One River Place

Ch.g., 16.1h, 2014 Adoption Fee: $750-

We originally got River from Delaware Park- he was a stallion and in a bad situation. We gelded him and gave him time to recover and be a horse again, and then found him a home last fall with a previous adopter. Unfortunately, their other MAHR grad is a low man in the field, and River spent too much time bossing him around, so he came back to us. River is a super quiet ride- bareback, western, english, no problem. He is barefoot and sound but has limited flexion and arthritis in his ankles so he needs a low level job. He is great out on the trails and anyone can ride him. He needs a pasture situation with horses that will stand up to him- he is in a field of 7-8 geldings here and while he is always the one to make sure any newbies know he is the boss, he is then fine. We do not recommend turning him out in a mixed herd.


Adoption fee $750-