Prairie Tales

B.m., 16.0+h, 2017. 2024 RRP Makeover Eliglble Adoption Fee: $1200- JUNE SPECIAL- $500- OFF ANY HORSE ADOPTED BY 6/30

Fancy sound mare~

Prairie Tales came to us from her connections at Delaware Park- she just wasn’t competitive enough to keep running. She retired sound after 15 starts with just two wins and has settled in nicely to farm life. We pulled her shoes and she is doing well transitioning to barefoot. She stands nicely at the mounting block and has three nice gaits- uphill build and very athletic but sensible. She is just starting to figure out how to relax through her top line and realize she is not a giraffe- we do not believe in lunging rigs or doing whatever to set a the head position- with time and proper riding she will get there and be spectacular~ Clean and sound, no vices.

Video 2/29/24: We got busy with so many other horses and she was on the back burner until a week ago. We have now been working with on straightness, balance, and relaxation through her top line and she is really getting the strength and balance she needs. We do canter her but basically just stay in a half seat to let her find her way. She is a lot of fun!

Prairie was somewhat positive on her flexions in a prior PPE-  she has been sound for us, some horses just won’t flex 100% and vets all flex differently –but we had our vet look at her.  She is sound under saddle but still was slightly positive on her left hind flexion- ultrasound is clean….so we are working her consistently now to build up her top line and hind end…

Up to date on everything. Backed by our program’s reputation of honesty and transparency. All MAHR horses  can come to our series of all TB clinics here in MD for FREE.

Adoption fee $1200-


2024 RRP Makeover Eligible- qualifies for the following special awards: TCA, Delaware Park, NY Bred