Reggie D

Ch.g., 16.1h, 2009. 2019 RRP Makeover Grad. Located in Salley SC Adoption Fee: Adopted!

Gotta love a war horse!

Reggie D came to the rescue directly from his owner/trainer at the track who wanted to make sure he had a great home after racing. He retired sound after 83 starts and $200K in earnings. We liked him a lot, and sent him directly to our satellite farm in Salley SC, with trainer Heather Carlson. She also fell in love and decided to take him to the 2019 RRP Makeover where he competed in both trail and dressage after only a few rides. Reggie was a rock star-he took everything in stride, from the Rolex arena to the trail course to babysitting one of our other horses who was pretty stressed by it all.

Reggie is a lovely mover, very soft and fluid in his back, and totally unflappable. He is easy going and kind, and loves to do stuff. He would excel in any discipline and is a real confidence builder. We bet he would LOVE to hunt. Adopted!