Trip Ups

Ch.g., 16.0+ growing, 2016. Adoption Fee: ADOPTED

Trip Ups is a lovely young gelding who came to us from his owner/breeder at Delaware Park after he had a slight tendon strain. We rehabbed him and he is now good to go! Trip is an eye-catching chestnut with all the chrome to stand out in whatever sport he does. Nice mover, good natural balance at the trot- the canter is coming along nicely now too. He is easy to live with in the barn as well. Loves loves loves people. Trip is base narrow and toes out a bit in front but moves straight. Lightly raced with only 6 starts. We expect him to finish out well over 16h. We took Trip out on a trail ride and he was awesome- very settled, happy to follow, he didn’t mind people working in the trees with chain saws or horses in an adjoining field trotting up to say hello!

Up to date on everything. Backed by our program’s reputation of honesty and transparency. All MAHR horses receive $200- towards lessons or training thanks to the ASPCA® On the Right Track Voucher program and can come to our series of all TB clinics here in MD for FREE.  Located in Warwick, MD. PM or email to meet Trip Ups.

UPDATE- Trip was adopted from us last year and was doing beautifully- but in November he moved to a new barn and things fell apart- he became anxious and started biting and kicking. His adopter had a vet and an osteopath go over him carefully and couldn’t find a reason for his behavior change. He came back to us a couple of weeks ago and seems to be back to his happy easy going self, but we want to do some vet work etc on him to see if we can figure out what was going on. Stay tuned!



Update 5/9/20- the state of MD is now open for riding, but we must practice social distancing, masks, etc.