasero (Arg)
Ch.g., 2009, 16.0h. 2019 RRP Makeover Eligible
Athletic sound imported "Iron" horse. $1600-
Turbo Booster
B.g., 2014, 15.2+h. Headed to the 2019 RRP Makeover
Great mover, quiet to ride. Headed to the 2019 RRP Makeover!
Godspeed Tommy
Ch.g., 16.2h, 2012. 2019 RRP Makeover Eligible. Located in Salley SC.
Nice big sound event/jumper/dressage prospect. Adoption fee $2300-

Pasture Pets

B.g., 15.3h, 2010.
Companion only. Barefoot and pasture sound, no meds needed. Adoption fee $1-

In Rehab/Retraining

Ch. g., 16.0h, 2012. 2019 RRP Makeover Eligible
Handsome and easy to ride, nice uphill build. Available soon!
Feel Proud
Ch.g., 16.0+, 2012. 2019 RRP Makeover Eligible.
Available Soon~