Marty Who

B.g., 16.0+h, 2011 Adoption Fee: $1-


Born in New Mexico, and raced in Illinois, West Virginia, and Ohio, Marty was found at a low end feed lot in PA when he came off the track. A blue collar war horse, Marty had a solid record of 71 starts with 12 wins, and 14 times in the money, but only earning just shy of $90K. We bought him and brought him to the rescue- when we restarted him he was a rock star and found a home quickly- however when his adopter rode him the first time at home he started bucking out of the blue until she came off. His adopter was a nice rider with a good bit of experience, and no one who was watching the “new horse” could figure out why he did that- but we took him back right away. We had our vet go over him and they could not find an issue but we felt it was best to just let him retire and enjoy life as a companion. He is quite personable and easy to live with.

All MAHR companion horses are up to date on vet, dental, and farrier work. We do transfer ownership and require a $1- fee and contract. They cannot be resold but must come back to MAHR in the event they are no longer needed. We will deliver them and pick them up.