Passion’s Revenge

B.g., 15.3h, 2014 Adoption Fee: Adopted!

Passion was adopted from us a couple of years ago as a lovely sound event prospect. Earlier this year we got a call that he was suddenly lame. His adopter thought it was an abscess and apparently had a vet out, but after close to two months, he was no better, so we took him back. We could see right away that he had an accessory carpal bone fracture. Unfortunately if it had been properly diagnosed and he had been confined to stall rest, he would have recovered, but as it is, he will never be sound above a walk. He is a lovely, sweet horse who loves attention.

All pasture pets are up to date on everything. We will deliver them, and then pick them up if they are no longer needed. All pasture pets must come back to MAHR, and cannot be rehomed.

Photos courtesy of Rough Coat Photo.