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For nearly 20 years we have been rescuing horses out of the killer pens.
Our horses have gone on to do wonderful things, including:


Jagular, b.g. by Roanoke, 15.3++h, 4 yrs.

Connie had been down to the rescue several times to see horses- most recently when she came down she saw Jagular, really liked him, and didn't mind the cribbing. We tacked him up and he went beautifully. Jag is a lovely, tidy horse - a great mover with a nice natural frame. Connie made arrangements to adopt him, had him vetted this week and picked him up yesterday. She plans to hunt, hack, and maybe show him in the future.


Earl Who, dk. b. g., 16.2 h, 7 yrs., by St Jovite-Dedicated to Earl by Pirate's Bounty.

Earl Who recovered from his abscess and went to his new home. Ben, who adopted Outta Print last year, came by the rescue to see who was available and instantly liked Earl- his size and presence really speaks for itself. Ben and his trainer came back and rode him and felt that the tendon that had bothered him as a runner wouldn't affect their plans so decided to adopt him. They made arrangements to pick him up the following week but Earl came up with that abscess so we put off the pickup until this week. They came back this week and brought him home. Earl will be a foxhunter/trail horse.

Earl Who

Real Shock, liver ch. g., 16.0+ h, 4 yrs, by What A Shock-Imalove by Passing Zone.

Real Shock also got adopted- Heather who had adopted First By Far came up to see our newest guys. She was drawn to Real Shock at first, but also rode several others. She then had a hard time deciding and toyed with the idea of adopting two.

After sleeping on it, she decided to stick with her original choice. She came and rode him one more time and knew he was the one. He left Monday. We know he is in excellent hands!

Update: September 25, 2003

Real Shock is now called Charlie Brown (after all ,who doesn't like Charlie Brown?) Charlie is doing well. We are working on learning how to long line. It makes him a bit nervous. The more I work with him the more I get the feeling that he been beaten up a little bit. He is very suspicious of anything that gets behind him, and he can be a bit jumpy at times. He is still doing wonderful. He has put on some weight and his coat is getting nice and shiny. I am going to try to get some pictures soon, so I can send them to you.

Thanks, Heather

Update: December 3, 2003

I took Charlie to Redden State Park today for a nice long trail and he was wonderful!! I have never met a bomb-proof 4 yr old before, but I swear he is. NOTHING bothered him. We even popped over some logs, which is a first for him, and he thought that was great fun. He ended up being the babysitter for a young horse we had with us.

Real Shock

Golden Child, ch. g., 16.1h, 4 yrs, by Fabulous Frolic-Scent of Irish by Irish Sur

Golden Child got adopted. Kim from Va Beach was looking for an all around young prospect. She originally drove 4.5 hrs to see Digger but after talking to her and riding him, we felt she might like to see Golden Child.

We drove down to the rescue and it was the perfect match. After a vetting and complicated travel arrangements, he went to his new home.

Update: September 23, 2003

GC looks like a different horse already. I shaved him up and he is already looking a lot better. Next week I am going to put him on either Omega or Source for coat and hoof improver and weight gain. He seems really happy now. His legs are doing just fine too (his back legs were swollen after the trailer ride) Once his coat gets better and he gains some weight I have horse shows lined up for him. And I was interviewed and accepted to train at Hunters Way, an A rated stable in Suffolk. I actually got some people at the barn interested in your adoption agency because they are soo impressed with GC's movement.(that's what we call him) I'll keep you updated and send you a picture once we head to a show. Thanks a lot.
Sincerely, Kim and GC

Golden Child

Menowyoulater, dk b. f, 4 yrs, 15.2+h. by American Chance.

MeNowYouLater was adopted by Carlotta in DE- She came to look for a horse for a student, and fell in love with MeNow herself. A few days later she called and decided to adopt her without riding her- Carlotta is a lifelong horsewoman and has brought along countless young horses, and knows what she is looking for. After a stellar vet check, MeNow went to her new home where she will hunt and show.

Update: MeNow won the Green Hunter Under Saddle at her first show, the Cecil Cty SPCA benefit show at Plane Tree!


Sizeable Gratuity, dk. b. filly, 3 yrs, 16.2 h by Roanoke-Tipitina, by Key to Content. Unraced.

Sizeable Gratuity had quite a list of people wanting her. We showed her to Heather, the student of Carlotta's at 8:30, who liked her but without Carlotta's input (she couldn't be there), was not ready to commit (and wisely so.) Rob from NJ came at 10. Shortly afterwards, Carlotta and Heather returned. Rob watched SG go around about half the circle and knew she was what he was looking for. After riding her he was even more convinced.

Heather then got back on and did a super job, but we felt that perhaps the mare would be a better match for Rob. After a consult with all involved parties, we went ahead with that adoption--Rob picked her up a week later. She has settled in well and everyone in NJ compliments Rob on his taste. After a short time on the lunge line in the indoor her first time under tack, Rob hopped on- SG was a trooper- the only glitch was that she wanted to see herself in the mirror!

Rob plans to event/dressage/hunt- you name it- and just have fun. He is very involved with the horse community in Gladstone (Bev's old stomping grounds) so they will be wonderful ambassadors for our rescue.

Update: November 14, 2003

As for the mare (new stable name "Sassy"), she was moved to the main farm last Thursday evening, and I have been taking it nice and slow, treating her like a three year old, and have been longing her and working on voice commands and transitions. Everyone at the barn (including many of the geldings) think she is absolutely beautiful, and an absolute pleasure to work around. Well last evening, after longing her, I decided it was time to throw a leg over her, and took her in the indoor. Outside of initially trying to figure out who the big, pretty bay mare was in the mirror, she went around like an absolute trooper. Laura Brady complimented me on what a good choice I had made and how darned level headed she is. She is truly a special horse.

Sizeable Gratuity

Dreaming Creek, ch f. 15.3h, 4 yrs,. by Phone Trick-Touch of Honor, by Devil's Bag.

Dreaming Creek was adopted by Loretta and Steve in PA! They adopted Luv from us earlier this year and were quite anxious to take DC on. Because they have a lot of experience with TB's, and after a lot of discussion, they took DC home.

Her feet will take some time to come around, and Loretta and Steve are knowledgeable and committed. She shipped home well and is now being nursed along.


Baldaran, 16.0h 4 yr old bay gelding, by Loach-Miraflores, by Never Down Hill.

Baldaran was adopted by Debbie in DE. She was looking for a western pleasure horse for walk/jog trail rides only and came to meet him at our fundraiser.

A week later she brought her western saddle. Although Bev had some trouble with all that leather, Baldaran could have cared less! He looked quite handsome in his new tack, and started to learn about neck reining as well! He went to his new home just a mile away last weekend and so far so good. Debbie is just playing with him for now, and getting to know him.

Update: December 3, 2003

Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Just a quick not to let you know I rode Baldaran again yesterday. He gave me a little trouble with the bridle, but the highlight of the day is when my 8 yr. old daughter Amanda rode him for the first time all around the indoor arena with no problem! He's so great!!!

Talk to ya soon,



A Lil Sweet, Dk bay gelding, 15.2h, 5 yrs, by Candi's Gold-Lillian, by Herat.

Barbara from PA contacted us about our rescue program, and specifically about A Lil Sweet- she had lost her previous horse about a year ago and was finally ready to look for a new forever horse.

Barbara was looking for a horse to bring along, mostly for pleasure riding and hacking. We emailed back and forth and it seemed like a good match and Barb came down to meet him. She loved his personality just meeting him in the field. Her saddle fit him perfectly. After watching him go, she got on, and was surprised that he wasn't more forward. She just walked and trotted a little, since she was recovering from a broken ankle and Sweet was trying to grow his feet out. She then took him for a little hack where he livened up a little bit.

When they came back, Barb was pretty emotional- Ginny and I were worried something had happened, but Barb assured us, no, she was just so happy because he was just what she hoped he would be! She said there were so many similiarities between Sweet and her old horse.

We suggested she go home and think about it all- she called us the next day and said she wanted to adopt him pending a vet check. That went well, except for everyone agreeing Sweet needed time for his feet to get right. (So many of those race track farriers cut the bars right out and leave a lot of toe, while not supporting the heel-- to presumably give a longer stride and cuppier foot-- plus the regular pounding from all that galloping doesn't help either.)

At any rate, Sweet shipped up to his new home and has settled in well so far. He is very quiet and has great ground manners and should love the one on one he will get!


Update: August 27, 2003

Just a quick note. Sweet is doing great. He had his first round of vaccinations yesterday. (The farrier comes next Tuesday.) The girls still get him hot and bothered but the vet that came to do the vaccinations (Dr. Holt) said he had a horse that was on Equipoise and it took a few months to wear off and he also said don't be surprised if he does not grow a winter coat this year. That was good to know. I'll have to get right on getting him sheets and blankets just in case.

Also, there's another new big black TB 17+ hand gelding named Bluff that came a couple of weeks before Sweet. Their stalls are next to each other. Bluff's feet are still sore also and he was lame and was on stall rest but is getting better every day. They are attached at the hip.

When they were turned out in the riding ring 2 nights ago Sweet was eating hay right from Bluff's mouth--it was unbelievable. Then they got to go out with the rest of the boys last night. Sweet took the lead and Bluff followed and they walked all around the fields together--for the most part ignoring the rest of the boys.

They trotted and cantered around together for a little while, at one point they were side by side trotting and then breaking into a canter at exactly the same time--their legs in perfect unison. It was amazing, almost like it was choreographed! And you know what, neither one of them showed any signs of being sore or lame while playing together. They look so odd together because Sweet is so tiny and Bluff is so big. Then they settled and ate grass together--nose to nose. It's almost like they know each other already from somewhere else. Have a good holiday weekend! I'll keep in touch.--Barb

Update: September 25, 2003

Hi Bev! Hope you are doing well. He's doing awesome! I've finally decided on a new name for him. It's Cloud's Sweet Essence. I have pictures I want to send to you. I promise I'll get them to you soon. He is putting on weight at an incredible speed. I took pictures that first weekend when we brought him home and then again two weeks later and the difference is so noticeable it's unbelievable. His cuts are healing up nicely. I'm using a medicated ointment called T-Zone and it does a wonderful job. I've been riding him a little, one or two times a week, mostly just walking.

He's day to day as far as being sore on that right front foot. Some days he's off a little and other days he's fine--but it only shows up when he trots. I'm not worried though since that's the foot they x-rayed--I know that it's nothing other than he just needs time for that hoof to grow and heal. The glue on shoes have stayed on and it's been 3 weeks. We've been working on some groundwork and spend a lot of time grooming and grazing in the yard on the leadline--good bonding things! His coat is getting a little darker but I still don't think he'll get back to his normal color until he sheds out next spring. I'll be curious to see what he looks like then. I can tell he's starting to feel good. He's getting more ornery everyday--but is still levelheaded and behaves well under saddle. He's a wonderful horse and we are a perfect match! I promise to send pictures soon! Thanks for checking in on us.--Barb

Update: October 12, 2003


Just a really quick note to give you an update! Cloud's Sweet Essence is a SUPERSTAR!!!! I'm just going to blow you away with this. I've basically had him now for 7 weeks and have ridden him maybe 4 times in the ring or round pen at the farm. He has not been off the farm or out on any type of trails at all yet.

Well, this past weekend my horse club had an overnight campout at Fair Hill. Now I'm sure you are familiar with Fair Hill, all the bridges over the highways, tunnels under the roads, covered bridges, creeks/streams, etc. Well, I decided to take Essence. I wasn't sure if I would ride him or not but I was taking him for the socialization. Well, he absolute amazed EVERYONE!

At first they were all telling me I was crazy to adopt a 5 y.o. TB that had been on the racetrack (they all changed their tune later!!!!!). So I ventured out on the first ride on Saturday with one of the faster groups with the full expectation to have my hands full and probably not get very far. Well, 3 hours later I was still riding and my jaw was absolutely on the ground. He's so level headed and happy to just walk along. He's wonderful. But at the same time, he likes to go when you ask too but comes back down as soon as you ask.

At one point I let him open up into a full gallop for 4 or five strides--what a feeling that is--and as soon as I asked he came right back down. He didn't mind cantering with the group of 15 or so horses. He didn't mind if someone cantered past me while we were walking along. He was fine in the front or the back. I had to stay back with someone at one point while they fixed their saddle and get close enough to hold her stirrup on the opposite side so she could get on without the saddle slipping and he was fine with that too.

He crossed the bridges over the highways and the covered bridges and went through the tunnels with no questions asked. We learned to walk over logs in the trail and then jumped over 1 or 2 too. He was hesitant at the first creek crossing we came to but we got him in and he was pawing and splashing everyone (what a show off, the more everyone laughed the more he splashed!!) and was fine with the water after that.

I just can't say enough about how wonderful he was. We went out on Sunday too with the same mind boggling awesome results. Everyone was absolutely taken by him and his attitude. Everyone kept telling me how lucky I was to have gotten such a great horse. He was just so well behaved. It was unbelievable--in my wildest dreams I could never have imagined he would be THAT GOOD! I just cannot thank you enough for bringing him to me--I owe you so much. There are some pictures from our weekend attached that were sent to me. I hope you can open them. They tell some of the story. I'll keep in touch.--Barb Hershey

Update: November 14, 2003

He's doing wonderfully and is filling out at an incredible rate. He's still the absolute leader in the pasture. His feet are doing great. He is growing a tiny bit of a winter coat and I'm glad about that. He loves to be muddy and dirty as much as possible--but then again maybe he does it on purpose so that I have to groom him more!! The dentist came this week for his semi-annual Fall visit and Essence behaved himself very well. He needed a lot of work on his teeth and still needs some more to get him where the dentist will be happy with him. He'll work on him again when he comes in the Spring.

Update: January 21, 2004

Essence is doing great. He's leading a very leisurely winter! He has gained hundreds of pounds. He's over the 1100 lb. mark now. HE LOVES TO EAT!!! He has also grown an inch since I measured him when he came home in August. He's maturing and filling out everywhere--even his frame appears more stocky. He did get a good winter coat, although he hates the cold and prefers to have his blankets on at all times. I have quite the assortment to keep him happy since he fit in all of my pony's blankets, although he is starting to stick out of some of them because he's changing and filling out so much. His feet are doing great, although he does have a tendency to pull his front shoes off. My wonderful farrier is working on that one--it's like a challenge for him now and he's not giving in. I was trying to keep his back feet unshod until Spring but I had to give in and get back shoes on him because the hard frozen ground made him ouchy. I can hardly wait to see what emerges when he sheds out in the Spring. I've been getting out to visit him a few times a week with my daughter Kaitlin to give him treats and check on him and usually get out by myself once a week to ride. I got to ride four or five times during the holidays and he was an absolute star, although he gets so bored in the ring and I think he feels it's his job to get my leg muscles stronger--boy do I have to use a lot of leg on him in the ring. It's a different story when we hit the trails though. A couple of weekends ago when the weather was absolutely gorgeous (before this cold spell set in) a bunch of us loaded up in the trailers and went to Valley Forge for the afternoon. We had a great time and rode for hours. He was so well behaved. I just can't believe how quiet and level headed he is--dogs, bikes, rollerbladers, cars, trucks, tractors, bridges--none of it bothered him. If I didn't know his history, I would never believe he was ever on the racetrack! At one point toward the end of the ride I left the rest of the horses to walk back a shorter way because he had lost his shoe and had an EasyBoot on. He didn't even care. He quietly and happily left the other horses and walked along until we got back to the trailer, no problem. He really is a very special horse and a perfect match for me! We just fit together so well.

I'll keep in touch and send pictures in the Spring so you can see what he looks like when he sheds out. Stay warm!!!--Barb Hershey

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A lil sweet





























Cloud's Sweet Essence at Fair Hill

Cloud's Sweet Essence at Fair Hill

Cloud's Sweet Essence at Fair Hill

Cloud's Sweet Essence at Fair Hill

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Wind Digger, gelding, 16.1+, 6 yrs.

Susan from MD called us about Buddy at first, but he was adopted. She looked back at our site and, being partial to chestnuts with white, emailed about Digger. I told her all about him and she couldn't wait to come see him. Sue was looking for an event prospect and had a lot of experience with green horses. Since Digger could try on new riders when it suited him, we screened potential adoptors pretty closely.

When Sue came up with a friend to meet him, Digger decided it would be the perfect day to try something new- kicking out and squealing every time we circled around towards the gate. Not mean, mind you, but excessively playful- about the only thing you could do was stick it out. After about 15 minutes, Bev decided that perhaps he needed to try the lunge line, figuring that Digger probably blew his chance. At that point, though, he settled and went fairly well.

Sue really liked him and could see he was just playing and couldn't wait to try him! He tried Sue on a bit, but she rode him through it beautifully. When we were done, we decided that Susan should come back and try him again before making a decision. She and her sister and another friend came up about a week later- Digger must have decided this was a good thing after all and went very well. He even jumped some cross rails and then little verticals for the first time and figured it out quite quickly. The decision was unaninimous, and a vetting was arranged for when Sue came back from vacation.

Two weeks later, Digger had a very thorough vetting (including an under saddle- and he was a perfect gent!)- when he was done the vet liked him tremendously as well! He went home the very next day. We are so happy for both Susan and Digger!

We heard from Sue a day later:
Wind Digger has settled in extremely well. I turned him out with the rest of the horses today. It was pretty uneventfull. They all ran around for about 5 minutes and then decided that eating was much more exciting. He seems to get along with everyone so far. He kind of stays to the outside of all the goings on.

I think that he is making friends with the pony. He is coming in to eat so that he gets to eat all of his food. When I go out into the field to pet him he follows me around. I am going to give him about a week to settle in and then will ride him. That should be very exciting!!

I got carried away on the internet yesterday. There is a website called I was able to get a 5 generation pedigree on him. It was somewhat impressive. Mr Prospector, Native Dancer, and Northern Dancer are all in his line. I also got a copy of all the races that he ever ran. It was a lot. He won a grand total of $46,021. It was really neat to read.

He is such an awesome horse. I look at him in my field and can't believe he is MINE. Anyway I'll keep you posted. I hope to be able to go on a field trip to New Holland with you. Can't wait to hear more about your rescues.


Update: August 28, 2003

Wind Digger is doing awesome. I have decided to call him Zack at home. He is such a joy to work around. We are working on not pulling as much when being led and putting weight on him.

I got on him for the first time since he came home last night. I thought that I would give him plenty of time to settle in and get used to his new home. My sister was over to watch from the ground. He was such a blast. He wasn't quite as excited as the first time I saw him, but it was close. He was actually a very good boy. He decided that everytime we circled towards the gate he wanted to buck and squeal and go that way. So we patiently started at the walk doing circles and he figured out what was being asked of him. He even stopped popping his outside shoulder out. Then we moved on to troting circles and started all over again. As soon as he realized what was being asked he settled right down. He is such a smart boy. My sister and I have decided that if he jumps half as well as he bucks I'll be set. He is so great. I can't wait to see what he turns into. I hope that all is going well at the rescue. Hope to send some pictures eventually.----Sue

Update: September 11, 2003

Wind Digger is doing great! I started feeding him beet pulp, in addition to his grain, to put weight on him without giving him grain overload. His rainrot reappeared after all the rain we had, but was quickly put under control with medicated baths. Unfortunately with all the rain I haven't gotten in as much riding as I wanted. We have a grass ring and it got slick and deep. We continue to work on trot and walk with a little bit of cantering.

He is becoming more balanced (not that he wasn't balanced before). He learns things so fast. He also doesn't continue with a bad behavior for long. I have found that with quiet insistence, he happily does what he is supposed to and usually doesn't try to do it in another ride. I have really wanted to jump again, but have restrained myself. I want the ground work to become more consistent first. We have gone over cavaletti though. He could care less.

He continues to be very inquisitive and nothing seems to bother him. He is so nonconfrontational that he gets along with all the horses in the field. He is always the first to come up to me when I go out. The only treats he will eat are carrots. I bought peppermint treats and he is the only one who won't eat them. I even tried apple waffers. He chews them up and spits them out, usually on me.

Hope all is well at the rescue.

Update October 5, 2003:

"Zack" is doing wonderfully. He lives inside now and is always the first to want to come in. He is putting on weight very, very, very, slowly. I bought him a heavy blanket for the winter. I figure he needs to conserve as many calories as possible. We did find out that Zack is prone to choke. He resolved each time on his own. The vet scoped him and said he has a couple of strictures in his esophagus. The vet thinks that he has probably gotten it before, but since he resolves himself it was never noticed. So he no longer gets beet pulp and I am searching for new ways to add weight. He has got to be the slowest eater I have ever seen.

He continues to be an attention hog. Everyone loves him. Everyone's reaction is he is a very nice horse and when he fills out he will be huge. The dentist came to do his teeth on Tuesday and he was really good. The dentist said that it had probably been about a year since they were last done. I could really feel the difference in his mouth when I rode him after.

Last week we had a very interesting incident. I rode him the day before in the ring with my sister on my other horse. The next day I rode him, he decide that he couldn't be by himself and started up and down bucking--that was very exciting. He was like an irate little kid. It was almost funny (after it was done) especially the squealing. He is now over that. Today I took him for a trail ride. We rode through the hay fields (which we weren't supposed to, but won't mention). Three deer must have been bedded down and we almost walked on them before they took off running. I jumped about 2ft and Zack didn't even move, and then he looked around at me like "what are you doing?" It was very comical. We've tried jumping again and it is no big deal. He calmly goes up to the fence, figures out what to do with his feet and over we go. Zack has also decided that rolling in the mudiest part of the field is great sport. He is so awesome. We are planning another field trip to the farm my sister boards at. I imagine he will be just as good as last time.

I hope all is going well at the rescue. I have been cutting out all our proof of purchases for our feed and will be mailing them to you shortly.


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Wind Digger


Wind Digger June 2005

Wind Digger June 2005

Wind Digger June 2005











Wind Digger Nov 04

Sherman's Prospect, b.g, 16.0++, 6 yrs.

Sherman's Prospect (we call him Nemo around the barn), has shown improvement in his feet but not his soundness. We had him vet checked and xrays revealed a really rough left ankle. We consulted some well respected vets to decide on a course of action.

Unfortunately, he probably only has a 50/50 chance of ever being sound, in the best case scenario. The chips are not so much the problem as the ragged cartilage and onset of arthritis. This is due to the joint being injected with cortisone, etc, during his racing career in order to keep him running (Arggh!).

It is the opinion of the surgeon that surgery will not significantly increase his chances of being sound. He recommended trying a medical route- hyaluronic acid in the joint, and starting on a weekly regimen of HyKote and ChondroProtec. It may take 6-8 months or more before we know if this will even help.

Because of the significant time and expense associated with this plan, and the iffy outcome, Ginny has decided to adopt him herself and assume the cost of the treatment as well as the risk. She has been nursing him all along and just loves his comical personality. This will give us room for another rescue.

We will keep our fingers and toes crossed that he will come around- in fact, we were talking about taking him to see the movie Seabiscuit, to inspire him!
Sherman's Prospect (Nemo)

Scotch, ch g. 15.3h, 4 yrs.

Scotch is doing well at his new home. He is a bit off his feed and has an appointment with the dentist this week. He went for a hack and was very good except didn't want to cross a stream--Nancy said he just planted his feet and ignored his trail buddy's lead. They will work on this, and apparently the main pasture has a stream so once he is turned out with the whole gang at his new home he will have to cross it or be left alone.......

Updated July 30, 2003:

Just wanted to let you know Scotch is doing wonderfully. He had his teeth floated and is eating his food and treats readily. He even looks for them now. The horse dentist says he still has 4 baby molars to lose. He has been turned out with the other horses and it was actually very uneventful,thankfully. We have not only been across the small stream, but took him across a pretty wide creek which he really didn't make a fuss over (Kristina was even riding him at the time). He has even played kickball with a huge ball left in the yard. I would ride him up to it and he would kick it! AND we even got the correct lead to the left, although it feels a bit clumsy because he is not used to being on it. Now we just need him to grow a little both up and out!

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Cyber Craze, bay g., 16.0++, 4 yrs.

Renee from Delaware had been looking for a horse of her own after being away from horses for more than ten years. She wanted something to hack, paper chase, and show locally. She came to see our horses with two friends who are local trainers. They all fell for Cyber Craze, and it was decided that if Renee didn't want him, the other ladies did! He went well for everyone, and Renee's young daughter Alexis even got to ride him around the paddock to cool him off. After a vet exam a few days later, he shipped to his new home in the Pike Creek (DE) area. Congratulations!

Update July 23, 2003:

Cyber Craze is now called Storm Chaser, in reference to his famous grandsire Storm Cat. Renee is anxiously waiting to take him hacking but his feet have been stinging him a bit since she got him reshod- (the last time he raced, he tore off his shoe and half of his right front foot, so we had been nursing that along.) The vet and the farrier tell her to be patient, he is such a nice horse and all will be fine with a little time. She has been riding him lightly in the ring and he has been a very good boy.

Update October 5, 2003:

Chase is doing very well. I am going to be taking some pics this weekend to send to you. I bet you would not even recognize him, he has put on at least 150-200 lbs. I can not get over how quickly he picks up on things. I did move him over to Flint Hill Stable in Landenberg so I can ride out on Fair Hill. He is wonderful cross country - deer, cars, motorcycles, nothing seems to bother him. I am going to take our first lesson w/ Laura Baker on the 12th of this month. I would like to try and bring him down to the Plane Tree show on the 18th just to let him see the sights. Take care and I'll be sending those photos soon!!


Update: December 3, 2003:

Did I tell you I took him to a pace event last Sunday? We went to Chester Springs and rode over Pickering hunt country. We did 6 1/2 miles in about 2 hrs and 20 min. We took our time knowing Chase was just getting back into work after his injury and I just wanted a nice experience for him. He was such a good boy. He did not care whether he was in front, middle or the back, even when a few others decided to get quick now and then. He is just so pleasent to ride out!

Cyper Craze

Now called Storm Chaser or Chase

Now called Storm Chaser or Chase

Tank's Girl, filly, 4 yrs.

Tank's Girl is Calley Jay's sister who never made it up on our website. Amanda, from out in western PA contacted us about her before we got her posted. This 4 yr old filly was going to need an experienced, dedicated, knowledgeable rider as she had been pretty much neglected except for shots, feet, and worming, until last fall when she was broken at a training center.

Amanda was looking for a project, and was the perfect home! She and her support crew drove 8 hrs to meet and pick up Tank's Girl. Now called Mocha Magic, she has learned to trust Amanda. Amanda will start her from the beginning, lunging and ground driving, to bring her along the right way. Good job!!
Mocha Magic

Ball n' the Jack, by Olympio - Weejiner by Ack Ack (Barn Name: Buddy), gelding, 16 h, 5 yrs.

Ball n the Jack (Buddy) was adopted by Tracey and her daughter Rebekah. Rebekah was coming off a challenging QH, and didnt mind green, but wanted quiet and honest. They came to see Buddy, and Rebekah fell in love with him.

About a week later they returned for a second ride, and Tracey got on as well. All went well, he passed the vet a few days later, and went to his new home. Tracey called to say he shipped home well and loved his bath upon arrival. We are glad Buddy has a teenage girl to call his own!!

Update: We have gotten regular emails from Rebekah, Ball 'n the Jack's new owner. She reports that they have just done a week long dressage camp, and all went very well. They got to know each other better, and worked on the basics, inlcuding a lot at the canter. He even won the prize for best appearance, a tribute to Rebekah and her mom Tracy- he had a major case of rain rot when he left the rescue!

Update - August 11, 2003:

Dear Bev,
This is Rebekah and Buddy at their first show together (photos at left). They got reserve champion. Buddy was great for all of his classes. We also have done another week of camp and he did great there too. Thanks so much for matching us with him. Love Rebekah, Tracey, and Buddy

Update - November 14, 2003:

Hi Bev,
I just wanted to update you on Buddy and Rebekah. Things are going great! They just had a horse show last Saturday. She rode him in some equitation classes. Rebekah took him in a canter class for the first time. He finally figured out that left lead. He was very well behaved and Rebekah won the class! We also have been trail riding and he loves it. He walks through water and doesn't spook, he just looks at things. He does like to be the leader though. Rebekah doesn't get to ride very much right now, but Buddy doesn't seem to mind. I think he just likes hanging out. Thanks again for all your help. Tracey

Update - December 3, 2003:

I just wanted to update you on Buddy and Rebekah. Things are going great! They just had a horse show last Saturday. She rode him in some equitation classes. Rebekah took him in a canter class for the first time. He finally figured out that left lead. He was very well behaved and Rebekah won the class! We also have been trail riding and he loves it. He walks through water and doesn't spook, he just looks at things. He does like to be the leader though. Rebekah doesn't get to ride very much right now, but Buddy doesn't seem to mind. I think he just likes hanging out. Thanks again for all your help. Tracey

Update - December 22, 2003:

Here is a picture of Buddy at a recent show. He and Rebekah finally got that pesky left lead down and won their first ever WTC class!

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Ball n' the Jack


Buddy at a recent show

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