Connemara Coast

Ch. g., 16.1h, 2009. 2020 RRP Makeover Eligible Adoption Fee: $1000-

This guy ran well for seven years, now he is ready to enjoy the easy life~

Connemara Coast came to us directly from his racetrack owner- he was running well but had some ankle issues and they wanted to retire him rather than have him get hurt. With a record of 36 starts- 7-9-9 and earnings of almost $350K, he was as honest as could be. We fell in love with his beautiful face and wise eyes. When he first came in we rode him once, but then wanted to let him just be a horse. It took a little time for  him to get used to living out 24/7 with a herd of buddies, and now he is happy – in fact, he really would rather not come in the barn at all LOL. CC is easy to ride with three nice gaits, no spook or buck or anything- it just never occurs to him. Because of his old ankles, we would rather he go to a lower level home, with occasional jumping, in order to stay sound – dressage and hacking would be ideal for this guy.

CC is an ideal horse for an older amateur rider with his comfy gaits and soft mouth. He has so much to offer- and is 2020 RRP Makeover Eligible too. He qualifies for the Iron Horse, Best of Delaware Park,  MD Bred, TAA, and TCA awards. CC really wants his own person, one who appreciates what a true war horse he is.

Backed by our program’s reputation for  honesty and transparency. Eligible for the ASPCA® On the Right Track training voucher program, in which the adopter receives $200 back towards lessons or training. All MAHR grads can participate in our TERF clinics at the farm for FREE. Adoption fee $1000-