Bodie’s Dance

B.g., 16.0h, 2017. with some great post track training Adoption Fee: Adoption fee $2200- ADOPTED

Donated by his racing owners. Flashy solid guy. Pretty mover, barefoot and sound. Bodie is a cool guy but can be a bit cheeky at times. At the trot he doesn’t really want to work so tries to break into a little hobby horse canter- we dealt with that by then sending him on- “It doesnt matter what gait you give us, but you are going to work”- so now he has learned it is easier to just go ahead and work at the trot- but he still tries to convince you he doesn’t really have to work all the time. He still has a hard time picking up the right lead from the trot but will give you a flying change when you ask for it. He is a good jumper and knows where his feet are. Bodie is a lot of fun and a real character.

UPDATE 9/23- Originally adopted in 2021, Bodie came back to us recently when his owner could no longer afford a horse. He has been sitting for a bit so needs a little refresher but in his former home he did a lot of ring work and trail riding, alone and in large groups.


VIDEOS ARE FROM 2021, new ones soon!


Adoption fee $2200-