Phra Phrom

Dk. b. g., 16.2h, 2018. 2024 RRP Makeover Eligible Adoption Fee: $2400-

What a lovely horse!

Phra Phrom came to us from MD’s Beyond the Wire. He retired sound – his connections needed the stall for new youngsters coming in. He is absolutely lovely- you might even mistake him for a warmblood with his size and build, although we wouldn’t want to insult him LOL. He was foot perfect for his first ride, and is very kind and forgiving. Perfect for a first time TB owner. He does have some effusion at the bottom of his one tendon- the track vets tell us it has been there for a very long time and does not bother him, and our vet agreed.

Up to date on everything. Backed by our program’s reputation of honesty and transparency. All MAHR horses  can come to our series of all TB clinics here in MD for FREE.

2024 RRP Makeover eligible- qualifies for the following special awards: TCA, NY Bred.

Adoption fee $2400-