Scorched By Fire

Ch. g., 16.0h, 2017. 2024 RRP Makeover Eligible ADOPTED Adoption Fee: Adoption fee $2500- HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS FEE IS $1250- if adopted before 12/31! ADOPTED

This guy is anything but hot~

Scorched by Fire is another horse that came from MD’s Beyond the Wire- he was a bit body sore and just not super competitive. His owner/trainer wanted the best for this boy and retired him. He is so sweet! Totally uncomplicated to ride, very willing. Happy for attention, he is super balanced, is a bit short strided still but is improving with body work- and we didn’t help him by pulling his shoes to transition him to barefoot.

He came with a note from his racing owner/trainer that said he loved carrots and sweet potatoes but not mints- well, she is mistaken, he loves mints too! This guy is by popular MD sire Friesan Fire who typically throws nice horses with great minds, and he is no exception. Perfect for a novice or timid rider.

UPDATE 9/15/23: Scorched by Fire has had a tough time transitioning to barefoot- with all of the wet weather his feet are super soft, and his adopter was hoping to be able to ride sooner. We have had two farriers and a vet look at him and he just needs TIME. Now that fall is here, things should get better, and he won’t be stomping flies all the time. Super nice horse, he will be back available soon.

Update October 2023- Scorched was adopted but then returned as he was really having trouble with the wet weather and soft feet. His adopter only got to ride him once after she brought him home. When he returned we found both feet were infected under false soles. All of the infection is now cleared up and his feet are solid and hard. He is barefoot and ready to go back to work.

UPDATE- Scorched by Fire is now available. Adoption fee $2500- HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS Fee is $1250- if adopted before 12/31! ADOPTED

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2024 RRP Makeover Eligible- Qualifies for the following awards: TAA, TCA, MD Bred.

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