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For nearly 20 years we have been rescuing horses out of the killer pens.
Our horses have gone on to do wonderful things, including:

Vanna's Honeybear, dk b. g., 16.1++h 2001.

Saved from slaughter thanks to a kind donation from Susan of VA!

Vanna's Honeybear was adopted! Mary Jo came last year with a Robin who adopted Kingofrockandroll (Finn) from us. She finally decided she was ready for her own horse and called about several of our horses. 
She was really taken by Bear but we didn't show him that day, he was being silly about not being side by side with Citi, his best friend since the day they were both rescued from NH. We split them up later that week-- Mary Jo came to see him two weeks later and knew he was the horse for her. After a vet check, he went to his new home where they will pleasure ride, hunter pace, and maybe do a little local showing. She reports that he already nickers for her and comes when she calls him- thank you!


Update June 2008:

Hello Bev,

I just wanted to give you an update of Vanna's Honey Bear, "BEAR". He is doing great and he is my heart! He is such a lover. I have been taking him over 2.6 jumps and cross country in and around Radnor Hunt. Everyone thinks he is so well behaved and cant believe he is off the track.

He lives on Delchester Farm, the barn is cleaner than my house and he is so happy with all the spring grass and plenty of fields to roam. He has a best friend named Tallin, who is in one of the attached photos. He will follow Tallin over anything. He is finally starting to walk through creeks rather than jumping over them. He is perfect! Well...still lots to learn but is so willing.

My son Sean took these photos while doing his senior project at Delchester Farm. He is going to start pre-vet in the fall. It is so hard and distracting having Bears photos on my screen saver at work. I end up day dreaming of him and cant wait to see him, rain or shine. I know this may sound corny but, I LOVE HIM!

Thank you!
Mary Jo Boucher



City's Big Boy, c. g., 16.1h 2004.

Saved from slaughter thanks to a kind donation from Fox Hill Farm!

City was adopted. Alyson from MD was looking for a big, quiet dressage prospect to bring along since her current horse was having some soundness issues. She came to the farm, met City, and was impressed with his size and attitude. After watching him go and riding him in front of her trainer, she decided to adopt him. After a vet check he left for his new home- congratulations!


Merry, grey Welsh mare , 12.1 h, 8 years old

Merry was adopted! Carol from PA was looking for a pony to be a companion to an old POA who is going blind, and to give pony rides at her church's Harvestfest once a year. She saw Merry and thought she would be perfect! She is a nurse so will be able to keep debriding her lip area. Merry got a clean bill of health from the vet after her last treatment on Monday and was cleared to go. Carol brought her trailer and off they went. Thank you!

Afternoon Clinic, chestnut roan TB gelding, 2001, 16.0h.

Afternoon Clinic was adopted by Anna in NC. Anna adopted Maggie High from us over a year ago. Maggie is doing so well and Anna had an empty stall- and as she said, "Nature abhors a vacuum!" She contacted us about AC and adopted him sight unseen. Anna plans to hunt and event him, and just have fun. Thank you!

Update October 2007:

Bev-just a quick line to let you know all is well with Afternoon Clinic in his new home.  He no longer has donkey obsession-for a little while I was worried that I'd have to take the donkey everywhere.  This afternoon I took him over to a friend's riding arena(sans donkey) and got on him for a short while.  You're right-he is as kind as he can be.  He feels good under you too.  Miss Maggie High is coming along as well-I had a lesson on her yesterday(I was allowed to ride!)and did flat work in a big open rolling field.  She just floats over the ground-posting is an option!  Hope you're doing fine as well-best to everyone, and thanks again for the thousandth time-Anna

Update December 2007:

Bev-I want to drop a quick note just to keep in touch.  Roy(Afternoon Clinic-finally a barn name!)is doing very well.  We are slowly but surely progressing with our second career training.  He is learning to relax and stretch down.  He has an amazing balanced canter with a natural rhythm.   We are trotting poles and small boxes and gates-this does not make much sense to him, as you can clearly go around either side, but if it's really all that important, well alright.  Our short walks through the woods are uneventful.  He is a gentleman for the farrier, trailers perfectly, and has completely adjusted to backyard horse life.  He does "class" the place up-you can just tell he's from royalty.  We still have much work to do, but it's all right there-time and patience will bring it all together.

Update January 2008:

Hello to everyone-just a quick update-Roy is doing very well.  He is getting into his routine of going to lessons and practicing what we learned until our next one.  My instructor came off a pony between T'giving and C'mas and broke her ankle, so she hasn't been able to make me get off and "fix" what I'm not able to get right the first two tries-I love it!! (Not that she broke her ankle-that's a bummer).   We are doing more consistent flat work, and just incorporating poles and tiny boxes and gates as we go.  He still thinks it doesn't make much sense(he's right)but he's getting it.  He is very smart and tries so very hard.  We can already tell he will have very good jumping form, and his canter especially is beautifully balanced, which is good because I've pretty much got my hands full with keeping my own!  Maggie says "High"(haha)She is enjoying her sabbatical and bossing the pony and donkey mercilessly.  I hope she will enjoy going back to work soon.  Between Roy and Rex (my Dutch WB/Golden Retriever) my riding time is getting filled with the days so short.  I have lots to look forward to this spring.  Thank you again a thousand times for giving me the opportunity to live with these wonderful horses.  Take care-Anna


Essa's Aim, bay filly, 2004, 16.0h.

Saved thanks to donations from the
Friends of Twilight

Essa's Aim was adopted by Sharon in NC. Sharon is Emily in WI's cousin who adopted Chromeheart and then Tiffy T. Sharon was looking for a young event prospect. After phone calls and emails back and forth, they decided that Essa was who they were looking for, and adopted her sight unseen. So far everything is going very well and Essa is everything they had hoped for. Thank you!

Update July 2008:

I hope you are doing well.  I just wanted to let you know how Essa is doing.  I gave her the winter and spring just to grow and relax.  Lately, I've been riding her a lot and she is doing very well.  I take her on trails and do ring work.  Nothing seems to bother her and she is very level headed. Maybe later this fall we'll go to a show. The whole family loves her.  I will try to send pictures soon.





Chuckels, bay g., 2000, 16.0h.

Saved from slaughter thanks to a donation from Laurie in Washington DC!

Chuckels was adopted by Eileen and her daughter Bonnie in NJ. Eileen had come down over a year ago to look at horses but was not quite ready for her own horse. She did watch our site though, and when she saw Chuckels, she knew he was the one for her. She came down and rode him and was very patient and willing to give him the time he needed. 
After a vet check, he left for his new home as an event horse. 


Esther, Belgian mare, 16.0h 16 years old

Esther was adopted by Jen in PA. A friend of our wonderful massage therapist Martha Grace, Jen was looking for a quiet older horse that could be a husband horse and companion. She and her husband came to meet Esther and took her home the next day. We are sure that Esther has found heaven!! thanks!!

Update August 2007:

We got her home around 11:30 AM on Saturday.  She was very good in the trailer, and backed out easily.  We took her right into the paddock and let her check out her new stall.  My horse, NIK, was quite excited to see her (he's a 9 yo paint), and he started tearing around his field in
excitement.  Since it was sooooo hot, I decided to introduce her to Fred
(a 22/23 yo retired TB) so she wouldn't have to deal with NIK's

Fred LOVES her.  He is so happy.  My friend Dana just retired him this
spring, and he would get very lonely when I took NIK away to ride.  Now he has a buddy.  Esther spent all of 5 minutes saying "Hi" to the boys, and then headed out to the pasture to graze.

Dana came over about an hour later and we went out to the field to check on the kids.  Esther was a little wary at first and wouldn't let us get too close, but within 10 minutes we had her eating beet pulp out of a bucket.  By Saturday evening, she followed Fred right in for dinner, and would let us walk up and pet her.  I took her old halter off and let her go free!

Yesterday, she and Fred finished breakfast, and immediately started to
groom each other.  They did the same this morning!

I can get her to eat grain out of my hands (need to use both, she won't
take it out of one hand), and she likes the Molasses Nibbles snacks, but
is still deciding whether she likes carrots.  Give her a few more days
and she'll be completely spoiled.

Also, she was lagging behind Fred last night when he was walking in for dinner - and then she decided, "Hey - I'm going to miss out!"  Then she started trotting, then picked up a canter, zoomed by Fred and came running in to the barn.  She's got a nice canter!!

She stand quietly for fly spray in the morning, and is very good with
lifting her hooves.  My farrier is coming out Thursday to meet her since he's not due to re-shoe NIK for another 3-4 weeks.

She really seems like she wants to trust people - she's very observant
in the barn, and watches us as we feed the other horses and cats.  She
also will look up when you drive by, and was not at all fazed by the
lawn mower when we mowed yesterday.

She's really fun, and we're so glad we could adopt her!  Stop by any
time when you're up near Cochranville!

I'll send pictures later this week when I get the digital camera shots


Update September 2007:

She and Fred are best buddies and love to groom each other - in this picture, Fred is in her stall right after she finished her breakfast.

She's very relaxed - while I trimmed the fenceline on Saturday, a bird landed on her back and stayed there for over 10 minutes! Here's our girl taking a snooze.


Gentleman's Bet, bay g., 15.2+h, 2001.

Saved thanks to donations from the
Friends of Twilight

Bet was adopted by Miriam in NC. Miriam used to ride at the track and event and was looking for a sensible young horse to bring along. She flew up to meet the horses and decided that Bet was the one. She and her husband drove up to pick him up- they ran into some trip trouble along the way so got here late- they joined us at the farm for a BBQ we had planned. After spending the night at a nearby hotel, they left for home with Bet early the next morning. Fortunately the trip home was much smoother and Bet is doing very well in his new home. 

Update October 2007:



Nickname, b.m., 2001, 15.3+h.

Saved thanks to Mr. Boxcar
(TB, PHA, Barn 9), his mom Shelley, and Friends of Twilight.

Nickname found a home with Kelly in KY. Kelly originally contacted us about a mare from Penn National that was headed to the slaughterhouse. She had room for two, so we decided that Nickname would be a good match as well. Kelly, her daughter and her mom made the long trip up to New Holland from KY, arriving Monday morning. 
Sadly, the other mare that she planned to take home had shipped to Canada by mistake- we were all so upset- but Kelly was able to rescue another one from the killbuyer that day, a lovely big chestnut gelding named Destiny by Chance. Her mom bought an adorable mini and they headed back to KY with a full trailer. Nickname is hopefully going  to be a new show horse for her daughter. Thank you!



Jingles, grey grade/QH gelding, 15.2h, 15 yrs.

Jingles was adopted by Erin, a vet from MD. Erin was looking for a quiet gentle horse that she could enjoy ring work and trails on. She fell in love with Jingles on the spot. He had been totally healthy for us but on the day Erin came to see him, we noticed his breathing seemed heavy. We had our vet out a day or so later and he diagnosed Jingles with heaves! Something must have triggered an attack- we treated him and he improved but now had a condition that would have to be monitored in the future. Fortunately, Erin has a background in respiratory therapy so she is well equipped to work with him. He is doing well but with the heat and all, she has had to use her training and knowledge to keep him comfortable. Thank you for giving him a good home!

Civil Hero , bay g., 16.1+h and growing, 2004.

Saved thanks to donations from the
Friends of Twilight

Hero was adopted by Lisa in MD. Lisa also adopted Monty from us (Fort Monmouth). He is doing so well and she was looking for another quiet young horse to bring along. She came to see Hero with trailer in tow and took him home. Thanks!!

Update August 2007:

Hi Bev and Ginny, What a great horse you guys rescued. So far nothing scares him and he gets better with every ride. He steers very well now and has a great work ethic. He is still so much like a baby when you handle him or our in the barn, the training at the track never took out the innocent and it is great.

My friend and boarder's husband was out today and I found him sitting in the stall with Hero while he was laying down for a long while. Hero was playing with his shoe laces and nibbling on his hands. He is so mature riding and being handled, but so young and interested in everything. What a nice combination.

He is jumping small xrails and verticals, he shows signs of being very talented and doesn't look at them at all. He reminds me of Monte in that way. He is doing great.

thanks again Lisa

Update September 2007:

Hi Bev  Here are a couple of pics of civil hero. He is jumping in great form! cute,cute,cute




Aaron's Rocky, dk. b. g., 15.3h++, 2002.

My rescue was made possible by the fans of Fox Hill Farms!

Rocky was adopted by Renee in DC. Renee had a rescue horse years ago that had a lot of issues, and she worked through them. She lost that horse and was looking for a new horse to bring along, one that would be a bit easier than her previous horse. She came up not sure who she really wanted to see- we suggested Rocky might be a good match. We tacked him up and rode him and that was that! After a vet check, he left for his new home. At first things were a bit----rocky--- as he was very worried in his new surroundings, but after adding a stall screen to his stall so he could put his head out, and getting some turnout time, he settled in and is doing great. Congratulations!

Update December 2007:

I hope this e-mail finds you well.  I wanted to give you an update on Rocky.

Dave and I moved Rocky last week to stables which are a lot closer to our house and provide excellent care.  It's so much nicer to only have to drive 5 miles on country roads instead of an hour on the interstate.  Rocky's arthritis has improved and our vet provides him outstanding care, mixing medical management with holistic treatments.  I am now a firm believer in equine accupuncture and chiropractic!

The best part of everything is how much happier Rocky is in his new home, plus he has a new friend---Mr. Persistency!!!  Percy, Jessica, Erin, Rocky and I are all becoming close friends and are sharing our rescue experience together.  We brag about our Mid-Atlantic boys to everyone we meet and are actually going to get Holiday photos taken of the boys together to send you next weekend.  We now joke that Percy and Rocky have won the thoroughbred lottery being rescued by you, Ginny, the Freinds of Twilight and adopted by us.  They want for nothing.
Dave is amazed at the joy that Mid-Atlantic and Rocky have brought into my life!  I can have the worst day with work, traffic or whatever but when I go into the barn and I see those loving eyes it instantly makes me smile.  Thank you again for all of your assistance and guidance.

Happy Holiday wishes!  With warmest regards, Renae and Aaron's Rocky




Sunshine Tyler , steel gray g., 16.0++h 2004.

Saved thanks to a kind donation from
Top Jock Ramon!

Tyler was adopted by Marylyn in MD. Marylyn had a horse when she was very young but had been without for years. Now as a mom with a teenaged boy who was also taking lessons, she was looking for a sensible and quiet young horse to join their family. Even though some people had cautioned her against getting a TB, she came out and fell in love with Tyler. He was his usual quiet and happy self, very happy to do whatever she asked him to do, so she decided to adopt him. He left for his new home and all is going very well. He is great with the kids and her trainer loves him too. He is now named Shamus, and will be much loved for the rest of his life. Thank you!

Update September 2007:

Thank you Bev for your thoughts on all the advice I keep getting. I think you are totally right! Shamus has found his calling I think as a family & therapeutic horse! Both Bret & my friends son rode him. When each of them lost their balance he stopped immediately and looked at me. As if to say "Now what do I do? I can't let them fall!" My son Bret who has autism rode him 2x this weekend. Shamus is so patient and accepting of him. I had Bret ride without stirrups & reins on a lunge. I even had him close his eyes to get the feel. I was discussing how good he is with kids with our trainer. We both feel very comfortable putting a child on him.

I continue to do hill work with him, alot of trotting and a little cantering. I was told trotting is good to help him build up his back. He has already grown out of the saddle I have, and has gained some height too. He is no longer roan but more salt pepper. I am attaching a picture for you to see how he has changed. Let me know if you see a difference in his development. We think there is but I am pretty biased! I just adore him so much. It has been my dream since my horse was taken away at age 9, it is even better than I imagined. I cannot imagine a more perfect horse for me and my family. Thanks Bev!




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