Tomater Gator

Dk.b.g., 16.1h+, 2015. 2024 RRP Makeover Eligible Adoption Fee: Available soon

Another great aftercare story~

Tomater Gator has been running steadily for years-  over the last three years, one of our closest supporters, Fran Burns, had been asking about getting him retired. The stars aligned and he was retired by his race owners thanks to an anonymous donor. Read about it here:

It Takes A Village: Tomater Gator’s Soft Landing to OTTB

After  a few weeks at our rehab farm, Gator came to our main farm where we restarted him. He is so cool! A total professional-he started by channeling his inner giraffe but is already learning how to relax through his topline. He is honest and legitimate and kind. We are grateful to his race connections for retiring him sound and in great shape~

Update 12/20/23-Someone who followed him during his career on the track is hoping to adopt him- they are coming to meet him this week- stay tuned!

UPDATE –ADOPTED! Heather and Eric came to meet Tomater Gator and fell in love- they are happy to let him do as little or as much work as he wants- He went home on New Year’s Day to Aiken SC!