Big Headed Karl

B.g., 16.0+ growing, 2022. 2023 RRP Makeover Eligible. FEH prospect too! Adoption Fee: Adoption fee $2800- ADOPTED

Big Headed Karl was named after a race track character that his owner trainer knew- (he is gorgeous and does not have a big head!) In his first start he earned a speedy “22” speed rating. In his second start the jock pulled him up in disgust and walked away. The trainer had his vet go over Karl and they found nothing wrong. This is a seriously nice prospect though- he is only 2 and is growing but is very sensible and kind.

This horse is the real deal- yes, he is only 2 but in a couple of months he will be 3. He is 16.0 1/2 on the stick and is butt high at the moment. We took him out in the pouring rain for his first ride and he was amazing. Stood at the block, walked off nicely, did give a little pop when first asked to trot but then was perfect. Watch that trot when we ask for the canter- and look at that canter– you can see what this horse will become. Barefoot and clean legged, no vices.

Up to date on everything. Backed by our program’s reputation of honesty and transparency. All MAHR horses can attend our series of all TB clinics here in MD for FREE.

Adoption fee $2800- ADOPTED

Great Future Event Horse Prospect. 2023 RRP Makeover Eligible. Qualifies for following awards: TCA- TAA-NY Bred- Delaware Park. MAHR will pay the final entry and stabling fees for any grad attending the 2023 Makeover!