Ch.g., 16.0+, 2014. 2021 RRP Makeover Eligible Adoption Fee: ADOPTED

Flashy young gelding~

Mysterio is a nicely bred gelding who was not as competitive on the track as he once was. His former owners reached out to his current connections and purchased him in order to retire him through Beyond the Wire and MidAtlantic Horse Rescue. He arrived in beautiful shape but his feet needed time- he didn’t have much foot and was wearing glue ons. We pulled his shoes and let his feet get tough and grow and he is now doing great, barefoot and sound. Mysterio is a very nice ride, a little bit of a push ride. For his first day under tack here, he stood nicely at the block and while he was looking around, he walked, trotted and cantered quietly. He is a lovely flat kneed mover and very willing. He is a mild cribber. He is currently barefoot, and is negative to flexions on all four.

Up to date on everything. Backed by our program’s reputation of honesty and transparency. All MAHR horses receive $200- towards lessons or training thanks to the ASPCA® On the Right Track Voucher program and can come to our series of all TB clinics here in MD for FREE. Adoption fee $2400-. ADOPTED

Located in Warwick, MD. PM or email to meet Mysterio.

Update 5/9/20- the state of MD is now open for riding, but we must practice social distancing, masks, etc.