B.m., 15.2h, 2014. Adoption Fee: Adopted!

What a sweetheart!

We just can’t call her by her JC name (Bj’sworstnightmare), or anything related to that.  This sweet girl had a nice home when she first came off the track. Her owner rode her western, did some fun stuff like dragging logs and popping over tiny jumps- but a major life event happened, and her owner was forced to sell her quickly and cheaply (including tack and blankets) to someone who promised to give her a good home— and who promptly took her to the sale where she sold to kill. She is by one of our favorite sires, Tizway- and is a real gem. Good things come in small packages! ADOPTED! Now renamed Lavago, look for her and Karen in the dressage ring and at events.