Night Ops

B.g., 16.1+, 2016. 2024 RRP Makeover Eligible Adoption Fee: ADOPTED~

Amazing horse, amazing story!

Night Ops was a super race horse who won almost $1Million but was dropping in class. His owner trainer wanted to make sure he had a great post race career and with the help of a generous donor, we were able to secure him.

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We brought him to the farm, pulled his shoes and let him be a horse for a month. Ashley, a well known rider and trainer, had just lost her heart horse suddenly and read his story and contacted us right away.  We hopped on him and were wow’d with his demeanor and movement, even being a little ouchy without shoes. Ashley came and rode him and loved him, so he is going home with her before Christmas. We look forward to their progress as they aim for the hunter ring in the future. Congratulations! and a big thank you to his racing connections!!