Run Happy Run

B.g., 16.1h, 2018 Adoption Fee: Adoption fee $1200-

Solid athletic guy with a ton of presence~

Happy came to us from MD’s Beyond the Wire but we first met him at Delaware Park- he was a colt then, drop dead gorgeous and quite a handful. He had a knee that was bothering him, and when Delaware closed for the season, he went with the stable to MD, ending up in MD’s Beyond the Wire program. He was gelded and we took him in and turned him out, giving him time to heal and learn how to behave with other horses in a field. We started him back and he could be a bit playful under saddle- nothing bad, he will just shake his head and try to convince you he might be a bad boy, but just ride him forward and put him to work. (He reminds us of the ‘greasers” from the 70’s- like John Travolta- handsome, looks like trouble, but has a good heart….)

We rexrayed his knee and the films look great, nothing there that should limit him. He loves to work and needs a strong rider to direct him and laugh at his jokes. He is great out in a field of geldings but we don’t recommend a mixed herd for this guy.

He will be a star for a good rider on a budget, one who will give him a job.

Adoption fee $1200-

Video added 4/3 including his first jumps!

Update 5/9- Happy had a PPE. Prior to the exam we did send the current knee rads to the potential adopter ahead of time. They then went ahead and scheduled the PPE and even though he passed his exam including his flexions and all X-rays, the potential adopter changed their mind and decided to pass bc of the minor changes in his knee..

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