R Lucifer

B.g., 2013, 16.0h. 2019 RRP Makeover Eligible. Adoption Fee: Adopted!

Personality plus!


“Devil” came to us through MD’s Beyond the Wire program. A favorite of his trainer, he arrived sound and happy, just no longer competitive. His feet needed some time but he is now barefoot and happy. Nice mover, and a very honest guy. Beautiful mouth and uncomplicated, Devil just wants to please. Devil is smart and sensible and loves to work. When we go to the field to get someone in to ride, Devil comes right up and follows along, hoping it is his turn.

Update May 27, 2019:

As we said, when Devil came in last year, he had terrible feet with glue on shoes- we struggled with them for awhile and finally decided to just let him go barefoot and grow a good foot. His foot is now solid- he is a bit tender on hard ground but fine on grass and in the ring. Devil was vetted last week, the day after he was trimmed. That vet said he was footsore (which he was) but also said he was positive on flexion tests and positive to back pain. We had him evaluated by our vet today- Dr Arensberg of Equine Vet Care at Fair Hill Training Center- Dr A is a great lameness guy and totally honest and up front in his assessments of our horses, for better or worse. Devil was negative to flexion and negative to back pain, so as we thought, he should be fine for any job. He is pretty laid back so we see him as a low to mid level kind of guy- he loves to work and loves people- his nick name is “pick me” bc he always comes up when you go to his field to get someone in…….ADOPTED