Sassy B (Abby)

Ch.m., 16.3h, 2012. Adoption Fee: For Lease -LEASED

Fancy Fancy Fancy mare for lease~

Sassy B (Abby) was adopted a few years ago. Her adopter has a family situation that she needs to sort out, so we have her here as a 1 year lease option. She may be available for adoption at some point, but we want her adopter to get a chance to breathe and figure out what she wants to do. Abby has had a solid dressage foundation (training/first level) and has evented through Beginner Novice. Ideal candidate for TIP awards! She can be strong but is good in a flash. She is a big forward moving mare with a ton of presence. She is totally sound but does crib. She needs a rider who is strong and confident, because she can be a bit pushy, but she is a legitimate ride. Email for more info.