Glory Hound

Ch.g., 16.1++, 2014. 2020 RRP Makeover eligible. Adoption Fee: $2500-

This guy is a gentle giant–

Glory is big bodied and big boned, and so quiet and easy- nothing bothers him, he is the perfect first thoroughbred! Don’t let his easy going temperament fool you though, as he is a very good mover and athletic and willing, so he could go far in any sport. Retired sound through our friends at Beyond the Wire because he was out of race conditions. Barefoot and clean, no vices.

Glory Hound can be glory bound!


Glory Hound is eligible for the 2020 RRP Makeover, and the MD Bred, TAA, and TCA awards. This is the horse that your friends will ask  “Is THAT really a thoroughbred?” Lots of fun, a truly genuine guy. Backed by our program’s reputation for  honesty and transparency. Eligible for the ASPCA® On the Right Track training voucher program, in which the adopter receives $200 back towards lessons or training. All MAHR grads can participate in our TERF clinics at the farm for FREE. Adoption fee $2500-.