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For nearly 20 years we have been rescuing horses out of the killer pens.
Our horses have gone on to do wonderful things, including:


Lucky Star, bay filly, 15.2 h, 3 yrs, unraced.

Lucky Star, our starvation case that we were able to rescue due to the kindness of a supporter, Lynn from NJ, is going to lead an idyllic life up at a 50-acre farm near State College. Robbie and her husband Lou are retired, but have both had years of experience with horses. Robbie used to ride for a dealer and show hunters and jumpers- Lou was a jockey!

They came on March 7, 2003 to see our horses- we brought Star to the indoor for the second time ever and she was a Star- we walked, trotted, and cantered both ways, Robbie got on and within five minutes announced she was in love. What a happy ending!

Hi Bev,

Well, so far Star has the life of leisure -- we've been so busy here that all I've had time to do was get on her and walk around, and a little bit on the lunge line (she's getting the idea). The rest of her time has been spent eating, eating, eating -- she has gained at least 100 lbs. She is
turning out to be a really pretty filly, and is a beautiful mover. Out of the three horses she seems to be about the smartest, and is as sociable as can be. She has an independence about her, and really isn't too concerned about the rest of the world (unless it involves food)! I'll keep you posted on her progress.


P.S. Louie likes her so much he says that he wished he had both arms just so he could work with her -- I think I would lose my horse to him.

Hi Bev- I thought I would send you these pictures of Lucky Star. She's doing great, but with the busy summer I've had, she still hasn't had much work. She also pulled a front shoe and broke her foot down to the quick, so it's taken her several weeks to get over being ouchy. She's fine now and things are slowing down, so hopefully we'll get down to business. She is one of the most pleasant, good-natured TB's I've ever known, and we love her to death! Thanks for hooking us up with such a great girl!
Robbie & Lou

Lucky Star

Lucky Star

Lucky Star

Lucky Star

Outta Print, ch gelding by Two Punch- Into the Woods by Big Spruce, 5 yrs old, 16.1+

Outta Print, a son of the successful stallion Two Punch, was our newest face on the site, but got adopted before I even had a chance to email everyone about him. Outta Print came in directly from his trainer- we got a call over the weekend (about two weeks ago) to come get him at the training center or go get him at the sale- so we picked him up, and saved him the stress of shipping to the auction--plus we didn't have to quarantine him.

Benny, from Wyoming, DE came looking for a big gelding to ride and fox hunt. He took one look at Outta Print, brought his trainer up the next day, and adopted him on the spot.

Outta Print

My Gal Arissa- 16.1 hands, 4 yrs, by Matty G-Strictly Gallant, by Seattle Dancer.

My Gal Arissa got adopted by a lovely young girl from NJ. Alanna and her trainer Ellen had been emailing us since January but with the weather couldn't get down. I had thought Arissa might be just the horse they were looking for.

They made the 3 hr trip, watched the no name gelding, then Wind Digger, and finally Arissa- by the instant smiles, I knew she was the one for them! The only hitch was that Alanna had to sell her horse- they went ahead with the adoption and planned to move Alanna's other mare to a different barn until she was sold--- but they actually sold and delivered her within the week! Arissa goes to her new home tomorrow- Alanna promises lots of pictures! As we said, somethings are meant to be!

Hi Bev & Ginny ~

Just letting you know that Arissa (now Charleigh) settled in amazingly well :) She and Alanna are beyond is a true blessing to see the two of them together. I gave Alanna her first lesson yesterday...I never saw her smile sooooooooo much! We're working on transitions transitions transitions....Charleigh is so willing and smart...she caught on real quick...I think the horrible days of the track will be a distant memory very shortly! I think Charleigh had her first encounter with deer yesterday...she stared and stared but NEVER spooked!!

We just love her to pieces...She gets along fine with the other girls in her turn out field...she hooked up with my 13h pony, Frosty :) Thank you for your love and dedication to the Rescue.
May God richly bless you,

(End of May 2003) Sorry it's been so long since I wrote, but things here have been crazy busy! Sr. prom is tomorrow night and I had no idea how much work went into getting ready for one of these things. Anyway, Charleigh is doing awesome! Turns out she loves trail rides. My friend Emily's horse was recently retired and is only allowed to walk, so Charleigh followed him out and we went for an hour in the park across the street from our barn, and then the next day for 2 hours! She was a perfect angel and didn't spook at anything...we ran into deer and sheep, and she walked over logs and through water. Her training is coming along slowly but surely. As of last week we were working on bending at the walk and the trot and although she fussed a little (mostly to the right) once she understood she was totally willing. She's a great girl and everyone here loves her, although no one more than I. Her legs have also totally cleared up from the rain rot and her coat is nice and shiny. Everything is going wonderfully!


My Gal Arissa

Package Deal, 15.2 h dark bay filly, just turned 4 yrs.

Package Deal was adopted by Cindy from New Jersey! Cindy had owned the same mare for 20 years, when she lost her to colic last fall. It was hard emotionally and even harder to start with a totally new horse after all those years.

When Package Deal came in, we thought it might be a great match. Because we were over our limit here at the farm, an incoming board member and good friend Jodi Cox offered to adopt Package Deal and take her to her farm in NJ, where she could re-adopt her for us. We put Cindy and Jodi in touch, and the rest is history.

Cindy keeps Package Deal (now called Gracie around the barn) at a large dressage and eventing facility in NJ. At first the other riders at this big well-known facility figured something must be wrong with our little girl-- how could anything nice come from a meat auction? Cindy persisted, though, and Gracie was a star.

She arrived just before the big snow, and couldn't get turned out for days- but went out and practiced walk and halt transitions her first day under saddle. Cindy and Gracie are working together very slowly to build trust. Gracie is learning how to be a dressage horse and loves the attention she is getting. Cindy's good friend Kathy shares with the board and riding, just as they had done with Cindy's old mare. We are thrilled that things are working out so well!

We just heard from Cindy, Package Deal's new mom:

Just to give you an update (I would like to stay in touch hope that is okay) Gracie is doing well. I don't think we could have gotten a sweeter horse. Our training is at a little bit of a stand still right now. She seems to be having some trouble with the bit. The dentist is coming Friday to do her teeth and I think that will help Gracie to be more comfortable.

They just started to introduce Gracie to the mares in the field she will be in. She met one last night and another tonight. So far, so good. I think she has three more to go. I will let you know how it goes.

We have been working with her standing by the mounting block while we mount and she has that down. She also stands quietly while we pick out her feet after taking her out of the indoor since they don't like the horses to step in to the barn unless their feet are cleaned out. She is very smart and I think she will learn quickly. Kathy and I both love her. I must compliment you on your ability to match horses with people. You did a great job. Thank you so much.
Warm regards

We just heard from Cindy again:

Just wanted to give you an update on Gracie. She is wonderful!!. Getting better and better everyday. She has such a wonderful disposition. Such a sweetie. You were so right about her. Not a bad bone in her body.

We are working with her on all of her transitions. She responds nicely to the aids. Just a pleasure to ride. Today I introduced her to water and she loved it. She splashed in it with her hoof and then made one of her silly faces. She walked through it like a champ. No hesitation whatsoever.

We will be going on the trails any day now with company. I think she will really like that. I promise I will send pictures. I am always in such a rush to get to the barn that I keep forgetting my camera. I hope all is well with you and your families. I will continue to give you progress reports.
Warm regards

May 2003
Hi Bev,

We hope you and your family are well.

We just wanted to give you another Gracie update.

Gracie is doing great. She is developing a really nice trot and getting used to our aides. She accepts our leg and is starting to relax a lot more. Today she had her head down stretching out while we were trotting around. She looks great and is such a sweetheart. Our trainer was singing her praises today. She was saying how sweet and level headed and smart Gracie is and how she (our trainer) had so many doubts about her. I told her that I totally trusted your judgement. I told her the New Holland story and how the other horses were all nervous and how Gracie was just standing there as calm as could be. My trainer went on to say what a disaster this could have turned out to be just because Gracie is so young. I would agree with her about many other horses but Gracie happens to be special. We are so lucky to have her. She is truly a blessing.

Warm regards
Cindy and Kathy

Package Deal

Gracie jan 2004

Gracie Jan 2004

Gracie and Cindy - Sept 2004

Secret Haughway, ch mare, by Clever Secret, 8 yrs, 15.2 h

Secret has been adopted! Jo and her family have always had a soft spot for any animal that needs help, as her numerous pets can tell you. She had horses when she was younger, and since buying a nice farm in PA, wanted to get a horse to have around. She hoped to find something quiet and sensible so her boys could learn about caring for horses, and eventually ride. 

Jo originally wanted to try Luv but we decided that might not work. Then Jo met Secret. Secret is so well behaved around the barn and sensible, and Jo wanted to give her a chance. We are hoping that with the new program (lots of love and attention, quiet, no stress, no deadlines, no "gotta walk, trot, canter, and jump") she will blossom. However it goes, Jo is happy just to help yet another animal in need. Boy, if there were more folks like Jo, maybe our program would have a harder time finding horses--Thank you!

Secret Haughway

Calley Jay, 16.1 hands, turning 6, unraced.

Calley Jay's adoption has been finalized and he is settled in happily in his new home. Phoebe and her daughter Brooke were looking for a young horse for Brooke to event and pony-club. Pauli, Brooke's old thoroughbred was due for an easier life, while Brooke was preparing for her C-2 rating. Phoebe had gotten a TB at auction years ago when she was in school, and it wasn't sound. While she loved the idea of rescuing a horse, she didn't want to make the same mistake, so she called us.

Phoebe and Brooke came to visit during the worst of the snow, and immediately were drawn to CJ. They were not able to come back for several weeks and had their fingers crossed that he would not get adopted until they came back. As it turned out, that was the case.

As soon as the weather broke, they came to see him. We went to the indoor and he was super, and loved all the attention- I walked and trotted him, but could hardly get him to canter, he was so laid back. Brooke couldn't wait to get on him, and of course he went beautifully for her- she did a much better job cantering than I did! She hopped him over some x's and that was that. Brooke took him out for a little hack while Phoebe and I did the paperwork. I had never gotten to see him go, and I couldn't believe what an impressive horse he was- we were all surprised he didn't go sooner, but I guess some things are meant to be! CJ went home a week later and walked right into his stall like he had lived there forever. I guess he knows a good thing.

Calley Jay is doing wonderfully in his new home- sounds like he wants to be an event horse!

A note from Calley's new owners:

Hey how are you? Brooke passed her C2 rating. It ended up being down here in Lewes at the last minute because St. Augustine PC was afraid they would mess up the cross-country course. Longest rating I've ever been to, 6 1/2 hrs,but it's over with.

CJ is doing great. Brooke's worked him several times trying to get him to move off of her leg. He just seems to take everything in stride. He gets along well with his new pasture mates except for one very bossy shetland who was running him in circles. Jack has since been demoted back into the field with good old Pauli who doesn't take anything off of him.

CJ also has a real talent of free jumping in and out of the ring over a small jump. He doesn't give it a second thought, just trots right over. He really is awesome. He has really adjusted well, even knows his stall and he's starting to get a bit of a shiny coat. We will take some pictures and send them up to you.

Thanks again,

Phoebe and Brooke

A new note regarding Calley Jay (end of May 2003)

CJ is doing well. He spends a lot of time playing with his 3yr old field buddy and getting fat. Brooke will be home for the summer in another week and the work begins. He has so much personality and is so much fun to watch. We hope to have him going well enough to maybe do an elementary level horse trial by the end of the summer. Brooke's just going to spend this summer working with the horses. She qualified for Dressage at PC Nationals in Lexington Va this summer but is going to try for show jump and CT also, although she can only go for one so it's probably going to be dressage as it's easier on sweet old Pauli. She's hoping that CJ will be her National CT horse down the road.


Calley Jay

Mom's Approval, 16++ hands, just turned 7 yrs.

Mom's Approval is going to Kentucky by way of Georgia to be a sport horse broodmare. Cheryll works at USA Equestrian, and had been looking for a reasonably priced With Approval mare for her own breeding program. They are hard to find, as With Approval has a wopping big stud fee.

Cheryll happened to find our website and called right away. After a vet check for reproductive soundness, Mom is going to Georgia this week to be bred to a Holsteiner stallion, then on to KY to live a life of leisure! We are so proud of her- she deserves a good life!

Congratulations Cheryll and Mom-and look for baby pics next spring!

Mom's Approval

Patience - 15.2-3 h, 4 yrs.

Patience was adopted this weekend! Her new home is with the daughter of a popular area vet and his wife. Theresa and her daughter Amanda were looking for a nice horse to move up to from a challenging pony. Amanda likes to show and is rejoining pony club.

They heard about Patience, and came to see her. Amanda rode her beautifully, although Patience tested her a bit by not wanting to stay on the circle in the paddock, rubber-necking over towards Ginny and Theresa, and wanting to stop and have a chat! Amanda persisted and although Patience was acting a bit green, they loved her quiet, willing attitude and nice movement.

After a brief family meeting and arranging for a trainer to come give regular lessons, they took Patience home. We know she will be pampered and loved and we will get to see her often since they live in Middletown. Congrats Amanda and Patience!

Update: Cupcake is doing well. I am going to send you some pics and a letter about her and Amanda. They just finished their first week of camp together and I was so impressed and pleased at how well Cupcake did. We trailered her to the camp (Greenspring Equestrian Center outside of Smyrna) where she was exposed to other horses, kids, dogs, cats, and parents for the entire week. Amanda came and worked with her from 9:30- 3:30 everyday, and we took her home on Friday afternoon. The instructor was very pleased with how quiet she was, and also impressed with her movement. Amanda had a blast, is learning alot, and absolutely adores her "Cupcake". Thanks for such a great horse, and a great match. I will send pics soon.
Take Care,


MyFirstNLastLuv, chestnut mare, 15.3 h, just turned 8 yrs.

Luv was adopted by Loretta and Steve and their family in PA.  They have years of experience with thoroughbreds and own their own stallion. They saw Luv's picture and story and were quite interested- then they found out she won about $70,000 as a runner and retired sound, so that was that.  She shipped out to their farm and has settled in well. They have even now ridden her (carefully, in company) and all went well. They plan to breed Luv next year.

Update: Loretta has emailed to say Luv has settled in beautifully, and they have even ridden her, quietly around the paddock with her friends and all went smoothly. They are working to put weight on her and all is well!

Update: September 11, 2003

Here are a couple of pictures of Luv (ed. note-one is to the right).......she is a great horse (with attitude at times). Wanted you to see what she looks like with some weight on....she really is an easier keeper than most TB's. She doesn't eat much hay...she mills through it and eats what she wants then uses the rest for her bedding. Thanks for letting us purchase and save such a great mare....I'm sure we will get great foals out of her and our stud when the time comes.


My First N Last Luv


Daisy's Smile, bay mare, 16.2++ h, 6 yrs. By Dr. Blum-Bold Clara, by Claramount.

Daisy was adopted by Callie from VA. Callie, a former FEI level dressage rider, trainer, and student of classical French dressage, was looking for a big TB mare to bring along. Since she is the mom of a very cute (and active) toddler son, she doesn't always have time to ride everday. A good temperament was a must.

Callie came up, watched her go, then hopped on her. In about 3 circles, Daisy was so soft and round- Callie knew that Daisy was the horse for her. After a vetting several days later, Daisy went to her new home. Callie reports that she settled in well, trotting around her new field with her "look-at-me" trot. As soon as Callie's husband builds her a bigger mounting block, they will start their new partnership!

Update: Callie finally got to hop on Daisy, after a saddle restuffing and a new mounting block, and she went beautifully. They did a lot of work at the walk and trot and Daisy was a star!

Update: August 16, 2003

I took Daisy to a competitive trail clinic a couple weeks ago, and she was a star! They had set up all these different obstacles in the ring, bridges, flags to carry, mail to take out and deliver, a slicker to put on and take off, etc. There were about 23 horses there, lots of activity. We did all the obstacles on the ground first, and then I got on and she was just wonderful! The other horses spooking didn't bother her, the stuff didn't bother her, the only thing that even got her ears up was the loudspeaker.

Everyone wanted to know about her, they couldn't believe she was off the track and only 6! She was a real credit to OTTBs. Now I just have to remember to send in my check so I can get a shirt. You guys should consider saddlepads with the logo and # and website.

She is just turning out to be just what I was looking for, I ride her once a week or so and mostly we just walk. She still is a touch sore in that right front, my vet and farrier think it is just the bruising from those bad shoes and she just needs some time-which it totally fine, I am enjoying just walking around the pasture, no pressure to be "training" her.

Well I hope you guys are doing OK.


Update March 2, 2004:

Just wanted to let you know that Daisy (I call her "Daisy Do Right") is just fabulous.I rode her Sunday, after having not been on her in ages (ugh, weather) and she was just perfect!I hope to get her out to a few shows this year, and get in some trail riding with a friend after we've been back to work a bit.

She has worked out just wonderfully, Thank you!


Update July 13, 2004:

Everything is great with Daisy, I had her to another dressage clinic a couple weeks ago, and she was lovely. She is really starting to trust me, which is nice. She is now barefoot all around (most people think I'm crazy!) and doing really well that way. I am planning to start taking her on some trail rides, and maybe some horse shows this fall (I just have to figure out a travelling mounting block, she is SO tall).
While I haven't been able to ride her as often as I'd like, she is always so good when I do ride her it really makes it a pleasure. I tell everyone that sees her about you guys.

Hope all is well-Callie

Daisy's Smile

Sitka Sound, 15.3 h dk bay mare, just turned 6 yrs.

Sitka Sound has been adopted by a very nice couple from Birdsboro, PA. Dorothy has years of experience with horses, and her fiancé John has been riding for about 3 years. Sitka will be John's horse. I was a bit cautious when first putting an advanced novice up on Sitka, but they really gelled quickly.

John has a great sense of feel, and Sitka was totally relaxed and happy as she figured out what John wanted her to do. They have lined up a great riding instructor, and Sitka will live on their farm with the horses Tucker, Kip, and the cutest fox terrier puppy.

We also heard from Dorothy and John, Sitka's new parents. John took her for a long trail ride with Dorothy on her horse Tucker, and reports that Sitka was better behaved than Tucker! She didn't mind cars, trucks, or even gunshots! John got to gallop for the first time (on purpose, down a wooded trail) and he thought it was really cool. They are feeding her three times a day to put some weight on, and Dorothy sits with her while she eats- what a great life!

We heard from Dorothy and John- although Sitka is not gaining weight as quickly as Dorothy would like, she is doing well. She had a brief colic scare but is fine now. Dorothy writes:

You will be pleased to hear that Sitka's new career may include driving. I know you know that we were hoping for that. This is not usually the case with hot bloods, but Sitka is breaking records in that book. She is so laid back. I let her out with me alot-- the whole place here is fenced, and I just have to block the drive way. Anyway, she likes being with me and craves all the attention. She was beside me in the garden where I was removing some large shrubbery. As I was disposing of it I would have to walk past her with these large bundles of branches. At first I warned her I was coming pass so as not to spook her, but she didn't care. Next trip I just walked by ... she never lifted her head or moved an ear! That night when John came home, Sitka was still loose with me and I said, "Watch this John." I threw a shovel in her general direction hitting the pavement just to the right and just behind her-- she never moved. I said, "This is a driving horse!" We are now longlining down the road in full harness with cars and such and she loves it, so hey who knows?? Maybe Sitka and Tuck will be a pair for me!

See ya soon,

Sitka Sound

Cryptoe Tap, 15.3 hands, 5 yrs.
Bay gelding by Cryptoclearance-Toe Tappen, by Lyphard's Wish.
Foaled in NY, 35 starts, 1 win, 1 second, 1 third for $37,648-

Cryptoe Tap has been adopted by a first year vet student named Kim. She has evented for years, and wanted a horse that she could bring along but didn't have to ride everyday, given her busy schedule as a vet student. She first came amidst the monster snow and met everyone in the field.

When we dug out a week later, we took Tap to the indoor, where we walked, trotted, cantered, and jumped some little x's. - we even got the right lead! He was a star- after sitting on him, Kim knew instantly he was THE horse for her.

We just heard from Kim, Tap's new mom:

Tap is doing great. He's settled in happily and has learned the routine of going out in the morning and in at night. He has a great appetite and is "best friends" with his neighbor Meghan already.

I haven't ridden him much because of all the snow and I don't have an indoor, and then I went away, but I've walked and trotted him around a bit and he's really good. He had to walkover railroad ties to get in and out of the ring and the first time he wasn't quite sure what they were but after walking over them once he never even noticed them again so I think he's going to be a fast learner.

His ground manners are improving a lot too. He's actually really good and stands politely while I groom him and tack him up either in a stall or on the cross ties in the aisle. He wasn't quite sure what treats were, but he's learning to like them too. I absolutely think he's great, and everyone else thinks he's really cute too.

Thanks so much,
I'll keep you updated,

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that Tap is doing great. He has settled in very happily. His ground manners are now wonderful. He comes to the gate when I go to get him from his field, and he stands perfectly on the cross ties, and doesn't try to drag anyone around anymore. He even stood perfectly for me to give him a bath and clip him.

He got shoes up front ( the farrier loved him) and with his bath and a body clip he really looks very handsome- he still needs to put a bit of weight on though. He's absolutely wonderful to be ridden. His trot work has improved a lot and he's getting better about moving forward and off my leg. His trot walk transitions are great, and the canter is improving. He's getting much more balanced at the canter to the left. He still has a bit of a problem with the right lead, but we're working on it on the lunge line which seems to help a lot.

He's fabulous to hack. The first time I took him out his buddy took off after seeing the scary minis and he just walked a bit faster till he caught up with her and wasn't phased at all. Even the sheep, cows,alpacas, and a big boat on a trailer didn't bother him. He's so relaxed about jumping the little verticals I've set up that I'm going to have to make them bigger so he'll actually pick his feet up.

He really is a wonderful horse, I am so happy to have him- he's just perfect. Thanks so much,

Update: April 16, 2003

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that Tap's continuing to be a super star. We went and had a lesson to help with the right lead, and after just one lesson he seem to have it down. He now happily picks up the right lead. I'm amazed he gets things so fast, and Courtney thought he was very cute.

Yesterday we tried cantering our first jumps and he was just so cute- he didn't think twice about it. The other day we hacked over a stream and he had no idea what to make of it at first and jumped half way across, coming back and the next time we hacked out he barely noticed the stream was there, so I think he's really going to make a great event horse. Thanks again,


Update: June 7, 2003

Update on Tap (now called Diagon)

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I took Diagon (Tap) to his first show today.

We went to the Ashley Meadows hunter show and he was awesome. He got 2 2nds and a 1st and was reserve champion of the pleasure horse division (it was a really small division but I'm still thrilled he was so good). I'll send you a picture from the show after the roll of film is developed. Next weekend is is first horse trials at Fair Hill and then Radnor the following weekend. I'll let you know how those go. Thanks,


Update: July 14, 2003

Hi, I just wanted to let you know Diagon was awesome at Fair Hill:) He had a nice quiet dressage test, then looked at the first 2 jumps cross country and after that he was pricking his ears looking for the next fence - it was so cute. He finished with a clean stadium and ended in fourth. I'm so happy with him, not only did he go really well, but he was so good getting on and off the trailer, and standing to be tacked up, and hanging out all day. I really think he might make a great event horse. Next weekend he's going to Radnor, I'll let you know how that goes,


Update: July 30, 2003

Hi, I just wanted to let you know Diagon was 6th at Radnor this weekend and was such a good boy. He got a 34 on his dressage. He went to the schooling day there today and jumped all the bably novice fences and the novice bank complex and the training bank, and jumped the novice and training water. He's really growing up and being so good, he walked right off the trailer perfectly relaxed and I got right on and he was perfect, and he was hanging out like a pony when we were done- I just love him! I'm hoping to take him baby novice at either Plantation or Bucks County Starter Trials



Update: August 15, 2003

Hi, here is a picture of Diagon at Radnor (right). I still haven't gotten the pictures of his first show from my friend but I'll send them when I do. He's been so good. I was just away for two weeks and he's so sweet and quiet that my 12 year old cousin rode him while I was gone. He's going baby novice at the plantation field starter trials this weekend, I'll let you know how he does,

Cypto Tap
































Now called Diagon





















Diagon at Radnor

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Quiet Zone, 15.3 hands, 3 yrs.
Bay filly by Quiet American-Mini Zone, by The Minstrel. Foaled in Md.
5 starts, 0 wins.

Katherine from MD is an up and coming event rider who was looking for a baby to bring along. She and her dad Jerry came to see QZ on a cold day in the neighboring indoor- QZ had never been in such a strange place and actually went quite well after she realized it was no big deal, and the horses in the mirror weren't for real. Katherine has evented through Intermediate and has ridden in the USEA Young Riders Developmental program (by invitation only) so QZ will be in excellent hands.

Update: Katherine also sent a nice email:

"Quiet Zone is doing really well! I am very happy with this decision. She gets along well with her brothers, Jubilee and Cayman {in fact, for the first two weeks I never saw her leave Cayman's side in the field.} And they do a great job protecting her from the bullies.

She's been great under saddle as well. I haven't had her in the ring yet, but she has been out hacking several times, and she seems to like that.

Sabrina and I took one trail through fairly dense trees with lots of logs and sticks on the ground in the snow and QZ walked along with her nose about two feet off of the ground to figure out where to put her feet. It was amazing, not to mention adorable!

I meant to take pictures of me and her out in the snow to send back to you guys, but I haven't gotten to that yet. She has already been in one of the creeks {about two feet deep} and was splashing and carrying on. I don't think water jumps will be a problem. She stepped up and down the bank like a pro. With a little alteration in her concentrates, she has already filled out noticeably along her back and quarters.

All in all, she's found a great home and I have the cutest baby girl to play with!





Quiet Zone

First By Far, 4 yr old chestnut filly
by First and Only-Alice Dee, by Duck Dance. Bred in FL
12 starts, 0 wins, $1,275-

First By Far went to a great new home in Lewes DE where she will be an event/dressage horse. Her new stable name is Bella ("beautiful" in Italian.) Heather, her new mom, has her degree in Equine Science and teaches riding. She reports that Bella went well her first few rides in her new digs, but did back out of the feed tub a bit (new home jitters?) Hopefully by now she has settled in. Heather did say how much everyone at her new farm liked her.

Update: Heather emailed and said it took a week, but Bella has settled in and is eating very well now. They are on schedule to start eventing this spring.

We recently heard from Heather and Bella!

Hi Bev,

Bella and I are going to our first event tomorrow (Sun) at Olde Hope Farm. She has been doing great!! We are only doing Elementary since it is her first time, but I expect it to be no problem for her. I just left her at the barn, she is all braided, and bathed and looking gorgeous. I will try to get a picture of her at the show for you.In the meantime, I attached one that was taken a few weeks ago (see 2nd photo at right). I will let you know how she does. Wish us luck!

(Sunday evening Heather wrote this:)

I could not have asked for her to be better. Bella was well behaved, jumped bold and clean, and had I not turned a wrong corner and gone over the wrong jump (oops!!) we would have placed 3rd. I am so amazingly pleased with her.

I am hoping to go to Fair Hill in July and take her pre-novice. I will try to get you a show picture. We also have a dressage show coming up in two weeks, I will let you know how it goes!



First By Far

Bella (First by Far) May 2003

All Faithful, 16.1 h, 5 yrs.
Bay gelding, by Cure the Blues-Big Big Affair by Tall Ships. Foaled in Pennsylvania.
23 starts, 3 wins, 7 seconds, 6 thirds, $90,863-

All Faithful went to a new home in South Jersey. Sally is an experienced event rider and instructor- she came and saw him, loved him, and adopted him on the spot, in spite of the fact he acting a bit playful when I first got on him for her. He trotted right off-- no time to fix my irons-- and then settled after a few minutes. When we first cantered, he didn't buck but really wanted to. Once I got up off his back and let him pretend he was still a big bad racehorse for a couple of circles, he was fine. He will live with Sally and her husband and assorted other horses on their farm in Blue Anchor, NJ, and start his eventing career in the spring.

Update: We got a nice letter from Sally:

"Dear Bev and Ginny,
I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how All Faithful is doing. He has been given the barn name Zack. Zack is doing really well and has settled in. Here is a picture of him the day after the snowfall in early December. He is so friendly to work around and loves to play with his new friends Bud and Woagie. Now that the snow is gone I'm looking forward to putting him in work. I've been telling everyone I know about your organization in hopes that I can generate more adoptions. Thanks again for Zack and we'll keep you posted on our progress.

Happy Holidays!




All Faithful

All Faithful

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