Baby Snacks

B.g., 17.0h, 2012. Adoption Fee: Adopted!

Big quiet easy going gelding with lots of trail experience.

Baby Snacks (Zen) was adopted from MAHR almost two years ago right when he retired from racing. His owners did a lot of trail riding in and around Fair Hill and he did beautifully. Last fall they started having some issues with barn manners that they couldn’t quite overcome. After a good bit of thought and effort, they returned him to MAHR. He has been a very good boy since he came back- we have not seen any of the issues that his former owners were experiencing- maybe he prefers the wide open spaces and living out as opposed to a small barn with all of the amenities? At any rate, Zen is a BIG boy, and is a bit more whoa than go, but very willing. Three nice gaits, very comfortable.  Suitable for a novice rider, and a good husband horse too.