Our Tiny Dancer

Ch.f., 15.1h, 2019. 2023 RRP Makeover Eligible Adoption Fee: Adoption fee $1600- ADOPTED

Our Tiny Dancer is an adorable sweet little filly that came to us from her connections at Delaware Park. She ran 9 times with one low level win- after her last race she came back a little sore. Vet xrayed but didn’t find any specific diagnosis. After a few days she was fine, then went out to gallop and came back a little off again. Because of her petite size,  sweet temperament, and lack of that racehorse ability, they decided to retire her. She was sound when she came to us and has been sound- we will have our vet go over her again this week, but we think she just tweaked something when running and didn’t have enough time to heal before she went back to training. Tiny was absolutely perfect for her first ride here. Pretty mover, very easy going. Barefoot, no vices.

Update: Our vet came and did basic flexions and she was negative to all.

2023 RRP Makeover Eligible. Special awards: TCA/TAA/ NY Bred– and is there a chestnut mare award still?

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Adoption fee $1600- ADOPTED