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For nearly 20 years we have been rescuing horses out of the killer pens.
Our horses have gone on to do wonderful things, including:

Miles, aged ch. g. Adopted!

We saw Miles at the sale- what a mess!! But he had the kindest eye, we knew he was special. He was so poor even the kill buyer didnt want him. We bought him and brought him home. The first pic was taken when he came in two years ago. After about 4 weeks we put a kid on him and could see what a honest citizen he was. Ginny decided to adopt him and give him a forever home.

Look at him now!! Kip, Ginny's son, took him to a local fun show in August and they won just about every class. Kip rode Miles in the pairs class with cousin Abigail on HER rescued pony Calvin- they won that too! Every pic showed him with his ears up, proud to be useful and loved once again, and very careful to carry his rider safely. He has also done some easy hunter paces and hilltopping. How horrible that Miles was once neglected and discarded after he had obviously spent his life teaching kids the magic of horses-- yet what a wonderful ending!!!

More pictures of Miles here!


Crouching Tiger, black bay g., 15.3+h, 2000.

Saved thanks to a donation by Jean of PA!

Crouching Tiger went home with Samantha of PA. She and her dad Mike actually came to see him last fall and really liked him but were not in a position to take him at their boarding farm. We ran into them at the sale not to long ago and they asked about him. Jean (from Friends of Twilight) was with me at the sale- she was the one responsible for rescuing him- and she urged them to come see him again- they had since changed barns and felt they could adopt him. They came to see him again and he was great- he really enjoyed doing stuff for Samantha- and they adopted him. He is now training to be an event horse!


Update: Pics of Tiger and Samantha, now successfully eventing!


Apple of Barbiseye, b.m., 15.2h, 2001.


Saved from slaughter thanks to Evelyn, of Washington DC. (Evelyn is a true angel, she has also donated towards her continuing care!)

Retired to Akindale Farm NY


Keys to Astro, dk. b.g., 16.2h, 2000.

Saved from slaughter by the Fox Hill Farm Fans!

Astro also found a home. Betty from MD called- she had a mare that was just not the right horse for her, and found her a perfect home-- but then needed a quiet steady horse that she could trust and have fun on. She came to see Astro and loved him- he was his normal laid back self. Betty came back with her trainer a few days later and got the big thumbs up. After a vet check, he went to his new home today!

Update July 2007:

Hi Bev.
Astro is doing GREAT!
He has adjusted very well, and it only took him a couple of days to get used to the routine. He had been turned out by himself for a little while (he did not seem to mind that at all), but now has a pasture buddy and they get along great.
He especially enjoys grooming and bath time and his coat is looking better every day.
The dentist will be coming out soon to do his teeth.
We have been doing some cavaletti work and he seems to really enjoy that.
He is a wonderful boy, and I love him to death.
I will send some pics. soon.

Spoiled Yankee, Dk. B. m., 16.2h, 1999.

Saved from slaughter thanks to a kind donation from Suzy in HI!

Yankee also found a great home. Cady and her sister Trudy were looking for an event/show prospect that their niece, a teenaged horse lover, could also ride. They have a well known farm up in the Scranton area, and Trudy has competed at the upper levels in eventing. They came specifically for Yankee- she has really settled and although she went well for Bev, she did test Trudy a bit- but she rode her through it with a smile and decided she was the one. After a vet check, she left for her new home and is doing well so far.

Update November 2007:

Hi Bev,
I just wanted to update you on Yankee. She has really settled in well. She had been really worried about someone in her stall with her but she has gotten over that as long as she isn't having her grain. One of Trudy's students has been working with her a few times a week and she started jumping cross rails a few weeks ago. She is putting on some nice muscle and is starting to get furry. We are planning to take her to a couple local shows next season. All is well. She is really a perfect fit. Thanks again for everything. Stop by if you are ever in the area.


Spoiled Yankee

Playful Cat, Dk. B. G., 2001, 15.3+h.

Rescued from slaughter thanks to a kind donation from Mary of CA!

Playful Cat was adopted by Dan and is now living on a farm in central NJ. His main job is to trail ride around the farm and get lots of love and attention- Perfect!!!! He is doing well and has a home for life- but if he ever needs a place to go, he will come back to MAHR.

RK's Boy, dk. b. g., 16.2h, 2001.

Saved thanks to donations from the Friends of Twilight

RKs Boy went to Nichole in VA. She was looking for a young jumper/show prospect and came with her truck and trailer to meet RK. She rode him very well and adopted him on the spot, even though he was a little ouchy on the hard ground without shoes. She reports he has settled in well and is creating a web page just for him!


Hello Beverly,

Kahlua had his first show today. We have a very accomplished French foreign exchange student who really wanted to ride Cindy at the show so I enter Kahlua in a few novice classes. Cindy took junior champion today; I was very proud of her, Kahlua will be bringing riders there too in a couple of years. He was a handful today, even though the show was on his farm I think he thought he had to run a race with all the trailers and new horses/smells going on. Cindy was the same EXACT way at her first shows.

He was vetted and the vet had great things to say about him, she said he had very nice legs for an x-racer. He's in 30 days professional training with my trainer that trained Cindy. He has really good things to say about Kahlua too. He's just very young and unsure of things but that's to be expected. He's very smart and learning quickly. His dressage training is going well and he actually has very nice action once he figures out how to get his body underneath himself and frame up. My trainer doesn't want to push the jumping until he gets some more coordination on the flat so hopefully he'll start jumping training in a couple of weeks. I do some small stuff with him and he's very brave to the jumps now, uncoordinated and knocks the poles down a lot but he tries very hard. My trainer doesn't think it's anything to worry about he just needs time to learn were his legs are and do something other than run with them.

His first day off of quarantine one of the small ponies bit him in the nose and he just stood there! He's very docile and a good natured boy. He had to get about 6 stitches in his nose so I'm hoping he starts letting the ponies know he's bigger than they are. They've temporarily moved that pony out so he's sharing a 40 acre field with only one horse so he's being spoiled and should help him put some more weight on.

Thank you so much for him, he's been a joy to work with! I'll send some more pics and another update once he starts doing some serious jumping.


Update May 2008:

Hello Bev,

I wanted to give you an update on Kahlua.  It’s been almost a year since we adopted him.  He went through some hard times with various injuries but was sent to a specialist and he was in the end cleared completely for anything, diagnosed with having a goiter.  GO FIGURE! J

Kahlua was sent to training at an eventer barn in Upperville, VA.  If you want to see him go there is a youtube video of him at:

He certainly is a boy that needs a job but he gets ridden 5X a week and really loves to work.  He did get a slow start but has been progressing great ever since.  I’m very happy with him!  I’m hoping to hit the shows with him by next Spring, still working on his changes.




Takeover, Dk b.m., 16.1h+, 2003.

Takeover was adopted by Judy in NJ. Another person was planning to adopt her but the vet felt that perhaps her knees were bothering her- even though she was sound, she was fussy about the flexions, so she decided to pass. Judy came looking for a mare to hunt, hunter pace, and trail ride, and fell in love with the mare. She was not worried about the flexions and took her home that week. She reports that "Tiny" is doing great, and she loves her!

Update July 2007:

Hi Bev,

Tiny is doing great. She's a quick learner. Completely sound, no more cross cantering. I set up three ground poles to lunge her through. Well, she left the ground before the first one and landed about two feet after the last one. She soared over them! Knees up, totally natural. So that was about an 8 foot spread. Then I set up a little X in the round pen and let her loose. She just trotted back and forth over it, then cantered like she had been doing it her whole life. She's really funny. And very personable. Now she pins her ears and bares teeth if her pasture mate tries to get near me when I'm out petting her. She's very protective of me.

She has a few bad habits that we're working on. She swings her head to nip when you're tightening the girth. So we're just going slow on that and she's getting better. And she likes to kick out when you tighten it too. Probably just got cinched too tight too fast in her training. She also likes to bully when you lead, but that's an easy one to fix. She stands completely still when you mount - even from the ground. She's really starting to listen and seems to enjoy being ridden.

We're going to go out with some friends for a nice long hack through the woods and fields in a couple of weeks. Then to a fox hunting clinic in August. If all goes well, we'll be cubbing by the end of August! I'll take some new photos for you soon.

Beau's Fantasy, dk. b. g., 16.1h, 1998.

Beau was adopted. Julie had been in touch with us about Beau from the time he came in. After he moved to Akindale, she contacted Kate and Erin and went to see him. He was the first one over to say hello- a far cry from the depressed, hopeless horse we had rescued.

She decided to adopt Beau and his best bud Schlagger, also a New Holland rescue. Schlagger will be her show horse and Beau will live out his life as a trail and companion horse.


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