Shoot the Gap

B.g., 15.3h+, 2014. 2020 RRP Makeover Eligible-only 6 rides so far. Adoption Fee: Adopted!

This guy checks ALL the boxes!

Shoot the Gap came from Beyond the Wire in MD, and has been an absolute joy to work with and ride. We were surprised he stood just under 16h on the stick because he is solid and has some real presence about him. He has been easy to ride, easy to live with, and does everything asked of him happily and without hesitation. Nice mover, uncomplicated ride. This is the type of horse that TB resellers look for and put a big price tag on- but he is here with us, and has our program guarantee. He has only had 6 rides as of 9/13/19, so is currently 2020 RRP Makeover Eligible. ADOPTED BY KRIS!