B.g., 16.1h, 2014 Adoption Fee: $500- JUNE SPECIAL- $500- OFF ANY HORSE ADOPTED BY 6/30

Friendly and uncomplicated gelding

Istanly came to us from the kill pen last year- he was a stallion and in really rough shape. It took a village to bring him back to health- we had to keep him at another farm for several months until he was healthy enough to geld- and then he had to heal up after gelding and learn how to be a horse in a  herd. He is now one of the gang here- easy going and very friendly, and is always at the fence to meet visitors. He is a nice ride, with a rocking horse canter- he is just starting to learn how to get round. Stanley does have a slight wind noise- he probably had a tie back and we are guessing that is why he never raced, although he is tattooed. He has some minor changes in his knee and fetlocks but they should not be limiting- we have xrays and the vet report. Stanley is a true success story, he is one of the ones who would have been lost if we hadn’t had the support of so many to get him to where he is today.


UPDATE September 2023- Stanley has had a wonderful home for several years and has received a lot of good training- unfortunately time caught up to him a bit, and he has become uneven behind and now needs an easier job. He would be the perfect walk trot trail horse- he is very quiet and easy going- Beginner friendly. He prefers turnout with an all gelding herd. Stanley is a chunky monkey easy keeper, barefoot with no meds needed….We can even see him in a western saddle! Note- He does have what looks like two sarcoids along his neck but they will not affect him in any way….see pic


UPDATE 4/24- Stanley found a home as a husband horse but unfortunately the saddle they had didn’t fit him at all and over the course of a few rides he became reluctant to move and then started wanting to buck. We took him back and with time, Chiro, and pulsing, (and a saddle that fits) his back pain is gone and he is now back to himself. Nice guy!

Up to date on everything. Backed by our program’s reputation of honesty and transparency. All MAHR horses receive $200- towards lessons or training thanks to the ASPCA® On the Right Track Voucher program and can come to our series of all TB clinics here in MD for FREE. Adoption fee $500



Located in Warwick, MD. PM or email to meet Stanley.