Pay The Kid

Gr.g., 16.0h, 2017 Adoption Fee: $1-ADOPTED

Handsome grey gelding, friendly and sound~

Pay the Kid came to us from his connections at Delaware Park after cracking a shin. He healed completely without any limitations and a boarder at our rehab farm fell in love with him and asked to adopt him. Sally went out and gave him his first ride and he was a rock star, so we agreed to the adoption. After several months we got a call that he wasn’t working out- he was bucking under saddle. We promptly took him back and found a very sore back from an ill fitting saddle. He has been back in work now for about 8 weeks and is doing well, but we want to give him a little more time to give him the confidence that riding is not going to hurt.

Update March 2024- Kid has had days where he was absolutely perfect and days where he is showing signs of pain and just can’t …We x-rayed his back and he does have kissing spines, so he will be best suited as a pasture pet- and what a sweet handsome pasture pet he is! If someone wanted to take him, and do the surgery and then rehab so he could be ridden that is fine….