Ch.g., 16.1+, 2010. Adoption Fee: $2400-

This guy has been there and done that~

Tommy was originally a kill pen save, and was adopted years ago. His adopter put a lot of good training into him, on the flat and over fences, but eventually resold him. He has been in his current home for quite a few years- showing, trail riding, hunter paces, etc.– but his owner fell off him and got hurt- it will be some time until she can ride again, so she called us and brought him back.

Tommy is going well- but he can be a bit cheeky at times- whoever named him chose appropriately. He likes to have a job and know his parameters, otherwise he acts like he is a big goofy dog with no manners, so we recommend an intermediate rider. We are transitioning him to barefoot, but he is clean and sound with no issues.

Update July 1- Tommy came in with shoes, and a lot of plastic on his left front- when that came off it was apparent that he will need time to grow a good foot out- so we will give him the time he needs. Our other option is to put shoes back on with plastic filler but that isn’t the best thing for him in the long run……

Update August 28-FINALLY! Tommy’s club foot has gotten solid and he is now sound and barefoot. The foot still has a ways to go before the crack is gone but he is back in work. (see pic) Farrier will see him this week….


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