Justice of War

Dk.b.g, 16.0h, 2016 Adoption Fee: $2000-

Easy going guy~


Justice of War came to us from MD’s Beyond the Wire after his last race in which he bowed a tendon.  He had plenty of time to rehab and recover and actually could have started back in work much sooner but we were so busy with horses in work…at any rate, we brought him in to restart- our vet went over him and really couldn’t even tell which leg had been injured! (We couldn’t either LOL). He was tight when we restarted him but after one chiro treatment he was so much better.

He is a sensible easy going guy who should do well in any sport. Nothing really bothers him and he is more of a kick ride. Barefoot and sound, no vices.

Adoption fee $2000-

Up to date on everything. Backed by our program’s reputation of honesty and transparency. All MAHR horses  can come to our series of all TB clinics here in MD for FREE.

(sorry he is quite dirty in the video- he had found a mud wallow yesterday and while Theresa did spend a good amount of time knocking off caked mud, we were running out of time and we felt riding was more important…..)