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For nearly 20 years we have been rescuing horses out of the killer pens.
Our horses have gone on to do wonderful things, including:

Should Be Fun

Should Be Fun and Linda at their first event, less than a year after he was pulled from the kill pen.

Coaxed, Dk. B. G., 16.0h, 2001

Blue's Prospecter, Arrearments, and Coaxed were adopted by Cara and family in MD. They have restored a lovely old horse farm north of Baltimore that was only missing one thing--- horses!!  Blue, Arrearments and Coaxed landed in heaven- they are ridden here and there and keep the grass honest. Thank you for opening your hearts and home to these three great guys!

Arrearments, b.g., 16.1h, 2002

Blue's Prospecter, Arrearments, and Coaxed were adopted by Cara and family in MD. They have restored a lovely old horse farm north of Baltimore that was only missing one thing--- horses!!  Blue, Arrearments and Coaxed landed in heaven- they are ridden here and there and keep the grass honest. Thank you for opening your hearts and home to these three great guys!

Blue's Prospecter, bay g., 16.1+h, 2000. .

Blue's Prospecter, Arrearments, and Coaxed were adopted by Cara and family in MD. They have restored a lovely old horse farm north of Baltimore that was only missing one thing--- horses!!  Blue, Arrearments and Coaxed landed in heaven- they are ridden here and there and keep the grass honest. Thank you for opening your hearts and home to these three great guys!




Pricedale Kid, b.g, 16.0h+, 1998.

Update April 2008:

Just a few pictures of Chance loving his new job. At the show on April 13, he got a 3rd under saddle and a 5th jumping. Not bad after only 2 weeks! He is getting a huge fan club from the kids at the barn.
When you have another Chance, I WANT HIM! Thanks.





















Update August 2008:

Tornado Chaser and Pricedale Kid at Fair Hill scavenger hunt



Smokin Afleet, gr. g., 15.3h+, 2003.

Smoken Afleet was adopted! Chris from Northern VA and her adult daughter Sherry were looking for a new show prospect and came to see Smoky. He was his usual quiet easy self and they decided to adopt him. After a vet check, he went to his new home, joining two retired show horses....Thank you!!

Queen of Honey, bay f., 16h, 2003.

Saved from slaughter thanks to a donation from Lori of the Friends of Twilight.

Queen of Honey was adopted! Canby, an experienced horsewoman from PA and TB lover,  was looking for a new project, since her current TB is going on the show circuit bigtime. She came to MAHR several years ago with a friend who adopted a horse, always checks our site, saw Honey and knew she was the one. She came with her trailer (we were sure that would jinx it!) met Honey, had her vetted - everyone was so impressed with how calm and smart she was- and took her home. She is going to have Martha come and massage her, and then just play around with her this summer. As a coincidence, the first horse she ever got off the track when she was 13 was named Queen of Hearts! Thank you!

Update June 2008:

Hi Bev....I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what fun I have been having with Honey ! I have been taking her across country everyday with one other horse and she is amazingly brave and quiet ! She marches through streams.....past all sorts of things that most horses  would at least be a little afraid of at first.....and popped her over some  small logs.....she just loves it , and i just love her ! its been at least 10 yrs. since i have had a non spooky TB.....that doesn't spin 180 degrees when something scares it much more fun with a horse like Honey...........I now would feel fine about taking her out by herself.....she really does not seem to  rely whatsoever on her "babysitter ".for her confidence. I'll keep you posted as we keep progressing. Hope you got the pictures I sent. Canby




Suspiciouslysilent, bay g. 15.3h., 2003

Suspiciouslysilent was adopted by Sally of MD. An upper level event rider and fox hunter, Sally has already adopted several other horses from us. She was looking for another project, came to see Silent, and adopted him on the spot. We are looking forward to watching him as he comes along under Sally's expert guidance. Thank you!

Gindu, b. m., 16.1h+ 2003.


Saved thanks to a kind donation from Suzy of HI

Gindu was adopted. Karl and Andrea of HorseSense Nutrition were looking for a mare to breed and to use to demonstrate the effectiveness of their high quality feed- using nothing but the best US ingredients and milling the feed right in VA, they can feed horses less, have them look better, produce bigger and healthier foals, and also maintain better overall health. They came to meet Gindu- it only took about 2 minutes for them to decide they wanted to adopt her. She will have a home for life on a lovely 40 acre farm in Northern VA. 
Thank you!





Lucky Bar, percheron gelding, 16.3h, 20 yrs.

Lucky Bar spent the last 6 years pulling a carriage in NYC. When they were through with him, they sent him to New Holland to await his fate. We bought him and are pleased to announce he has already been adopted. Shawna in VA is getting him this weekend where he will be a companion to her other horse and spend the rest of his life enjoying grass, sunshine, and love.

Chamber Music, gr. f., 2004, 15.1h and growing.

Chamber Music was adopted! Elaine from MD called about her, looking for an event/dressage prospect. She came to see her and thought she was even nicer than she had hoped- -- since it was the first horse she had looked at, she thought she should look at some others---- but by the end of the ride home, she knew that this was the horse for her. After a total vet check including xrays, she leaves for her new home this weekend. Elaine works at the MD/VA Vet School in Leesburg and hopes to bring the filly to work with her so she can work on the rain rot she arrived with. We look forward to pics of this filly as she matures and puts on weight and muscle! Thank you!

Dangerous Quest, b. g., 15.3h, 2004.

Dangerous Quest was adopted. Kathleen of NJ was looking for a young event prospect. DQ was the first horse she looked at but she liked him so much she decided to have him vetted. He passed with flying colors and left for his new home last week. Thank you!

Update March 2008:

  I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Desi is doing!  He has been nothing but wonderful to work around and to ride.  We was 
wonderful and the trailer and settled into his new home very nicely.  
He has two other ex-racer geldings that he gets turns out with, and come in to his own stall at night where he gets all the hay he could 
want.  He is a very quick learner and very very sensible to ride.  
Thank you so much I am so very happy with him.  I hope to get him out to a schooling show at the end of the month just to hang out.

  Thanks again,
  Kathleen and Desi

Cerberus, b. g., 16.1+, 2005.

Cerberus was adopted by Kristi of MD. She also adopted Princes of Maine and has done very well with him. She fell in love with Cerberus's picture, came with truck and trailer and took him home. He will rehab with Susan (Wind Digger) until later this year when they will start him. Congratulations!

Update July 2008:

Hey Bev,

I just wanted to let you know that all is well with Cerberus. His new barn name is Gunner. His bow is hard now and he is completely sound!! His feet were a little sore when he first came home butwith my farriers help they are all better too!! He is out with my QH Guinness and Old App Sunny. They are showing him the ropes. He and Guinness are great playmates and love to play halter or fly mask tag given the opportunity. Sunny just treats him like the new kid and doesn't give him an inch, but you know how grumpy old men are!! I can't wait till Sept/October to get him into light work. I cheated and trotted him out in hand a few days ago, and WOW what a beautiful trot it was!! Thanks again for the opportunity to own such a magnificent horse!!!

Best Wishes!!!



Search for Luv, Dk. b. g., 16.1+h, 1996.

Luv was adopted! Celeste and her niece Vicky were looking for a horse that could go out hacking and also do local shows. They came to see the horses and Luv really caught their eye. He went very well for both ladies so they decided to adopt him. After a vet check they took him home. This is a doubly happy ending- Celeste is one of the Friends of Twilight, so not only has she helped save quite a few TBs through that group, she also gave one a home!

Update March 2008:

Hope all is well with you.  Just a quick note to let you know how well things are working out.  Chance (aka Luv) is such a nice horse.  I've recently started working with a trainer (mainly for me, not him!), and although it appears that he hasn't done much ring work before, he is very willing and responsive.  My trainer is very impressed.   And his manners are great, too --he is so sweet and well-behaved.   Very sensible.  Several people at the barn have remarked about what a nice mover he is.   So, I'm really very happy with him.  Thanks again for matching us up!  Best regards, Celeste

Snowanna Run, ch. m., 16.3, 1999.

Saved by Doreen Kearney and family in honor/memory of cousin Roy Stevens,  from Devon, England

Snow was adopted! This lovely big mare was adopted sight unseen by Joann of Nova Scotia, as a sporthorse broodmare and companion. She will be presented at the sporthorse testing this spring. Joann already has a nice Dutch stallion picked out to breed her too. Thank you!!!

Update February 2008:

Hi Beverly,
Snow got here this afternoon around 3:00 PM.  She left Ontario on Friday, had a stopover in Quebec and one in New Brunswick.  It normally is only a 20 hr drive, but this time of year the weather can be a hassle.  The weather was super this AM - and we WERE supposed to get snow this am - but it came after Snow arrived.  I was able to turn her out for 1.5 hrs +/- to let her stretch.  She got a little wet, so when I brought her in I changed blankets into her new one and gave her a little brush. 
Well, I have to say Beverly, she is much prettier and nicer than I expected.  Two friends have been by to visit her already and both were very impressed.  She had a couple trots around the field, and she is a very nice mover too!!!  She did stay close to the fence to be near us though - and she followed me around like a puppy.
I don't know if I mentioned this before, but instead of taking her to my friend's place down the road where my other 2 mares are, we brought her right home.  I wanted her here so I could bond with her without my other 2 horses "interfering".... :)   My husband's granddaughter's miniature horse is her right now too, so she has company.  There is nothing wrong with the barn-it is just old, and the roof leaks into the hayloft and alot of the eaves are rotted out.  We can no longer keep a winter's worth of hay up there, but since it is just the two of them, and only till the other barn is built (June hopefully), we are just putting the hay in the other box stall.
We took pictures of her coming off the trailer, in the barn, and out in the snow.  I will send a couple as soon as I get them on to the computer. 
I'll keep you posted, and get some pics off to you.  She is an absolute DOLL, and I love her already!!!  Thank you so much for doing what you do for these horses.  It has inspired me to investigate the possibility of doing whatever I can from here in Nova Scotia to stop horse slaughter in Canada.
Keep up the good work!!!
Joann & Snow in Nova Scotia
PS.....She REALLY loves her carrots!!!!!!!!!!


Tommy, bay gelding, 14h, aged.

Tommy was adopted! Anne from MD was looking for a safe pony for her young niece to learn to ride on. Her older niece came and put him through his paces- he walked, trotted, and cantered like a push button pro! They took him home a few days later- he will have lots of kids to fool with him, and no stall- just a run in shed, which will make Tommy happy- he prefers to be out. Thank you!!

Update March 2008:

Bev, I received the health papers and want to tell you how happy this pony has made my niece.Sophie renamed him Samson ,due to family member named Tommy who objected.She rides him bareback in his field ,he stands by the fence so she can hop on.They go trotting and cantering on rides around the farm with her sister.Thanks Ann

Suave Devil, b. g., 16.1+h, 1999.

Suave Devil was adopted. Cris and her family adopted King Adam from us about a year ago. They were thinking about getting a companion/ husband horse and fell in love with Devil's picture (join the club!  this boy really has a huge fan base!) They took him home this week and report he arrived and settled right away and loves attention and treats from the kids. Thank you for giving this deserving guy a great home!!!

Update January 2008:

Suave has been terrific.  He is not a very brave horse but even when unsure he just stands and looks till he is ready to go on.  We rode him for the first time on Sunday, he was a pro.  He was extremely quiet and enjoyed the nice walk stretching his head out to the buckle on the reins.  He seemed very happy just to be with someone and getting lots of love.  When taking him back to the field he would have stayed with us and tag along with us around the barn rather than go back with his buddies in the field.  He is very sweet.


Update May 2008:

Suave Devil is also doing well.  We have had the vet take x-rays again
and the left front leg is still pretty puffed up.  The vet and a
surgeon reviewed his x-rays and stated that his left sesamoid bone is
basically deteriorating to nothing.  Even with his legs being so bad, he
is hardly ever limping and is doing excellent with his new life of
just being a friend.  He is really a sweet boy and he has become
attached to my 4 year old daughter who makes sure he gets treats everyday.  He looks for her each time we are in the barn.
Take care!






Linder Blue, bay g, 16.2h, 1997.

Linder Blue was adopted! Kate from PA called looking for a horse for her student Kasey. Kasey's first horse was downright dangerous by all accounts and they did not want to go through that again. Kate knew Blue from his days at the training center and urged Kasey to go see him. Kasey was thinking she wanted a younger horse though- but she came to MAHR and clicked with Blue right away. He was vetted this week and leaves for his new home just in time for the New Year. Kasey wants to jump and hack and bring a horse along, and we think Blue is very very lucky to have found her!





Update January 2008:

Hi Bev,
I just wanted to give you an update. Linder was a perfect gentleman on the way home. Kasey has been riding him almost every day since she brought him home. They has their first lesson with me on Wednesday. It went well, although I think that Kasey realized how out of shape they both were. I think they will be doing some starter trials this spring. He knows more than he lets on, but it's good for Kasey to have to work. He is already spoiled rotten, which he deserves! He is such a good boy! I'm so glad I called about him when I did. They are a match made in heaven! I'm sending you some pictures of his first day and their first ride.

Thank You,
Kate Ramirez
Windemere Stables

Lets Do Sum Kissin, dk. b. m., 16.2h., 2003.

Lets Do Sum Kissin was adopted! Renee from West VA was looking for a young TB to bring along to jump and show. She runs a large W Va TB farm and has lots of experience with young TBs. She found our site and was horrifed to see the pic of Connie Med (now adopted)--- as she personally foaled Connie for her breeders and stood her sire! This inspired Renee to look specifically for a rescue horse. She came to see Kiss and fell in love. She is taking her home this weekend- in addition, Renee donated money to save another TB from New Holland. 
Thank you!!!!!!

Update January 2008:

Hi Bev,
    Just wanted to let you know that Kiss had a safe trip home and has settled in nicely. I think she really likes her new home. She goes out with my 2yr old fillies and they all get along great. She's eating well and getting groomed everyday and receiving lots of peppermints and carrots. She seems very happy. I know I'm very happy with her. I think we're a good match. I'll be sure to send pictures and keep you updated! Happy New Year!!
                                                                                         Renee Sanderson

Update February 2008:

Hi Bev,
    Just wanted to give you an update on how Kiss is doing. I gotta tell you, I absolutely love this mare! Kiss comes when she is called and never makes me walk to get, she comes to me! Even if it's dark when I come down to put her blanket on after a warm day, I call her name and she'll whinney to let me know where she is before she comes to me. She seems to be the jack of all trades and master of all too!. We've started over ground poles and also a few crossrails. She is BEAUTIFUL jumper! Very confident and brave to her fences. It's almost as if she already knows what to do before I ask her. Kiss has also started some lateral work and really seems to enjoy it. She bends so easily and just has wonderful carriage and uses her hind end so well. She's a natural when it comes to dressage. Among other things, Kiss also is serving well as a babysitter for my young yearling fillies. She herds them around and watches over them like a mother hen! I think she really enjoys playing a motherly role. I don't believe I could have found a better horse that is so versatile and athletic. Her personality and disposition are one of kind. Everyone who has seen her has complimented her beauty, good nature, and flawless confirmation. I'll be sure to send pictures soon. I can't thank you enough for matching me with this perfect horse! I've told everyone I know about the wonderful horses you have for adoption and what great partners they make. Your hard work and dedication to finding these horses good homes is greatly appreciated by many! Take care!

                                                                             Renee Sanderson

Bythegraceofgod, dk. b. g., 16.0+, 1994. 

Saved thanks to a donation by Elizabeth in honor of her birthday!

Bythegraceofgod found a home! Debbie of VA was looking for a horse to do dressage and trails. She had her first horse for over 20 years- that mare died about 7 years ago, and Debbie was finally ready for a new friend. She fell in love with Grace from his picture, and when she and her trainer Cara came to visit, they knew he was the one! He was vetted and left for his new home in Gainesville. We already have pics of him sharing hay with a new pasture buddy. Congratulations!

Update January 2008:

Hi Bev,

Grace has adjusted very well and has now become very attached to a Shetland Pony named Niles.  If Niles is taken away to be ridden, Grace never stops watching for him.  I guess that is a "problem" but I will deal with it once he is settled in.  He has been great to work around - loves to be brushed, behaved for a recent farrier visit, is great to handle, etc.

I haven't ridden yet - I was away over Christmas.  I finally have a set of tack purchased that will fit him so I will be riding possibly today (since it stopped raining a few hours ago).  I will also start a weekly riding lesson on him later this week.

I will keep you posted on his progress.  So far, so good :-)

Take care,

PM Update:  I just got back from riding him - just walked and trotted in the arena - he was awesome!!!  He was very relaxed and looked very  handsome in his new tack.  I forgot my camera but will send an update soon.

Update February 2008:

Hi Bev,

Grace has adjusted very well to his new home. He is still attached to a Shetland pony named Niles but he is not obsessive. They are just best friends. We have started taking lessons and have been doing a lot of ground work. We are both out of shape which works out well - neither of us is overly demanding :-)

He is the sweetest horse I have ever been around. He doesn't seem to have a mean bone in his body. He goes along willingly with whatever is asked of him and he tries very hard to please. He loves to be brushed - to the point where I almost have to wake him up when I am done! I couldn't be any happier with him - he is exactly what I was looking for.

I'll keep you updated on his progress.

Thanks for everything,


Mt Washington, gr. g., 16.0h, 2001.

Saved thanks to the Friends of Twilight!

Mt Washington was adopted by Autumn of MD. She has had two horses so
far- on had behavioral problems, and one had soundness issues- and all Autumn wants to do is ride and have fun-maybe a local horse show or event- but the main thing was to enjoy the partnership! She and her mom came to see our horses and fell in love with Mt Washington.  After a vet check, he left for his new home near Salisbury. Thank you!

Bourbon Gingerbear, ch. g., 15.2h, 2004.

Saved thanks to donations from the
Friends of Twilight

Bourbon Gingerbear was adopted! Sally previously adopted Bold Mandate from us. She brought him along and placed him in a great home where he would continue his budding eventing career- and was ready for another project. BGB was a super easy guy to ride, and very athletic, but did prove difficult for the farrier so we wanted to place him in a home with an experienced horseperson.  Sally came to try him, could see the really nice horse in the small package, and adopted him on the spot. He left for his new home in the Frederick MD area where he will start his career- Sally will see which way he wants to go but his future probably includes hunting and eventing. Thank you!!

Update November 2007:


Even though he still doesn't have a name yet, (new guy) BGB has been wonderful. He is starting over ground poles and little x's.He has the best canter for jumping! He has settled right in with the rest of the boys. He is very intelligent (like Mighty Mouse) and is much bigger and deeper than M&M. I think he will grow a bit with groceries. My plan is to get him out exercising hounds next week!


Update December 2007:

Now he has to have a name!! We went out this morning to exercise hounds. BGB loaded politely on the trailer,(with the masters horse) unloaded at the location. I had a little trouble getting on him...........because I had too many layers on and couldn't get my foot in the stirrup!
He had a worried moment when all the hounds came bounding out of the trailer, but listened when I told him he couldn't go anywhere. Initially we gave hounds a bit of space, but by the end he was right with them. He was soft and light the whole time trotting and cantering across fields, and would rate himself of off the hounds. I never had to take hold of him. He doesn't care about the hunt whip at all. When I showed it to him after swinging it around he tried to eat it. 
He is much more mature than Mighty Mouse was at this stage. He thinks, he figures it out and then does what I want. I love TB's!!!

Update December 2007:

Another big day!  BGB is now Fox. It remains to be seen if he will be an event horse, but he most definitely is a foxhunter.  We hunted one of our smaller fixtures today, all farm land and woods. I could easily avoid the 2 stream crossings, so Fox went hunting. He was a star!  He handled the hounds, horses and excitement as if he had been doing it for years. He was not terrified of the cows, although the heifers running towards him was a bit more than he wanted. The only thing he refused to do was go through the one barn yard that was full of ice. Once the second field came past, he easily walked through with a lead. Now he needs to learn about streams.

I have had a few minor "come to Jesus" moments with him on the ground. He isn't bad, but will just walk through me. When I get after him he instantly backs down. The farrier had to replace a shoe he had grabbed and pulled off in the mud last week...... he stood very well for it.    

Update March 2008:

New pictures!!





















Dixe Rap, dk. b. g., 16 h, 2000.

Dixie Rap was adopted by Martha in NC. She was looking for a companion for Woody, her older QH, and fell in love with Dixie's picture. After several calls and emails back and forth to Suzanne in NY who was caring for Dixie, she decided to adopt him. He arrived a few days ago and has already become best buds with Woody. Thank you to Suzanne for making this all possible- you gave him the best care around- and thank you to Martha for taking on such a special boy!




Update March 2008:

Pics of Dixie Rap in his new home with his best buddy Woody.


Connie Med, bay filly, 16,1++, 2004.

Saved thanks to the Friends of Twilight!

Connie Med was adopted! Carol from AZ called about Essa's Aim- she was looking for a big sound young TB mare for dressage. Since Essa had been placed, we told her about Connie, and she decided to adopt her. After a vet check she left for her new home, arriving several days later. Carol reports that she arrived and is settling in- she lost a bit of condition but should turn around quickly. Thank you!


Press Forward , ch. m., 15.3+h, 2002

Saved thanks to a kind donation by Top Jock Kendrick and his new bride Whitney in honor of their wedding!


Press Forward was adopted! Lynn from MD is a friend of Martha Grace, our wonderful massage therapist. Lynn just happened to be browsing through our site and was smitten with Press's kind eye. When she clicked on her page she was convinced that Press was the horse for her. She came, bringing Martha along for the ride,  rode her, and took her home the next day. Press will now be called Henna around the barn, and she and Lynn will do dressage and trail ride and just have fun. Lynn has already called to say that Press is the sweetest, kindest horse ever, can't believe she didn't get adopted sooner, and feels so lucky to have found her. Thank you!

Update May 2008:

I have owned Henna now for six months and can't imagine life without her in my barn.  She is an absolute love with the sweetest personality.  Last week I did send her to Roddy Strang's barn in Pennsylvania to get a good foundation in her training and education.  Roddy has such a wonderful way with horses and she will be exposed to lots of activity. I want to do the best for this filly, but admit it was hard to let her leave even for a little while.  I hope to get her to some dressage schooling shows late summer/fall.  But, if her expertise is just hacking out and enjoying life that is what we will do. I will keep you posted.  Thanks for rescuing her and bringing her into my life.  Lynn


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