Spun Wickedly

B.m., 15.3h, 2017. Adoption Fee: Adoption fee $750 if adopted by 4/30

Easy going unraced mare~

This sweet girl belonged to an elderly KY breeder who sold her farm- she thought she had found her a great home but this kind mare ended up in the kill pen. Her breeder paid to pull her from the pen and get her to us. She is now fat and happy and sound, ready for a new career…we are not sure when she was last ridden but came out like she had been ridden just yesterday- she didn’t put a foot wrong…

She is very sweet and easy going- she had a hard time cantering in the beginning- she would break to a trot on the turns in the ring- but now is doing well. Definitely more of a kick ride.

Up to date on everything. Backed by our program’s reputation of honesty and transparency. All MAHR horses can attend our series of all TB clinics here in MD for FREE.

UPDATE 2/18/23– Spun Wickedly had  a PPE and she was moderately positive on her left front flexion. She does toe in on that foot and the worry was that it might limit her down the road. We had our vet flex both fronts the very next day and she was only mildly positive-a step or two uneven for the first couple of strides- much better than the previous day so we think she might have tweaked something before the vetting. Just to be sure, we took radiographs of the left front ankle and knee and although there are a couple of mild changes, our vet doesn’t see anything that will limit her. While we have never expected her to go to the upper levels (she is just too laid back!), she should be fine and well suited for trails, dressage, and lower level hunter/jumper/eventing (We could see her easily competing 2’6″ ish, maybe more?). Xrays are available.

Mare Madness! Adoption fee $750 if adopted by 4/30 ADOPTED