Defend the Bay

B.g., 16.1h, 2016. Adoption Fee: $1- ADOPTED

Puppy dog personality~

We bought Defend the Bay at New Holland late last winter after his former racing owner had given him away. We did find out that he had some behavioral issues while at the training center, so after he got healthy we sent him to Sally Shirley for evaluation. He was always good with her but seemed to be a bit uncomfortable in his back. We brought  him back to the main farm and chiro’d him several times but could really never get rid of that discomfort- so that coupled with the reports from the track led us to the decision to place him as a pasture pet or with the perfect person who would be interested in trying to make him more comfortable under saddle with proper flat work and maybe some back injections. Bay is a big sweetie, one of the first ones to greet you at the gate. He is barefoot and sound.

All MAHR companion horses are up to date on vet, dental, and farrier work. We do transfer ownership and require a $1- fee and contract. They cannot be resold but must come back to MAHR in the event they are no longer needed. We will deliver them and pick them up.

Up to date on everything. Backed by our program’s reputation of honesty and transparency. Adoption fee $1-. Located in Warwick MD. PM or email to meet Bay.