Turbo Booster

B.g., 2014, 15.2+h. 2019 RRP Makeover Grad! Adoption Fee: Adopted!

Sweet  guy, big mover


Turbo came to us from MD’s Beyond the Wire program in April 2018. He had chips removed from both knees and had ample rehab time. He is now fully recovered and has no limitations at all for future use. Recent xrays are available. Turbo is a fabulous mover, and is very sensible and fun to ride. Suitable for any level rider. He is a mild cribber. Justine, one of our volunteers, loved him after watching him go- watch her video below!


Update- Turbo went to the Makeover in Show Hunters and Dressage and was a star- he found his home while in KY- Congratulations Erin and Turbo!