Feel Proud

Ch.g., 16.0+, 2012. Adoption Fee: $1- ADOPTED

When Feel Proud came to us, he was awesome—-but something wasn’t quite right. He was very reluctant to canter. We chalked it up to being track sore, so gave him time- brought him back to work and still the same result. After a lot of diagnostics we found out he had EPM- we treated him with three different meds over the course of a year- and while there is improvement, he is only comfortable at the walk and trot, so we are looking for a home as a companion only. He does crib.

All pasture pets are up to date on everything. We will deliver them, and then pick them up if they are no longer needed. All pasture pets must come back to MAHR, and cannot be rehomed. Email for more info.


Adoption fee $1- PENDING