Dk.b.g., 16.0h, 2020. Adoption Fee: $1-

We got a call from a trainer at Delaware Park about a horse that had recently shipped up from FL. He arrived with a “hind end problem” and could we come take him into our program? We went to see him and this cute, inquisitive face peered out over the webbing- and then we saw his hind end, totally atrophied on the right side. There was a bit of a language barrier but the trainer had no idea what had happened to him, even though he had run as recently as April. We knew we were this guy’s only chance so picked him up and brought him to the farm. We have had several vets look at him and run all sorts of tests, and it is all inconclusive- but it looks as if he may have gotten hurt, causing the atrophy. He was thin when he arrived and now that he has put weight on his hind end looks much better. He is very cool to ride but mechanically lame at the trot. We have not cantered  him. He would be fine to walk around the pasture or trails, and maybe with time will his hind end improve? We really don’t know!

All MAHR companion horses are up to date on vet, dental, and farrier work. We do transfer ownership and require a $1- fee and contract. They cannot be resold but must come back to MAHR in the event they are no longer needed. We will deliver them and pick them up.