B.g., 15.3h, 2010. Adoption Fee: $1- ADOPTED

Distiller was the grand champion at the MD Yearling Show and went on to become a useful runner. Unfortunately he ended up with chips in both knees and in a kill pen. We bought him with the support of the Maryland Jockey Club and took him home. He has been pasture sound and an easy keeper. He is the one in the herd who insists on being the center of attention when anyone is in the pasture, whether you want him to be or not–as he demonstrates here with Liz as she was helping Valerie of Rough Coat get some pics of everyone! Barefoot and no meds needed.

All pasture pets are up to date on everything. We will deliver them, and then pick them up if they are no longer needed. All pasture pets must come back to MAHR, and cannot be rehomed.


Photos courtesy of Rough Coat Photo.