Legendary King

B.g., 15.3h+, 2008. 2019 RRP Makeover Eligible. Adoption Fee: Adopted!

World traveler, war  horse alert~

This guy is a true war horse and world traveler. He has run across the country and even ran in Poland! with 65 starts and earnings of $185K. He bowed in his last start in June 2018, and has had ample rehab time. HIs tendon is big and ugly but cold and tight, and he is totally sound. Legendary is very kind and sensible under saddle- easy to ride and loves the attention. He is a good jumper. His canter has been a work in progress, and we found that jumping an x and then cantering has been the best way to develop that gait. Anyone can ride this guy safely and have fun. Adopted by Katelyn, thank you!