Ch.f., 15.3h, 2016. 2020 RRP Makeover Eligible, only 5 rides so far. Adoption Fee: Adopted!

Sweet in-your-pocket pet!

Dalal came to us from Scott Lake’s barn at Delaware Park. She has been so easy and kind, both on the ground and under saddle. Beautiful mover, soft in the bridle, and flashy to boot. She would be a great first thoroughbred and we can see her cleaning up in the show ring. She is low in the herd pecking order, she just keeps to herself and avoids any trouble. Note: She does have some chips in her upper knee joints- they do not bother her at all, but she would best be suited for lower level stuff up to 2’6″, or a fun horse for trails and dressage. Current xrays are available for your review. Eligible for the 2020 RRP Makeover with only 5 rides so far. Adopted!