B.m., 15.2+h, 2015. 2020 RRP Makeover Eligible Adoption Fee: Adopted!

Our Spicy Girl Red is not spicy- but her friend Petipa can be at times. Her barn nickname is “Guac”- guacamole is almost always extra, and so is Petipa. This mare ran unsuccessfully and then found herself at New Holland where she was purchased by a kill buyer. We had met her at Delaware Park earlier in the year- her owner was suspended and she fell into this situation. We were able to buy her and bring her to the rescue.

Petipa is sound and well built- she is honest and doesn’t do anything bad, but can be a bit “extra” at times. She needs a rider who laughs at all of her jokes when she gets spicy. Good jumper, she is very game and willing to give anything a go. She seems like she will eat up a cross country course- We also think she would be an awesome barrel horse, or suitable for polo.

Up to date on everything. Backed by our program’s reputation of honesty and transparency. All MAHR horses receive $200- towards lessons or training thanks to the ASPCA® On the Right Track Voucher program and can come to our series of all TB clinics here in MD for FREE. Adopted and going to the Makeover!. Located in Warwick, MD. PM or email to meet Petipa, our mare with more!

MAHR will pay the final entry and stabling fees of any graduate attending the 2020 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover.

Jim and Pat are her guardian angels!