Royal Stage

B.m., 2012, 15.2h. 2019 RRP Makeover Eligible Adoption Fee: Adopted!

We first met Royal Stage at Delaware Park this year. She was a turf horse who didn’t get to run a lot on her preferred surface because of all of the rain we had this year. A friend galloped her and told us what a nice honest mare she was. She came to the rescue recently, and we started her back.  She can be a little impatient on the ground. She is a big mover in a compact package, and feels bigger under tack than she measures.


Update- Royal Stage started out wonderfully in her retraining, but has become quite sassy now. She is not always sure she wants to work and will scoot and cut at times. She will need a committed rider and would do best in a program with consistent work to bring her to her full potential. She is handy and would probably make a good barrel horse.