Zion’s Call

Gr.g., 16.1h+, 2018 Adoption Fee: HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS, $1750- IF ADOPTED BY 12/31

Kill pen rescue, now in retraining~

Zion’s Call was born and raised and raced in Louisiana- early this spring, almost a year after his last race, he ended up in the kill pen. He then got caught on some farm equipment in the pen and was very badly injured. With the support of some of our amazing donors, we bought him and brought him to MD. Rehab was a long road, but fortunately there were no limiting injuries that we could see. He has just come to the main farm to start his retraining- stay tuned!

Update- When we first started working with Zion, he sometimes had his own ideas about what he wanted to do vs. what we were asking of him. He didn’t do anything too bad under saddle, and sometimes was contrary especially in the barn- but with some consistent reinforcement, he is now coming along nicely. He is learning quickly to listen to us and give the right answer, so we don’t expect it will take long. He isn’t 100% on his leads yet but that will come too. His ideal adopter is someone who will be consistent with him and continue to bring him along, someone who is experienced with green horses and a good leader.

Update 12/20/23- Zion is going beautifully and his barn manners are excellent- he hasn’t put a foot wrong now that he has had some consistent good care- after all he went through and the pain he must have felt, we can’t blame him for his early defensiveness. He has some minor scarring here and there on his legs but is not limited by anything. Nice mover, nice horse!

Adoption fee $3500- HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS, $1750- IF ADOPTED BY 12/31


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