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For nearly 20 years we have been rescuing horses out of the killer pens.
Our horses have gone on to do wonderful things, including:

Ready to Go, B.g., 16.3h, 1993.

Ready to Go has returned to the farm where he was born and he will live out his days in a lovely large green pasture with some other retired TBs!

Alphabetizing, gr. g., 15.3h+, 2000.

Saved from slaughter by Sherry of MD!

Alph was adopted! Courtney from NC came to see our horses and met Alph but we were not showing him at the time- he had really crashed coming off the steroids he was running on. She couldn't stop thinking about him and sent a deposit. As soon as he was better, she had him vetted, and then flew up to meet him and ride him. She brought along her trainer (who by the way is currently working with Francie and Louis Que!) It all went very well and Courtney knew he was the one.

He left for a short stay at Dr Judith Shoemakers for some "day spa" treatment and chiro while he waits for a ride to his new home in NC.

Thank you!


Alph arrived here just this Tuesday and is doing great. He's in a field with a few other geldings and they all get along well. He's such a trooper and good traveller This week I've just been spending time with him and giving him baths, grazing, walking around the farm, etc. Mostly just getting to know him and letting him get to know me.

He's very sweet and has great manners and is a lightening fast learner. He's trying to figure out why I keep grooming him and bathing him and not doing anything else. He's not sure what's up with that! He's also getting used to being kissed on the nose which, at first, he found quite surprising:-) But he's getting used to all the love and I'm looking forward to working with him and developing that part of our relationship. I think it will actually be great for us to work together so we can develop that trust and shared experience.

I'll keep you updated and send you pictures when I get some. It looks like you all are adopting out lots of horses there which is wonderful. Good luck with everything!


Update September 2007:

Hi Bev!

I just wanted to say hi and let you know how well Alphie is doing.  He continues to be such a smart, sweet boy and he is, without a doubt, a barn favorite.  I look forward to seeing him every day and miss him when I don't get the chance.  He has put weight on well and everyone is so proud of him for that-most of all me!

We are currently working on the basics and he's a total star.  He's walking, trotting and cantering (okay, so our left lead is a bit rough but there's no need to be particular!) and even going over trotting poles.  I imagine if I sent him over a jump he'd just do it since he sees no reason to be concerned about much of anything!  He does everything like it's no big deal and like he's done it a hundred times before.  If he's faced with something unusual (like a ditch) he stops and thinks it over, then he proceeds with confidence and thinks his way through it.  I couldn't be more proud of him.

Around the barn he's equally a champion.  He's sweet, loving, inquisitive and charming.  Everyone loves him and how can I blame them?!  He has impeccable manners and never bats an eye regardless of what's happening around him.  Tractor roaring right behind him?  Yawn.  Sweeping directly underneath him?  Did someone say something?  He just doesn't care!  He impresses everyone daily.  But I know how he is so I just smile and give him a pat.  What a good boy.

I'll be taking my trailer from Virginia down here to North Carolina and hope to be working with a trainer in Southern Pines by mid-October.  I think we could both use the guidance as we move into learning about things like a frame and flexing.  I'm really looking forward to that and seeing Alphie continue to grow and learn.  I know we've hardly just begun and it seems to me his potential goes on and on.  He's a tremendously quick learner so I've really got to keep up and make our rides productive, interactive and fresh.  I'll keep you updated and let you know how things go in Southern Pines. 

It looks like things are well at the rescue and you continue to find good homes for good horses.  I wish I had a farm of my own so I could take Dixie Rap.  He looks like he has a heart of gold.  Those ponies look like angels too!  Maybe in the future:-)

Thanks again for connecting me with such a wonderful horse.  He's my heart and soul!



Carson Grove, Dk. B. M., 16.+h, 1999.

Carson Grove was adopted by Clarissa in PA. She was looking for a project to play with, groom, and ride on trails, and Carson Grove fit the bill. So far she is doing well, and we know she will thrive with a lot of one on one attention and love.

Update August 2007:

Hi, Bev!

I've been meaning to e-mail you, as promised, to let you know how Clarissa and Carson are getting along.  I've taught them in several group lessons now, and even in one private lesson last Monday night.  They are an awesome match!

During their private lesson last Monday, we had some really awful thunderstorms.  We were in a large indoor round pen, and the rain was falling really hard and the thunder and lightning were pretty scary, but Carson didn't even bat an eye ~ what a good girl!!!

In general, she seems like a very nice mare and doesn't seem to be bothered by much ~ although we have learned that she thinks cows are horrible, scary, evil creatures!!!  I guess we're all entitled to our phobias!  

She does still have a little tightness and discomfort around her chest area, but it seems to be improving with time.  She does let Clarissa groom her in these areas, as long as Clarissa is careful!  They have been riding English ~ and also bareback! ~ and things have been going great for them so far.  She's a very social beastie ~ her paddock is adjacent to the outdoor arena where I often teach and, if she and Clarissa are not riding in my class, she likes to stand by the fence and observe the lesson!

Just thought you'd like to hear how well they're doing.  And, by the way, Red's doing great, too!  He had an abscess in his right front hoof last week and ~ I have to brag a little here ~ he was a model patient!  Which is saying a lot for him, because he had to be on stall rest for about a week, and he normally hates to be inside.  Fortunately, the vet was able to drain the abscess, and he seems to be completely sound on it now, so his turnout privileges have been reinstated.  Other than that, he's doing great.  We recently had to decrease his feed ration because he was actually getting a little pudgy, if you can believe that!!!  


Update November 2007:

 Hi, Bev!
 Clarissa, here! I'm so sorry I haven't been able to update you on Carson, but our net was cut and we've also been pretty busy. Anyhow! Carson is doing FANTASTIC! I've never been more proud of her. I saw that Emmalee sent you an e-mail, and it's true. Carson thinks Cows are evil.

 As Emmalee said, I've taken several lessons with her, group and one private and Carson's doing awesome.

 We did have a few set backs and I got thrown twice. And she did act up during a lesson once, however, everythings been up hill ever since. She still has her crabby days, but they're not quite as frequent.

 She is such a multi-talented Thoroughbred if I ever saw one! She does awesome under English, Bareback. AND! Western! She's an angel. And I couldn't be happier with her. I've cantered her three times since we got her. Although, it wasn't too shocking, just a stride or two.

 Yesterday, she was doing exceptional, I got one stride out of her! But we were just hacking around and chilling out. It was really fun. I'm sooo happy I found that ad on about Cat, because if I didn't, I wouldn't have found Carson. She's my bestfriend.

 ( And I'm glad Cat found a good home! <3 )

 She's been doing better about her chest, I was grooming her yesterday after our workout and I brushed her chest off and she didn't even flinch a muscle.

 All it's been is progress, after progress, after progress and it's been amazing. I'm officially convinced that Carson Grove is the absoloute best horse in the world! I could brag about her all day!

 Thanks, Bev! You found me my B.F.F.!

 ~Love Clarissa~



King Adam, Dk. b. g., 2001, 17.0h.

Susie of HI made my rescue possible!

King Adam also found a home. Cris from PA was looking for a young horse for some local showing and dressage. She rides with Robin, friend and trainer of Monica and Favorite Guy (Giles.) She came to see King Adam and was quite impressed with his size and gentleness, and took him home! She reports he is doing well, just settling in and enjoying lots of baths to get rid of his rain rot.

Update December 2007:

Just wanted to let you know King Adam is doing absolutely terrific.  
He has been in training for the past 3 months and has come a long way.  He is extremely smart and very lovable.  He always aims to please.

Talk to you soon!


Update May 2008:

Hi,  hope all is well at the farm.  Just wanted to send an update on King Adam.  He has been in training for the past 4 months.  We went to our first show last Saturday and he was an absolute champ!  He was unbelievable at the show.  Nothing spooked him.  It was an indoor arena with both ends open, lots of horses and people watching.  He acted like he was home on the farm.  He placed 4th in his two walk/trot classes (still getting used to keeping his head down when trotting).  My youngest daughter even rode him in an unattached lead line class and they placed 5th.  He has become an all around family horse and loves just hanging out.  We have attached some pictures.  Even though we placed 4th and 5th, he was a Grand Champion in our book since he was just perfect for his first
trip off the farm.  He has also learned to be a trail horse, he has mastered walking over tarps, bridges, creeks and has learned how to open and close gates. I think he enjoys going out on the trails.






Deniro's Dynasty, b.g., 2002, 16.0h.

Rescued from the kill pens by the Fans of Fox Hill Farm

Deniro's Dynasty was adopted! Charlotta from MD called, looking for a dressage prospect and trail horse to join her sporthorse Reilly. She came up to see Dynasty and loved him. He went to his new home last week, and she reports he walked in and acted like he had lived there forever. His barn overlooks the old Sagamore Farm and the MD Stallion Station, so they will have some gorgeous trails to explore. Thank you!

Update July 2007:

Hello Bev,

D-D (Dee Dee) as he is now affectionately called is doing great. It has been great to see him settle in and get muscled and fattened up and a healthy shiny coat. He is a pretty horse and has such a great disposition. Not much gets him nervous. In fact, you’d think he had the warmblood gene and that O’Reilly was the one off the track, as he is the one who regularly ends up a nervous wreck. Little brother D-D often leads the way and gets O’Reilly to chill.

Anna (my daughter) who at first was not so happy about the idea of a green horse, now is a total convert. She LOVES D-D and is doing great with teaching him to jump. He has progressed quickly and last time she rode him, she even did a trot in/canter out line… and he is already able to canter jump a vertical. He is so honest and trusting plus she is a quiet soft rider. The two of them get along great.

We’ll send pictures as soon as we have a chance to get them.

Update August 2007:

Hi Bev,

Just a quick update on this lovable guy. I have attached a cell phone photo. Not the best, but I think you can still see the difference.

He is still doing great. Put front shoes on him for the first time yesterday and he stood for the farrier without any issues (other than giving Justin, our farrier, regular kisses on his neck). He is such a sweet horse and is now completely trusting. We could tell he must have been hit at some point in his life because sudden movements would scare him. That has pretty much gone away, probably from all the adoration he gets from the girls.
He is doing so great that we are considering bringing him to Garrison Forest School for my daughter Anna to ride and start showing. We will try things out later this week and see how it goes. Though Im not sure his buddy OReilly will be able to handle him being gone!

Thank you for rescuing this guy. Maybe well be back for another one some day!





Ivegottanotion, Dk. B. m., 16.3h, 2002.

Saved thanks to a kind donation by Evelyn of Washington, DC!

Ivegottanotion was adopted by Melissa in OH. She fell in love with her pictures and emailed about her. She was looking for a mare for dressage- unfortunately the vet check revealed some OCD in both hocks, but the good news was that it could be corrected by surgery- and the better news is that Melissa decided to adopt her and do the surgery! She will have a short recovery here at the Graham's in Fair Hill and will then leave for her new home.


Notion's surgery was a great success and she leaves for Ohio this week- thank you!

Update July 2007:

Hi Bev,
Finally getting some pictures to you. Notion has filled out nicely - a very pretty girl. Her hocks have healed great, the vet said they look good too. She has stood perfect for the farrier. She has made herself at home here - we love her. I will start riding her mid-August, but the vet said that I could ride just walking until then. I will stay in touch.
Thanks, Melissa



Jacob's Caller, b.g., 16.0h+, 2001.

Jacob's Caller came to us from Penn National. He had an outstanding temperament and when Erin from VA called looking for her first horse, we thought he would suit. She and trainer Colleen came up and really liked him. After a vet check he went home. Erin emailed and said he was being a bit frisky with his new shoes on but he should settle in quickly. Erin wants to just ride, have fun, and maybe show a bit as they both come along.

Zip Gun, black bay g., 15.2h, 2000.

Zip Gun was adopted- Maija from PA came to see him and really clicked with him- she was looking for a horse for low level dressage, hacking, and some jumping. Zip was his usual good self and he passed the vet this week. He should be leaving for his new home shortly.


Saved thanks to a kind donation by Evelyn of Washington, DC!

Tap Zappa, ch. g., 16.0h, 2001.

Tap Zappa found a home with Adrienne of MD. She and her trainer came up to look for a jumper prospect. The trainer rode him and had him doing flying changes and 15 meter circles at the canter- whew! Adrienne decided to adopt him and took him home a week later!

Saved thanks to a kind donation by Evelyn of Washington, DC!

Update January 2008:

Hi Bev, Sorry I've been slow at comunicating, I sent an email a while ago but  I think that was before I realized my email was not working. Anyhow Tap is  doing good, he is the love of my life. Whenever I ride him I really feel like  he cares about his rider and would do anything I ask of him. He gets his leads  everytime and we were jumping very well, up to 3-1/2 feet. Unfortunately in  late August he somehow ripped of a large peice of his front left hoof. The vet  and I are not exactly sure how this happened but his hoof got soft just below 
the coronet band and 3 days later the hoof came off. He has had lots of  veterinary and farrier care and special shoes since then. But after his last  farrier check his heel has grown back and I'm able to ride him again. No  jumping yet though. The farrier is coming by just to check on him today. I got  wonderful service from my vet and my farrier through this whole ordeal, I am  very thankful to them. Tap really is such a pleasure, I love riding him at  other barns because he is so good and calm and so beautiful people ask about  him and they are shocked to hear that he is a retired racehorse. Lots of  people seem to think that these wonderful racehorses are explosive lunatics  and I'm happy to show them that that is just not true. Hopefully I'll be able  to get someone to get some pictures of me riding him and I can send you some. 
Thanks for saving this great horse and the many more you have and will save. 




Ideal High, b.m., 16.1h, 2003.

Ideal High found a home with Peggy from VA. Peggy adopted Dixie last fall and was looking for another mare to breed to a sporthorse. She came to see what we had and fell in love with IH. After a vet check the same day, she left the next day for VA where she and Dixie are already good buddies.


Duke's Mixture, b.g. 16.1h++, 2000.

Duke was adopted! Maya, an upper level event rider from PA, was looking for a new event prospect. She knows some of our adoptees personally, checked our site, and called about Duke. She came to try him on one of the coldest windiest days of the winter and he was his usual unflappable self, so she decided to adopt him. It took a couple of weeks to get a stall ready- he was low man on the totem pole in his field and had lost weight and had gotten bite marks through his Rambo, so we were happy to see him leave for his new home. Thank you!


Saved thanks to the kind donation of Jean F of PA!

Duke's Mixture

Pressure King

Pressure King is adopted! Suzanne adopted Maria from us a year or so ago, and since then has been helping out a lot at the sale. We originally did not plan to go to NH on the day that PK and Alph were there (no room), but Suzanne thought we were going- so she went anyway. She called me from the sale to tell me about these two boys who went to Beltex. After some running around and late day phone calls, we bought both. Suzanne fell in love with PK that day, and talked about adopting him- he is sound but does have some melanomas around his throat and mane- after some careful consideration, she has decided to add him to her home! He will be used for hacking and maybe a little hunting too! Maria and Boudicca, her two mares, have agreed to share their farm with this handsome boy as well- congratulations!

Click here to read The Steeplechase Times article about Pressure King.


Saved from slaughter by Meg of PA!

Last Angel, ch. m., 16.0h, 2002.

Last Angel was adopted by Sarah, a pony clubber from MD. Her current event mare was not sound enough to go on so she wanted a young horse to bring along. They called about Angel, came to see her and decided to adopt her.

We look forward to seeing the pair at some local events this year- Sarah did a great job with her old mare, so we expect great stuff from these two!


Rescued from slaughter thanks to a kind donation from the Friends' of Twilight!

Wolfnbankersclothn, ch. m., 15.3h+, 2001.

Wolfnbankersclothn went to Caitrin in WI, an up and coming event rider who was looking for a young prospect. She saw Wolf on our site, and sent her aunt from VA to check her out. After a favorable report, Caitrin flew in to try her and have her vetted. She left for Aunt Brigid's last week, and will ship to WI later this spring to start her eventing career.

Update June 2008:


I wanted to give you an update on Wolfn (her USEF name is Moonlit Sonata). It's been a little over a year since we brought back from the East Coast. She spent the first couple of months (Jan- April 2007) just chilling out in Virginia with my aunt, Brigid.

We brought her back to Wisconsin and started her slowly on the flat. She was quick to learn, always eager to please. She did not compete in 2007.

This Spring we competed for the first time. It was at the Spring Otter Creek Horse Trial, Open Novice level. I have included a couple of pictures of her. At her first dressage test she did extremely well. She was of course a little anxious but got thru the test fine.

The next day was Cross Country. She went clear! For a totally green horse this was awesome. As you can see from the pictures she did not have a problem clearing the fences. The final day was Stadium jumping. She came into the arena and was wondering what was going on. We got to the first fence and she popped over it. A couple of fences later we were approaching fence 4. it was right in front of the judges stand which consisted of about 5 people sitting on a hay wagon when an announcer and music playing from loud speakers. She didn't spook but looked at them rather than the fence. When she saw the fence it was a little late to pop over it and we had a stop. I represented the fence and she cleared it without a problem. Two fences later she knocked a rail over, it threw off her concentration and we had another stop at the next fence. Two stops and your eliminated. It was an excellent first show, given that this was her first time at stadium and in schooling she never had more than 3 or 4 fences with which to contend.


Caitrin O'Shea
Madison, WI


Lodovico, bay g., 16.2h, 2000.

Lodovico was adopted by Caitlin in VA. She is a lovely young rider who was looking for her first horse- a jack of all trades- for showing, eventing, and just plain fun. She and Lodovico hit it off beautifully and after a vet check, he left for his new home.

Rescued from slaughter thanks to a kind donation from the Friends' of Twilight!

Update June 2007

Hey Bev!

It's been awhile since I've emailed you about Lodovico, now Be My "Beau"-Regardless. He's really fitting in nicely with the horses at the barn. We've just recently moved him into the paddock with the three other horses and they hit it off beautifully. Beau has also improved a lot. We are now schooling about 2 feet sometimes 2'3" on his good days. He has also been giving me some flying lead changes every once in a while! Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to take him up to the barn where I take lessons because we are having some trailering issues. I'm pretty sure it's just the trailer we are trying to use, it's a little scary. I've also been looking into some summer shows that I can start him off with.
Just wanted to send you some pictures and an update!
All of the pictures are from June 2007.

Thanks for my beautiful boy,
Caitlin Cleaver
















Update January 2008:

Hey there!
Just wanted to catch you up on Beau's progress! Our anniversary, if you will, is tomorrow! I can't believe it's been a year already!
I don't know where to begin! I'm hoping to start showing him regularly in the spring with Calais and a possibly a show series in Fredericksburg. He's been doing GREAT in my lessons every Monday and he acts like a true gentleman! (For the most part... :-) )We're starting to jump oxers to help him round his back more.. but he's not fond of how it feels quite yet, I think he's catching on though. Beau is sucha smart boy and a quick learner. :-)
Here are some pictures from these past few monthes...
The first two are of Beau and me at his first show away from the lesson barn. We only entered one class because he decided to be a bucking bronco in the line up.. but overall, he did well for the first time.
The second two are at Terry Adcock's in Powhatan, Va. I went with three of my friends and their horses to her GIANT cross country field. He was AMAZING. He jumped everything, no problem. But we do have to work on going through water. :-P
The last two are from about a week ago. Doesn't he look handsome in his yellow blanket? The other horse in the picture is Beau's best friend, Sam.
This year has gone by so fast! I'll be sure to let you know when we're in the ribbons!
Thanks so much,
Caitlin and Be My Beau-Regardless.



Village Dreamer, ch. m., 16.0h, 2001

Village Dreamer was adopted by Rachel in NJ. Rachel rode jumpers and eventers in her native New Zealand, and is now living in the US working with standardbred racehorses. She was longing to get back into riding, though, and saw Dreamer on our site. She came to try her and loved her.

Dreamer went home and is reportedly settled in and great friends with another mare at the farm.

Bold Mandate, Dk. B. G., 15.2h, 2003.

Bold Mandate went home with Sally, an upper level event rider from MD. Sally also whips for a local pack of hounds, and needed a nice sensible horse that could do double duty. She came to see him and adopted him on the spot!


Rescued from slaughter thanks to a kind donation from Lori of OH!


Moristons Chief, dk. b. g., 15.3h, 2001.

Moriston Chief got a new home on the Eastern Shore of MD with Jane, who was looking for a nice young horse to bring along and enjoy cross country, for herself, her husband, and any friends who might want to ride. We pulled Chief out of the field, and she and her friend Judy, an equine dentist who came along, really liked him. After a vet check, he went home.

Rescued from slaughter thanks to a kind donation from the Friends' of Twilight!


Mr Peristency, bay g., 16.2h, 2000.

Mr Persistency was adopted by Jessica and her family in VA. The two sisters are young adults who ride and show, and her parents like to trail ride, so they needed a quiet yet versatile horse. Everyone loved Mr P and after a vet check he went home- a couple of days before Christmas with red and green halter and wraps! His new barn name is Percy, and he is doing great- everyone has had him out hacking already and he has not put a foot wrong.

Update March 12, 2007:

Percy is doing really great. We all love him so much. I jumped him for the second time this weekend and he was a star, nothing phases him. My dad actually chooses to ride him over our other 18yr old horse because he is calmer. My sister gave him a really bad clip job a while back so I'm waiting until that sheds out to send you a recent pictures.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather,


Update July 2007:

Hi Bev,

How is everything going with the Rescue?? We spoke to Maryam from south Carolina last week and she was going to be heading up there to look at your horses. I thought that was so cool that by word of mouth she had heard about Percy and decided to look into adopting from Mid Atlantic. I hope that it works out. She inspired me to get out my camera and take some pictures to send to you. I?ve attached a few that I thought you might find interesting. I was able to track down a few racing photos of him, one of which is attached. Its was pretty neat to see him running, since he's so lazy now!! I attached a photo of him from the first weekend we had him(with the terrible clip job) as well as 4 recent photos that were taken in the last week. The difference between now and 7 months ago is really amazing. He's been doing really well. It turns out that he is highly accident prone so we've had a series of minor injuries as well as an trip to the EMC for an abscess in his fetlock. We have currently had about three injury free weeks which may be a record!! I've been working on some low level dressage to help him learn to use himself as well as doing a bit of jumping. He is a fast learner but has some major ADD so is easily distracted. The whole family has so much fun with him and are so happy that we were able to give him a good home. Good luck with the rescue and keep sending updates on Percy.


Mister Slick, b.g., 16.1h, 1999.

Mister Slick was adopted! Srt from PA was looking for a young horse to bring along as his next field hunter. His current two guys are in their upper teens, and although they have a lot of years left, he wanted to be ready with a new horse when someone retires. Art rode him in the ring and cross country, and took the xrays of his feet home to his vet. He returned to watch the bar shoes get reset and talk to Tom about his feet- and then decided to adopt him. He says Slick has settled in well and is sound- hopefully he will be in plain shoes in another month or so.


Update July 2008:

Hi Bev,

It's been a while, and I thought I should send an update. Mr. Slick is doing great. At some point this past winter he just changed his mind and started to focus, so schooling has been going very smoothly this spring and summer, He loves to jump, and is ready to go out a few times this this fall to see what hunting is about. He seems to be about as happy as a horse can be, and has maintained his playful personality. The attached picture is a bit fuzzy..................... I hope things are going well at MidAtlantic.


Victory Capp, dk. b. g., 1998, 16.1+h.

Victory Capp went to his new home in VA. Brian was looking for a first horse, one that could trail ride and be a big pet. After phone calls and emails back and forth, he adopted Cappy. Cappy has fit right in, and Brian has carefully screened different trainers until he found one that both he and Cappy liked! All is going well, Cappy looks great, and he is even learning to bow! Now Brian's wife is thinking about taking up trail riding as well- we are working on that- good boy Cappy!

Update December 2007:

Do you realize Cappy has been here a year?. I think he came home on either the 15th or 16th of December last year. Time really does fly. I was finally able to obtain two of his win photos - the ones with the finish line photo and winner's circle photo. Really cool memento and conversation piece. People look at the photos and ask, "you ride that horse!?" And I point to the back yard and say, "no, I ride that horse."

He really has become the poster child for retired thoroughbreds down here. Everyone that meets him loves him. My trainer wants to horse-nap him. lol. She brought a friend of hers over on Monday that teaches and competes English named Aaron. Aaron fell in love with him after about two minutes of riding him. We finally found the perfect saddle for he and I. It is a used Tucker Montreal Royal Trooper. He loves it and I have to admit the suspended seat is really nice. Capps natural jog can be a little rough - but he has learned to slow it down nicely when asked.

We are as close as ever - even with that other horse here. She is working out well too. She is great under saddle but can be a bit mare-ish still on the ground. He loves having her around though. They play and nuzzle and scare the you-know-what out of the neighbors when they are playing. Nothing like seeing a couple of thoroughbreds haulin' a$$ across the back yard to make 'em take notice.

Deb and I bought a nice 5 acre piece of property in central North Carolina this fall. We are in the process of getting our camper moved down there, a barn put up and fencing completed. It will be a weekend getaway and vacation spot with the ponies until we retired in about 10 years at which point we'll move there. Lots of trails across the street right along a river and we have dibs on the adjoining 5 acres (hehehe). Maybe when we move we can foster for you guys. Love those OTTB's!! Especially a dark bay named Victory Capp.

Update March 2008:

This is one of the better head shots I have gotten of Cappy. It was taken yesterday after ridiing. He got to lope yesterday so he was very happy.
My trainer says he is the smartest horse she has ever met and she has been riding her whole life. She wants to turn him into a dual purpose horse. Pleasure and trail for me but, she wants my youngest daughter, Katie and him to show English. We're thinking about it. He is gorgeous when he's moving. He has such an air about him. The way he steps out and carries himselfhe looks like a dressage horse. Head down, perfect neck line, just prancing to impress everyone.....


Victory Capp











Freebie, aged QH g., 15.2h.

Freebie was adopted by Tina in PA. She was looking for a nice quiet horse to teach her young kids the magic! She took him home and he is being spoiled rotten by everyone.

Update March 9, 2007:

Here are some pics of Freebie, we all love him!


Freebie in March 2007
(above and below)


Fly Smartly, b.g., 16.0+h, 1998.

Fly Smartly got a wonderful home with Amanda and her family. Amanda was looking for her very first horse after years of taking lessons. He is already spoiled rotten and is finally getting his left lead. I think every horse secretly wants a home with horse crazy teen, and Smarty (now called Jack), got just that!

Garfield's Bluff, Dk. b. g., 2001, 16.2h+.

Garfield's Bluff was adopted by Casey in NY. She saw him on the internet, and he reminded her of a favorite old horse who had the same breeding.

After calls back and forth, she adopted him sight unseen. She is very happy with him, and he is doing super so far!

Dixieland Deelites, dk. b. m., 16h, 3 yrs.

Dixie went to a new home in Northern VA. Peggy was looking for a quiet, classy mare and saw Dixie on our site. Her daughter came from a nearby college to see her on a very windy day and Dixie was her normal unflappable self. After a vet check she went to her new home, where she settled instantly. Peggy reports she nickers and runs to the fence when she sees her.

Sail On Kenta , b.g., 16.0h, 2000.

Sail was adopted by Lindsay, a former upper level event rider now looking for a nice project to have fun with. She came on a blustery day and he was super as always. She adopted him on the spot and took him home shortly thereafter. He is doing well, has been hacking a lot and just enjoying his new life.


Aragones, dk. b. g., 16.0h, 2001.

Aragones was adopted through Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue


Banderole, dk. b. g., 16.2h, 2001.

Banderole was adopted! Banderole went to a home on a beautiful farm in VA. Scott was looking for a horse big enough and quiet enough to do some trail riding. He and his family came up from VA with trailer in tow, met Bandy, and took him home. He is doing great!

Young Lord, Gr. G., 1998, 16.0h.

Young Lord was Leased - Thank you!


Trouble Man, dk. b.g., 16h, 2002.

Trouble Man was adopted! Trouble was adopted by Monique in NY. She has ridden for years and has a very hectic job in the city. She needed a sensible, friendly horse to bring along at a suburban stable just into Long Island. Monique (and her adorable rescued Bassett) came to see Trouble and fell in love. He left for his new home and is already a barn favorite.



Trouble Man

Miss Rather, black bay f., 15.3h, 2002.

Saved Thanks to a donation by Friends of Twilight

Miss Rather got a home with another horse crazy teen! Several years ago, Kristin and her brother Patrick went door to door in their neighborhood collecting donations for the horse rescue. They came down to deliver the results, and met all of the horses. Kristin had recently started riding and was hoping to adopt a horse but at that time we did not have anyone that suited her. She ended up buying a pony that belonged to a friend, and did a wonderful job, showing successfully in eq and the jumpers, while getting valuable experience and confidence. She recently outgrew the pony, and came back to see what we had. She fell in love with Miss Rather and rode her beautifully. After a vet check, they took her home. She is already starting to swap her leads and last week jumped a 2'3" line!

Update June 2007:

Who is that muscled girl??!!





















Update October 2007:

Hi, guys! Silvia met George Morris this past Saturday. He did note that she was a little quick, but other than that, seemed to like her very much. Attached are some pictures that one of the auditors took. As you can see, she's looking quite good and somewhat plump these days. (That's George is in the picture by the trotting poles). She, of course, was on her best behavior, and a couple of times was even pointed out as the one emulate. We were very proud of her -- as always.



October 2007:


Ready To Go, Bay g., 16.2+, 1993.

Ready To Go was adopted! Ready went to a new home in PA. Amy used to event and show but had some bad experiences with a horse, so was looking for something straightforward and quiet. She came to see Ready and fell in love.

They loaded him up and took him home. Shortly after he got home, she went for a long trail ride in a western saddle which made his back sore the next day- so he is recovering from that- but should be back on track shortly.

Swooshell was adopted!


Saved Thanks to a donation by Friends of Twilight

El Gato Olivo, dk. b. g., 16.1h, 2003.

Rescued from slaughter thanks to the kind donation of Susan of NJ

Gator was adopted! Angela is a vet from Va who was looking for a nice young horse to bring along and ride for pleasure around the beautiful countryside.

She came with her husband, truck and trailer, tried Gator who was his normal mellow self, and adopted him on the spot. He got home safely and has settled in nicely with his QH buddy.

Thank you!

Update May 2007:

Dear Beverly,
I am writing to update you on El Gato Olivo, adopted in October 2006.
We changed his name to Cadence (quite honestly, he thinks his name is Baby anyway.) He has been doing well and has gained a lot of weight. He had some initial shoeing difficulties due to very thin soles as well as a bout of rainrot. He is on special supplements and vitamins that have helped correct any issues.

I am enclosing pictures. The chestnut is his 16 yr old QH buddy who is a bit bossy but always protective of him. He has very high/narrow withers but we use adjustable gullet saddles on him which work well.
My trainer is a dressage rider but right now we are just focusing on pleasure/trail riding.

He has a very kind and gentle temperament. The neighbors' children like to visit him because he has such a sweet disposition and is so easy to deal with.

Best wishes placing your new rescues!
Thanks again
Dr Angela B., DVM

El Gato Olivo

Strawberry, pony, 20's

Strawberry was adopted! Ken and Heidi were looking for a gaited pony to join their Paso Fino mare at home on the NJ/NY border. They wanted someone gentle enough for their kids, and came down to see Strawberry with trailer in tow.

He went well for all, and they took him home. They report their mare is thrilled to have a companion and all is well.




Tiffy T, bay m., 16.0++, 1998.

Tiffy was adopted! Emily from WI had adopted Chromeheart from us a few years ago. Very sadly, he colicked badly a few weeks ago and had to be put down. Em was heartbroken, and called us about Tiffy.

After some phone calls, emails, pics, and a vet check, she adopted her sight unseen. Tiffy arrived safely in her new home and everyone admires how beautiful and smart she is. She should start under saddle soon, and hopefully by the spring we will get some nice show pics of the two of them.





Update February 2007:

Hi Bev,

Tiffy is great! It has been frigid here, so I haven't really been working with her the past couple of weeks. I decided to try and ride her bareback (I haven't done that in about 20 years). She was an angel. One of the smoothest horses, I swear. Then we took her to the outside arena with my friend's horse and took some pics (left). I thought you'd like to see how she is doing!

Hope all is well there!




Update September 2007:

Hi Bev,

We took some pic of Tiffy jumping, thought I would send them to you. She's doing great, she has slowed down and really is jumping nice. What a great horse! Thanks again and hopefully we can take her to an event in October. I think she is ready.











Update April 2008:

Just thought I would send a current pic of Tiffy. I took it today, I may be biased, but isn't she gorgeous??
Take care!



Update June 2008:

Hi Bev,

Tiffy is starting up again after the horrible winter! She is jumping really nice as you can see! She will be competing in her first event this weekend, the following weekend will just be a dressage show. I actually had to put her on less food, she's getting a little pudgy!!
Hope all is well there!


Beau's Fantasy, dk. b. g., 16.1h, 1998.

Beau was adopted. Julie had been in touch with us about Beau from the time he came in. After he moved to Akindale, she contacted Kate and Erin and went to see him. He was the first one over to say hello- a far cry from the depressed, hopeless horse we had rescued.

She decided to adopt Beau and his best bud Schlagger, also a New Holland rescue. Schlagger will be her show horse and Beau will live out his life as a trail and companion horse.


Believe Your Heart (Ping), bay g., 15.3+++, 1996.

Ping was adopted! Ping (Believe Your Heart) was adopted by Kelly of PA. Kelly is a great rider and wonderful horsewoman who was looking for a horse to bring along- she shows jumpers with her other OTTB Bluff. She came to see Ping and loved him. She has already gone to three shows, and Ping was champion at two of them- proudly wearing his MAHR saddlepad!

Believe Your Heart (Ping)

Plato's Reality, b.g., 16h, 3 yrs.

Plato is adopted! Plato was adopted! Kim from VA was looking for a nice young horse to bring along and use for hacking and maybe some local shows. She saw Plato on the site and really liked him. After some phone calls back and forth she decided to adopt him sight unseen. Things have been going very well so far, although he wasnt sure about the cows. Thank you!

Update October 2006:


Just had to tell you about my exciting lesson on Sunday. It turns out the neighboring farm belongs to none other than the "grandfather of horsemanship" Harry deLeyer of Snowman fame.

Harry has kindly agreed to help me school BB (stands for Beastie Boy, aka Plato's Reality) and we had our first lesson Sunday at Harry's farm. BB was outstanding and very willing to learn, as was I. Harry even rode him for me at the end of the lesson; he thinks BB has a good mind and will be an excellent horse for me. Harry thinks I got very lucky, and so do I !

Many thanks again for rescuing BB so we could give him a new life here in Virginia.

Will send you a photo of Harry on BB when I get it .

best regards,


Night Magick, ch. g., 15.3h+, 2002.

Magick is adopted! Night Magick was adopted. Mary Ellen from NJ was looking for a young horse to bring along for pleasure riding. She has two older TBs who are retired, and needed someone calm and sensible to bring along. She came down and really liked Magick, and he went very well for her. After a vet check, he left for his new home!

Update October 2006:

Night Magick is doing really well. He is just what we wanted-- very calm and gentle. He is a true gentleman and this at such a young age.
We turn him out with our older QH gelding who has navicular disease.
They get along well. We will keep you posted on him and send pictures.
Thanks for your help in selecting the right horse for us.

Mary Ellen

Field Promotion, ch. g., 16.1h, 2001.

Pro is adopted! Field Promotion was adopted. Marissa of MD had adopted Crimsonite a year or so ago but it hadn't worked out. Since that time she watched our site and called as soon as she saw Pro's picture. He had just come in and was originally a little snorty, but settled quickly and by the time she came to see him he was going very well. After a vet check he went to his new home, where he will be a pleasure and show horse, and lifelong friend. Congratulations!


Field Promotion

Edging Up, dk. b.g., 2003, 16.1h+

Edging Up was adopted! Autumn from NC called. A friend of Anna's (Maggie High), she was looking for a new young event prospect. Her trainer picked him out on our site, we had some back and forth phone calls and pics, she had him vetted and adopted him sight unseen. The vetting was Friday afternoon and the van left for the south around midnight. He was a trooper the whole way and is settling in well in his new digs. His new barn name is Cooper - Autumn drives a mini Cooper - and Keith Cooper shipped him south - sounds like a winner to us!

Update October 2006:

What a lovely horse!  Probably one of the most trainable horses I've ever ridden.  Just out of curiosity how much did ya'll  (I'm in NC....when in Rome....) ride him?  I've taken two dressage lessons with him.  My dressage trainer loves him (works with at least 3 international level advanced riders) .  Says his brain and talent are more like a 5 yr. old.  Quote:  "How much did you pay for this horse?"

Rap, bay g., 16.3h+, 7 yrs.

Rap was adopted! Although he wasn't ready to go, Jackie from SC had called about him from when he first came in. We kept in contact over the weeks to chart his progress, and she sent donations towards his care. Rap was coming around but needed more time and TLC- we asked Jackie if she would be interested in adopting him and continuing his rehab and she said yes! We are thrilled bc Rap will get a lot of personal attention, and Jackie is happy to give him as much time as he needs. Her trainer has a lot of experience with OTTBs and he is so easy, we are sure it will work out well. Thank you!!!


Feb 2007

Cinnamon, grade mare, 14.1h, 15 yrs.

Cinnamon was adopted! Julie from Altoona PA came to see our horses with her 12 yr old niece Courtney. They fell in love with Cinnamon but we had promised her to someone else. That person changed her mind so Courtney was able to adopt her! She spent the whole day preparing her stall and picked her up early the next morning. They are thrilled with her, and plan to do some showing in 4H, but mostly just have fun!




Update February 2008:





Update June 2007:

Thought you would like an update on Cinnamon- they went to their 1st show together and took 5th in their very first canter class!!!! she really makes courtney feel safe!!! also...cinny went to school for a demonstration...she loved all the attention!!!

thought you'd like some pics~~~




Update October 2007:

hi bev and ginny!!! courtney is getting a letter ready for you to send with lots if pics of cinny...but since its halloween...i couldn't resist sending this pic!!!
i am sorry to hear about esther




Update November 2007:

Dear Bev,
Cinnamon is great. We got her a massage in August and she loved it. The lady who did the massage had soothing music that made all the animals in the barn go to sleep. Cinnamon wasn't far from going to sleep either. We had two more fun shows She did great. We went in the classes: barrels, poles, ball race, flag race, 50 yard dash, egg and spoon, and the costume class. The flag race is when there are two barrels and the first one has a flag stuck in a cup of sand. You go around the second barrel after picking up the flap and have to stick it back in the sand. If the flag falls you are disqualified. She did great and wasn't bothered by the flag at all. In the costume class, we dressed her up as a broom by putting the part of the broom you sweep with under the back of the saddle. I dressed as a witch and we were a witch on a broom. She looked great. We also had round-up and districts. At round-up we did grooming and showmanship, equitation junior, hunter under saddle horses, and trail. In grooming and showmanship she got second out of eight horses. In equitation she got fifth out of seven horses. In hunter under saddle horses, she got sixth out of six horses and in trail she got fourth out of four horses. In trail I was a little nervous because I never did that class before and I never really practiced anything like that. She did everything wonderfully. In districts we went in equitation, hunter under saddle horses, and grooming and showmanship. I was nervous and decided not to do trail and would practice for next year. She didn't place but we did patterns at both round-up and districts in equitation and she did everything I asked her to do. We also decided to see if she would jump. We put up a little cross rail and she got excited. She loved to jump it and we did more cross rails. She had her ears up and had a great time. We decided on a show name for her. It is Walking On Sunshine because she always looks happy and always has her ears up. We are very happy that we got her too. We also tried to ground drive her to see if she would pull a cart. She was great and we might buya cart in the spring and see if she would pull it. It seems like she might have pulled one before. We decided to make her show color next year yellow. We got her yellow leg wraps, yellow bell boots, yellow saddle pad, and a yellow helmet cover. We are going to put designs on the saddle pad but haven't decided which ones yet.
We are going to mail you a picture from the parade and districts.
Here are some pictures we have now:








Appealing Fella, dk. b. g., 1999, 16h.

Appealing Fella was adopted! Deb from PA was looking for a new young event prospect. She had come to visit earlier in the summer but didn't find her dream horse. When Matt came in, we emailed her but didn't hear back. Several weeks later, she called about him. She had been looking at our site and saw him and called right away- apparently she had never gotten our first email. Deb came to try him and loved him. After a vet check, she took him home. We hope to hear great things about this new partnership. Thanks!!!


Appealing Fella

Red Attack, ch. g., 1991, 16.2h.

Red Attack was adopted! Emmalee from PA had come to see Owned by Us. He got adopted before she had made up her mind, so she called about Red. She had seen him in the field but had not ridden him. We spoke over the phone about Red and she decided to adopt him. He went to his new home where he has settled in well right away. He will be Emmalee's horse first and foremost, and she will use him to teach a few students that she has as well. Since Red goes very well when he is ridden properly from the leg, they will be learning the RIGHT way. Thanks!

Update October 2006:

Hi, Bev! Hope all is well at the rescue!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Red ~ I hope you're sitting down: He has gained 150 pounds in the two months since I adopted him from you guys!!! I weight-taped him back in August right after I got him, and he was only about 970 pounds at that time . . . as of last night, he now weighs 1,120 pounds!

He looks gorgeous, and I can tell he's feeling great, too! He's the friskiest horse in his field, always playing with the other guys. If there's a group of them cantering around out there, you can bet Red's the one who started it! I swear, he's fifteen going on six!!!

Update December 2007:


Red Attack








Absolutely Fein, ch.g., 16.1h, 2002.

Absolutely Fein was adopted! Chris, a trainer from Va Beach, called looking for some nice young show prospects for clients in his area. He called about Fein and adopted him sight unseen after a vet check. He hopes to get more horses from us in the future- we are pleased because it will mean more homes for more rescues- plus they will be out competing and showing the world what a rescue can do- Thank you!


Absolutely Fein

Lexy "Moon Sprit", TB, 6yo, 16H, dark bay mare.




Favorite Guy, dk. b. g., 16.0h, 2003

Favorite Guy was adopted! Monica from PA had come to see some of our horses. She fell in love with Favorite Guy- not hard to do! She and her trainer Robin watched him go, Monica rode him, and she was hooked! After having her vet review his xrays, she took him home.

On the day he was to leave, we went to the pasture to get him and found he had gotten into a hornets nest! This poor guy had over 250 stings on his head, neck, stomach and legs. He let us bathe him and we sent him home with some meds. He has settled in well at Monica's, although he has had some trouble with his stifles locking up- a result of the toxins from so many stings- it is a good thing it didn't kill him!

Anyway, he is thriving in her care and she loves him already. Thank you!!! PS- Eric found the hornets nest and took care of that- it was huge, and located in the wall of the run in shed- yikes!

Update March 14, 2007

See recent photos of Favorite Guy - now Giles - with his owner Monica, to the left.

Update August 2007:

Giles did really well at his first show! He was a little hesitant loading up, but you figure he has not been anywhere since October so that was no big deal. He was a little nervous when he first got off, but settled down rather quickly.

He was entered in the pleasure division. His first class was a walk trot, and he did great. I really thought that he should have been first or second, but the judge did not get a real good look at him, I think he was sorting through the horses, and so he ended up sixth. But he went around on a nice loose rein and his gait was steady and even all the way. It was a grass ring with hills so I was so very proud of him. His next class was walk trot canter, and he again was all you could want. His canter is spectacular, just like a rocking chair.. and guess what...HE WON the class!!! I was totally surprised...He seemed to enjoy the applause etc.

His next class was another wtc, and unfortunately a very inexperienced girl cut him off in the corner and then her horse kicked at him, and just barely missed. This of course was just at the moment they asked for the canter, so his transition was not as good, so he placed sixth, which I think was a little unfair since it was not his fault, but what do you do..

His last class was wtc, with two small x',s you had to canter to the first, transition to the trot, and then do the next was a very long combination or in and out. or short line depending on how you want to look at it..Well, he had only jumped for 7 days and never two in a row..he was confused about having to trot, but he did it, a bit late, but he did do it like it was not that big a deal. He did not place in that class, but I totally did not care.. He was also getting a little fussy in the line up, he had just had enough I think.

Even though to me he has grown up a lot physically, he still looked like a total baby next to all those mature horses. I was just so pleased that his first show type experience and outing off the farm went so well, and that he handled it so calmly. No serious nervousness, and no racehorsing it in the group canter. Even though he looked so young, he acted much more mature than his years and experience level. His stifles have been good lately, I like the OCD supplement I have him on..He did not really need a shot, but since he was going to stand in overnight and then ride on the trailer, we gave him one as a preventative. Unfortunately, my camera had not been recharged properly, so I have no pictures, so you will just have to take my word for it that he looked good. Hope all is well with all your guys, and hope to hear from you soon..

Love Monica and Giles





Favorite Guy


Owned By Us, gr.g, 1991, 16.2h+.
Anihid's Flag, b.g., 16.0h, 2002
Pro's Promotion, gr. g., 1992, 16.1h.

Linda from FL had been looking for horses for her family for awhile. She had an older TB that had to be put down last year, and also has two kids who are horse crazy. She felt strongly about rescuing rather than buying horses, came across our site, and called.

After about an hour on the phone, she decided to adopt OBU, Pro, and Flag! We were so pleased that the two gray gents, OBU and Pro got a home together- ever since they met each other in the kill pen they have been best buddies- and we did not think they would be able to stay together until Linda called. Flag reminded Linda of her old guy Sinjon.

All three shipped with Andy Simoff this week to their new home- 15 acres and a four stall concrete barn with individual paddocks that open into bigger fields, with all the comforts of home! We are so pleased, they are super horses and will get a great home and LOTS of love. The grays will teach the kids more about horses and riding, and as Flag comes along, he will do some local showing. Thank you!!


The horses are doing great, Linda says the kids take the two greys out for walks in the neighborhood every morning. They had a party for the new arrivals and the whole community showed up with carrots and all sorts of treats. Flag gave pony rides to the kids too! What a GREAT ending!!!!!!! Actually, it is also a GREAT beginning!!!!!

Update July 2007:

Happy Fourth of July Bev !!

I hope this e- mail finds everyone doing well and having a safe summer! Well here is Oby "Owned By Us" in the fourth of July Parade. He is a scream!!!! Kendra choose to paint his hooves red, white and blue, hang a wooden America sign from his neck, hang stars from his tail, paint his side with the "USA" and stars, put pom poms in his mane, garland wrapped around his reins and briddle topped off w/ a flag drapped off Kendras' side. He didn't mind a bit, never acted up and thought he was sooo cool to be fussed on. Then we trailered to the parade, he was a gentleman the whole time, took in the sights and just hung out!!!! I put Kendra & Oby at the back of the 40 horses in the parade just in case he decided he didn't like it but nooooo he held his head high and did the whole route. Her brother Dalton entered the parade with his bike and Sheltie, they were at the begining of the parade so when the parade was over I told Kendra to just hack up the street to the community center to meet Dalton.... on the way was a lemonade stand on a front porch, Kendra was thirsty so begged me to stop, the funny part is we were the 5th horse in line for a drink... all other riders had to be served outside the front yard, but one other horse and Oby walked right in the gate to the front porch where Kendra got her lemonade and Oby ate a cookie off the plate, oops I had to cover that expense! Then Oby went right up the road to the community center where ALL the activities were going on and closed his eyes!!!! We all laughed pretty hard, I was actually wishing it was me who was taking the nap! He made the news and Kendra was interviewed-- of course she said more people need to adopt ex- racers!

Kendra and Oby won Honorable Mention for most Patriotic and Dalton and Sparky won first place in the bike div.

Pro was supposed to go to the parade but the night before went lame and as usual when we pulled the trailer out he was cantering down the lane!!!! Yep Pro sure knows how to get out of work, he uses that leg well as an excuse!!! He loves to trail ride!

Flag is the alpha of the farm, he demands my attention and chases any other horse, dog or even cat away from me! I only belong to him in his eyes. Mounting has been an issue we are working on, he is so eager and willing, has a huge heart and trys so hard! Everyone loves him! We went to a novice class and well lets say there is a lot of room for improvement, but we got there and participated and he was willing, maybe one could say too willing!!

I hope you enjoy the pictures!!! The boys are wonderful and we are so happy they are a part of our lives!

Happy Summer!
Linda, Kendra and Dalton

Owned by Us

Anihid's Flag

Pro's Promotion

Native Heir, b.g., 1998, 16.1h+

Native Heir was adopted. Kim from MD is a dressage rider with a special spot in her heart for OTTBs, esp those that have been successful runners but with rehab needs- Native fit that description to a "T". Kim's other horse Sabovee was in the same boat, and if you look at pics of him now, he looks like a very high dollar warmblood. She did such a great job with him, and really wanted to give Native a chance as well, so she adopted him. We are thrilled, he deserves a special home after all he has been through.

Native Heir in Thoroughbred Network News

Gloriousgal, ch. f., 15.2h, 2002.

Gloriousgal was adopted. Lindsay was looking for a show prospect to bring along and came for a visit. She was taken with Gal's looks, temperament, clean legs, and movement. They clicked right away. After coming back for a second ride, and starting her over a small fence, she had her vetted and took her home. Thank you!!!!

Glorious Gal

Mr Tickety Boo, ch. g., 16.1+h, 2000.

Thanks to our good friends at Akindale Farm, Mr Tickety Boo found a place at TRF in NY. He needed to be at a facility where he could be in during the day and get some extra care for that ankle. Akindale arranged for him to get to NY and then into the TRF program at the Walkill Facility. Thank you so much!!!!!

Saved from slaugter thanks to the generosity of Suzanne P and Maria Canela

Liquid Ice, b.g., 1997, 15.3h.

Liquid Ice is finally going home! Karley and her mom Lisa came to see him a couple of weeks ago, and he went perfectly. Karley has been riding consistently for the last several years, and they were looking for a friend and a horse that could do some local shows down the road. They put a deposit on him, and wanted to come back to ride one more time. The very next day he got a bad stone bruise which then turned into an abcess.

Finally, now two weeks later, it has healed. Karley came back and rode him again and all was fine, so they are going to take him home later this week. He too will be spoiled- I think every horse's dream home includes a 13 yr old girl and lots of carrots! Congratulations!

Liquid Ice

Pearl Poet, b.m., 15.3h, 2000.

Pearl was adopted! Madeline from NJ was looking for a horse to bring along for dressage and local shows. She is a college student in MD whose mom Jane also rides and planned to help bring the new horse along. Pearl caught Jane's eye.

They came down with their trainer, a former dressage rider from the USET. (Small world, Jennifer was an old friend of Bev's, they hadn't seen each other for 30 years!) Pearl was her normal unflappable self.

Everyone loved her, especially her incredible canter. After a vet check, she left for NJ. We know she will be spoiled rotten, and she deserves it. Thanks and congratulations!

Pearl Poet

Track Bar, bay m., 2000,  16.1+ h.

Track Bar was adopted! Jen, from PA, loved this mare for her pedigree, conformation, and temperament. She formerly raised appendix QHs but is now interested in raising a few nice TBs for the growing PA racing industry. She and her father came down to see her and took Track home to join her other mare, a daughter of Fappiano, who came off the track with an injured knee. She plans to breed Track to Bankers Gold next season. Thank you!

Update July 2006:

Hi Bev, Hope everything is going well and you didnt get rained out to bad!! Marley (Track Bar) is everything I was looking for in a horse, I really like her. She's fitting in just fine with everyone else. She wasn't too happy at first that she's in a stall during the day, but she soon realized that the bugs were a lot worse outside!

I wanted to thank you for all your help with me last week in coming down and getting her, and in the awesome job you guys do giving these TB's second chances. Can't wait till I breed her in Jan or Feb, I will definitely send you pictures.

Thanks again! Jen

Cohan, dk. b. g., 16.2h, 2002.

Cohan was adopted! Ben from NC wanted to help horses with nowhere to go. He has a large farm and lots of pasture. Last month he adopted three horses - two from Finger Lakes and one from us locally- that needed homes. They are doing great, and he is enjoying working with them. There were two more from Finger Lakes that needed placing, and he offered to adopt Cohan as well. We truly appreciate his help- not only is he giving these horses a sanctuary, he is opening up space for more slaughterbound horses here! Thank you!

King of Rock and Roll, b. g., 2003, 16.2h+

King of Rock and Roll was adopted! There was a lot of interest in this big quiet sound guy. He had a deposit on him right away but X-rays showed some spurs in his knees-there was no way to tell if that was something new or something he had forever, the vet passed him and he flexed fine- but the potential adopter decided to pass. Robin from PA had come to see several horses over the past month or so and they kept getting adopted. When she saw King of Rock and Roll, she came right away and loved him. She had her vet out to vet him again, including X-rays, and he too passed the horse. Robin was thrilled to finally find her new young show prospect, and will pick him up this weekend. Thank you!!

King of Rock and Roll

Wantagh Red, b.g., 16.0h, 2003

Wantage Red has a home! David from WI is a friend of Emily who adopted Chromeheart. He was looking for a young horse to bring along for dressage. After lots of pics back and forth and discussions, he decided to adopt Red. He passed his vet check yesterday with flying colors and is leaving for WI next week. Thank you and congratulations!!

Update July 2006:

Here's a picture of Wantage Red. He is doing very well......eating, relaxing. Spectacular horse with a very sensible personality. I couldn't be happier. Currently I am just occasionally lightly lunging him, bathing him frequently to clean his coat up, and letting him enjoy himself on the green grass. Don't think that either of us could be much happier than what we are right now :)



July 2006

Wantagh Red

Louis Que, b.g., 16.0h, 2001

Louis Que was adopted! Francie who adopted Jaglander saw him on our site and couldn't stop thinking about him. She is so pleased with how Jag has turned out, and understands the amount of time it takes to make a young horse-- especially a guy like Louis who was so poor and body sore. She came up to meet him and he was everything she hoped for. She loaded him up and took him home to VA. After an easy few months, he will start his career as her newest event horse. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Update June 2006:

Hey Bev:

Just wanted you know we made it home safe and sound. Que got off the trailer and walked right over the ground poles to get to his stall. Turned him out with Jag who now thinks he is quite special and king of his paddock. Of course Jag looked like a brood mare in foal next to Que.  They seem to have formed a friendship, since they are side by side heads down eating.

I have banged his tail and pulled his mane and forelock and he looks brighter. I get so angry when I think what this guy has been through and how he is still sweet and loves to be brushed and loved on. I hope he will be happy with all the princes that I have in the barn- he definitely has the potential for any sport.  He and I went for a walk this morning me on foot and him on his leash up one hill and then down the lane way. Great bonding time and good cardio for me, we will both have great buns..

I'll keep you posted on our progress. I'd like to give him time to get some cover on his spine before I start him under tack; as you know there is so much one can do on the ground . 

Thanks again- Francie



Feb 2007

Prince ofthe World, b.g, 16.1h, 1999.

Marian and her daughter Tarra called after Julie and Kelly (Blizzard and Bid) came down. Tarra used to ride with Julie and was looking for a new dressage horse. They came down and rode Prince ofthe World. He was his usual quiet sensible self and they decided to adopt him. He passed the vet with flying colors and should leave for his new home any day. Thank you!!

Update June 2006:

Hi Bev!

I don't think you have my e-mail address, but this is Tarra, Prince's owner. I just wanted to update you on how well he is doing. I was riding him the other day and decided to enter him in a schooling show at the barn where I take lessons. Even though it was only Introductory level, I couldn't be any more proud of him. Prince was absolutely wonderful, he was so calm and quiet and not once did he try to run off or come off the bit. He was a little confused when I took him off the rail to cross the ring on the diagonal, but that was expected. He did so much better then I thought he would have done and he got sooo many treats . He's finally learning how to be loved and he just loves being fussed over. I just wanted to say thank you again for allowing me to adopt such a wonderful horse. My goal for this year is to bring him to Dressage at Devon and show him there. I will keep you posted on shows and things. Thanks again!


Update January 2008:

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you thank you for saving Prince ofthe World.  My parents trained him and had success with him years ago, but he was taken out of our barn after a dispute with the owner over Prince needing rest.  He was a stallion when we had him, yet he was the quietest horse in the barn and a dearly loved little guy.  We had offered to buy him instead of having him leave, but the owner refused.  We knew the owner's reputation... so we had hoped to find him again, but our paths never crossed where we could get him back.  My parents and I were so grateful to see he had been adopted, but at the same time so sick to know how close he had come to a terrible fate that he most certainly never deserved.  We hope he is enjoying life with his new owner and that they give him the admiration and love that his old owner never bothered to, but that Prince has always greatly deserved.  As trainers we try very hard to ensure a safe retirement for all of our athletes, thank you for saving one we could not.

Prince ofthe World

Sensational Bid, b. g., 16.1h, 1999.

Sensational Bid was adopted! Kelly came down with Julie (Maderos' Blizzard) for moral support and fell in love with Bid. We didn't have time to show him that day because it had gotten so late- but she called that night and asked to adopt him. She rode him on the day of the vet check and then had him vetted. All went well, even though he was pretty up for some reason. He passed the vet and left on the trailer with Blizzard. He is settling in well and will be a low level dressage and event horse for Kelly. Congratulations!

Update September 2006:

I received the pictures of Bid. Thank you for sending them. He is doing wonderful-He is so sweet. Still trying to get the weight on him. We found out he likes being outside with a run in shed much better than a stall. He seems to stress out inside, he eats much slower in the paddock. He went to the bucks county horse park Tuesday night schooling show in August. I couldn't of asked him to be any better. It took us a little bit to get him on the trailer, but he had a calm ride nothing like when we picked him up. He relaxed so nice in the warm up ring, got a little tense in the dressage ring-halting is not our best. The second test was much better. We hung out while Julie did her stuff-he was so calm and happy . He just watched everyone and grazed. Then it was time to pack up and head home-he walked right onto the trailer without thinking twice. Julie and I just sat there with our mouths dropped open. I still can't get over how wonderful he was. Thanks for saving another terrific horse.


Sensational Bid

Madero's Blizzard, gr. g., 15.2+, 2003

Madero's Blizzard was adopted on the very day he arrived at MAHR. His trainer called us when it became apparent he just wasn't a racehorse. We had him gelded at the trainer's farm on Monday and shipped him in on Thursday. We hopped on him and he was excellent. Later that morning, Julie, a dressage rider/trainer from the Allentown area came down to see our horses. She saw Blizzard and knew he was the one! We rode him again, and after a vet exam the following week, he went home. Thank you!

Josh, aged bay pony gelding, 14.1h.

Josh was adopted! Kevin who adopted Arissa and Oreo the pony called when he saw Josh. He was looking for a quiet trail horse for his last daughter and his wife. They came to see him and took him home! Now named Moose Tracks (Moosie) for short, he is ready to join the gang on trail rides and paper chases. Thanks and congratulations!

Joey's Last Hope, b.m., 1997, 16h+

Joey's Last Hope went to Jill Curtis' Shiloh Farm Rescue and Horse Sanctuary in NV where she will be adopted as an event/dressage horse. Thank you!

Sawdust, Dk. bay g., 2000, 16.1h+.

Sawdust was adopted! Close to two months ago, Alison came to the rescue to find her first horse. She tried Sawdust and fell in love. She came back a second time with her sister and a family friend who was knowledgeable about horses and all went well again, and they decided to adopt him-- until the day of the vet check. Sawdust came up slightly off. Further vet exams revealed soreness in his heel- since all xrays were clear, we had to assume it was a deep seated abcess or perhaps the scratches on his heel.

It took a lot of time, but he finally came sound and was able to go to his new home. His new name is Stardust and so far all is well- he is his usual kind, gentle self. He will be spoiled rotten we are sure- Congratulations and thank you for being so patient and giving him a good home!

Rescued thanks to the kind donation of Josie S. of Chester, PA

Update September 2007:

Bev,     We're set up with a trailer now, and Alison and Stardust rode in Tyler State Park yesterday - first time he's been out to a public location by himself. He did great! His first challenge was to go through a covered bridge... Stardust trusted Ali and they went right on through - both directions - with hardly any hesitation. He did very well, and remains sensible and calm in situations that are totally new to him. We continue to get a lot of enjoyment from him!! (Best of all his feet are staying nice and sound!)     Regards,     ag

Update September 2007:

Hi Bev,

All good news. Stardust continues to do verywell without shoes. He has been sound just about continually since coming through the winter barefoot. He did bruise his left front foot in June and was off for a few weeks,but was notserious.He bounced back and has not looked back since.
We're set up with a trailer now, and Alison and Stardust rode in Tyler State Park a couple weeks back, after a few test rides toone of Alison's girfriends' house to trail ride there. Was the firsttime he's been out to a public location all by himself. He did great! His first challenge was to go through a covered bridge... Stardust trusted Ali and they went right on through - both directions - with hardly any hesitation.
He did very well, and remains sensible and calm in situations that are totally new to him.We continue to get a lot of enjoyment from him, and he seems to be loving life. We're trying to work lessons into our schedule now, and if all goes well, I'd like to take lessons on him as well, if he can toleratea lesser rider like me!
I attached a photo of Alison and Stardust in Tyler Park, thought you'd like to see.
Best regards,




Fleet Aint, dk. b. g., 2000, 16h.

Fleet Aint is adopted! Colleen from DE called looking for a dressage/pleasure/all around horse. She trains standardbred racehorses but was looking for a horse so she could start riding again. She had ridden with Fleet's former trainer and plans to take lessons there in the future.

Before she came, she spoke to the trainer directly. When she came to try Fleet, he has just been seen by our wonderful acupuncture vet, Dr Shaw. That treatment and a followup massage by Martha Grace really loosened up his back and hind end. We all discussed the history we had on the horse and the general consensus was that he was sore and tight behind but no one had seen any signs of stringhalt.

At any rate, Colleen rode him and loved him and adopted him on the spot. She will certainly keep his history in mind as she brings him along but is very excited to have a new horse! He will leave for his new home in DE on Monday. Congratulations!!

Update June 2006:

Hi Bev!
Just wanted to send you a quick note regarding Fleet Aint.  He has settled into his new environment nicely and gets along great with his pasture mate, my other ex-racer.  He has been an absolute gentleman to work with, and to ride.  I couldnt be any happier with him.  I have been keeping ( and will continue to keep) a close eye on him for any signs of stringhalt or any unsoundness issues- and have nothing to report.  I am hoping to start working with Kathy or Jess soon.  I will try to take some pics this weekend and will send them your way.  Thanks again for everything!     

Broad Lane, dk. b. g., 16.0h, 2002

Broad Lane was adopted! Gigi from PA was looking for a young horse to bring along. She came last winter to meet River but was just recovering from surgery and decided to wait. She saw Broad Lane on our site and came to meet him with her trainer and good friend Tim. They watched him go and liked everything they saw (well, maybe not when he was playing around --but they could see he wasn't being mean and he did settle.) He passed his vet check with flying colors and went home today! Thanks and congratulations!




Broad Lane

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