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For nearly 20 years we have been rescuing horses out of the killer pens.
Our horses have gone on to do wonderful things, including:


Maggie High, b.f., 2002, 15.3h and growing.

Maggie High is adopted! Anna from NC called looking for a young TB, preferably a mare, that she could bring along for foxhunting later this year. Maggie caught her eye, and she arranged make the 10 hour drive with a friend to see her. A collision with a big piece of lumber that fell off a truck along the way kept them from arriving until late Fri night so we met early Saturday AM. The pair clicked instantly and that was that. We were very happy, Anna went through a lot to come see her. Maggie is leaving for her new home in NC this week. Congratulations!

Update December 2007:

Little Maggie popped a splint late fall that wouldn't cool off, so the vet injected it.  Mags now has 3 weeks remaining in her rest period, then we can start back to work.  The splint responded well.  Otherwise, she is doing great- fat, and a winter coat like a plush bunny-all soft and glossy.  I think we will wait and see if we get some rain to soften the ground before Maggie starts doing much.                                                                                                                                         

Tell everyone hello from Polk County, and safe holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year-take care, Anna

Senor Magico, bay g., 15.3h, 7 yrs.

Stone Denial, Hafta Conquer, and Senor Magico were adopted. Michael, his wife Lori, and their longtime employee Beth have a 22 acre farm near Pottstown PA and wanted to help some horses in need. They offered to adopt all three! Stoney will be a meadow muffin, HC will do light pleasure riding, as will Senor. We truly appreciate the kindness that these wonderful people showed when they offered to adopt these horses- they not only helped them, but freed up some room here at the farm, allowing us to go rescue more slaughterbound horses. Thank you!!

Senor Magico

Hafta Conquer was adopted!

Stone Denial, Hafta Conquer, and Senor Magico were adopted. Michael, his wife Lori, and their longtime employee Beth have a 22 acre farm near Pottstown PA and wanted to help some horses in need. They offered to adopt all three! Stoney will be a meadow muffin, HC will do light pleasure riding, as will Senor. We truly appreciate the kindness that these wonderful people showed when they offered to adopt these horses- they not only helped them, but freed up some room here at the farm, allowing us to go rescue more slaughterbound horses. Thank you!!

Stone Denial, b.g., 16.1+, 2002.

Stone Denial, Hafta Conquer, and Senor Magico were adopted. Michael, his wife Lori, and their longtime employee Beth have a 22 acre farm near Pottstown PA and wanted to help some horses in need. They offered to adopt all three! Stoney will be a meadow muffin, HC will do light pleasure riding, as will Senor. We truly appreciate the kindness that these wonderful people showed when they offered to adopt these horses- they not only helped them, but freed up some room here at the farm, allowing us to go rescue more slaughterbound horses. Thank you!!

Where's Fred, bay g., 16.0h and growing, 2002

Shaina was looking for a young horse to bring along to show eventually. She looked at a couple of our horses but really clicked with Fred. After a vet check (and a promise to keep a strict eye on his much improved ground manners), he left for his new home.

We feel it is a great match and Fred will blossom under her care. We can't wait to see him when he sheds out! Thank you!

Update May 2006:

Goodmorning Midatlantic Horserescue Members,

Just an update on Where's Fred. He is doing very good. He's turned out to be an excellent horse. He doesn't look like the same horse. He can actually going around more then 5 seconds without trying to canter. We've started ground poles and he's doing absolutely amazing. He got the right lead off of the ground pole yesterday. I was so happy. ( Since the right lead isn't the one he ever had) He's shedded out beautifully. He is such a pretty color. He just absolutely glows. I didn't even put anything on his coat it's weird. But it's great. He's as cute as ever. We put him over 2 crossrails to try for the lead since he didn't seem to be able to get it over a pole but he got it lastnight. And my mom said he jumps beautifully and he is very excited coming up to a jump but he doesn't get so excited that he speeds up at all it's just another smooth stride when he jumps. I rode him one day when the tractor's were running outside the indoor and they were banging and clanging and he didn't even care. He gets a little upset when another horse leaves the ring. If there's a horse in there when we go in and they leave he gets a little upset but I just ride him through it and put his mind to work( circles, serpentines, ground poles, figures, etc.) But he's doing very well. But just an update, I took pictures with a disposable camera last week outside but I have to finish the camera off and then we'll have them developed and put them on a cd and we'll send them to you so you can see what he looks like. He's funny about the grain he eats he eats half sweet feed and then half peleted and he picks the sweet feed out first then eats the rest, he's on smartpaks too for the summer.

PS- how's Casey doing?! I bet he's well. ( Fred doesn't get as many treats as he did, he only gets one per ride and i rotate in the hand and in his bucket.)

Thank You,
Keep In Touch. Seems like you're incredibly busy down there.!

Update July 2006:

Hi Bev,
I just wanted to send you a quick update on Fred. He is doing wonderfully. He is turning into such a great horse, (even better than expected!), and has come a long way since arriving April 1. I have some pictures that I want to share with you. And if you'd like to post them, please feel free. These were all taken between May 1 - and last weekend. What a change since he was all hairy huh? There was a very handsome guy under all that hair.

Shaina Miller & Where's Fred?

Update June 2007:

Hello Bev,
I wanted to drop you a few new pictures of the beast and myself. These were taken almost two weeks, ago and they really do not do him justice. He has turned out to be such a wonderful horse. We are taking him to a horse show on June 16th, and I'm going to ride him w/t/c pleasure and eq, showmanship, and the trail class. He's such a champ! I have a new video of his canter as well. It's not as good as it should be and the video shows him kind of leaning.


Where's Fred




Bless the Tide, bay g., close to 16h and still growing- (should finish at least 16.1), 2002.

Kathy, an experienced rider from New Hampshire called- we had been corresponding for a long time- she saw Tide and fell in love. She came to see him on short notice and adopted him then and there.

He left for his new home where he will do whatever sport they decide- event/show/hunter pace- who knows? Congratulations!

Update April 2006:

I just wanted to let you know that Tide is doing terrific! He has got to be one of the kindest, laid back TB's I have ever seen! He gets along wonderfully with my other horses and is a pleasure to have! Thanks so much again! 


Update June 2006:

Tide is doing great! Going in a rubber snaffle, quite the personality but still a gentleman.  Not one problem between him and my other horses, dogs, anything.  He gets more relaxed and more beautiful by the day.  I will send you some new pics as soon as I take them (if it ever stops raining!) 


Crimsonite, ch. g., 16.3h, 2001

The Allen Family has a beautiful farm in central PA, not far from MD. The adults are experienced riders and the grandchildren are taking lessons so they needed a sensible horse who would be careful around kids and enjoy life as a pleasure horse.

They came to see Crimsonite and adopted him on the spot. Thank you and congratulations!

Raneem, dk. b. g., 1998, 16.1h+

Raneem was adopted! Brenda from NJ saw his picture on our site and fell in love with him- who could resist those eyes? She has an older TB mare who is arthritic and not able to work anymore. Brenda just wanted a pleasure horse and a good friend, and is experienced in dealing with arthritis so she was the perfect match. She came and rode him and couldnt wait to take him home.

We are thrilled that he will once again be treated like a king, as he once was when he belonged to the Sheikh of Dubai- a long way from the craziness of inner city Philadelphia and the scariness of New Holland. Thank you!!!!

Short Odds, 16.2h bay TB g., 1996
Short Odds

Royalty Prospector, 2002, 16.0h and growing.

Royalty Prospector was adopted! Several weeks ago there was a tragic fire in a small auxiliary barn at Red Bridge Farm in PA- 6 horses and ponies were lost. Stacey had leased one of those horses, and loved him like he was hers- the loss was really tough for her.

Anna who adopted Eli is a boarder there- (fortunately Eli was in a different barn.) Anna told Stacey about "Allen"- and actually Stacey had already picked him out on our site. Stacey, her mom Nancy, and her trainer Maya came down and tried him. He was his usual star self and after a brief discussion decided to adopt him. He went home as soon as he was done with quarantine.

The timing was bittersweet because it was the same day a memorial service was planned for the horses that died- but it actually reminded everyone at the barn to now look to the future, and all the wonderful opportunities it will bring.

Update July 2007:

Hi Bev!
This Stacie who adopted Royalty Prospector about a year ago!
I havn't sent you an update in such a long time, so I thought I would let you know how Allen is doing!

Allen has just been such an amazing horse! He has continued with his eventing career and has such a bright future ahead of him! He is now competing in beginner novice and will move up to novice very soon. He has finally figured out cross-country and is truly enjoying himself. Allen is now on field board with several other horses and has gained weight and is looking better and better! The link below has pictures from his last show this past weekend at our first recognized event of the Maryland Horse Trials I at Loch Moy farm. He got a 34.0 on dressage and placed 6th overall! Thank you so much for such a wonderful horse, he has taught me so much this year!

Allen at Maryland Horse Trials I

Maria Canela, ch. f., 2003, 16h & growing.

Maria was adopted- Suzanne from PA had been in touch for several months, looking for a young horse to bring along, to eventually hunt and maybe even point to point in some Old Fashioned stuff with Gennessee Valley Hounds.

When she saw Maria on our site, she called right away and came down. They were a perfect match! On the day she was done with quarantine, she left for her new home. Congratulations!

Update September 2006:

Dear Bev and Ginny,

Maria is one of the smartest horses I've run into in a long time, in fact she's as smart as the goats which puts me about 5th on the ladder of intelligent life around here. Fortunately she's a very kind animal so it's not so bad down here with the chickens and grass eating carp.

Since she's a young three year old I promised her she could have off until fall. During this time she's loosened up, grown a bit and learned not to take life quite so seriously. Now I'm looking forward to taking her to Western NY where I'll start riding her with other horses (and people) and begin introducing her to the world she's never seen. I hope that I arrange things with enough care so all goes perfectly; she's the kind of horse who will move forward quickly if she understands the parameters of her new game. I can hardly wait.

Thanks so much for all you do for tbs.

Very best,

My Gal Arissa, bay mare, 15.3h+, 1998.

Arissa was adopted by Kevin of PA for his daughter coming off a pony. She has been so settled since coming back here to the farm and Kevin has a lot of experience with OTTBs and bought his own horse from New Holland directly last year.  So far, all is going well- we hope we have finally found her the right home. Her previous home was a great home, but the personality match just wasnt there. Thank you and congratulations!

My Gal Arissa

Westofdixie, bay g., 16.1h, 1998.

Dixie is adopted! George and Janet from PA had contacted us last fall about a horse that would be suitable- they have a beautiful 60 acre farm in the Reading area. Janet rode years ago but riding is a fairly new sport for George- he is taking lessons and wanted his own horse, one he could keep at home, ride around the farm, and continue to learn on. Over the past few months, horses that they were interested in seemed to find homes before George and Janet could make the trip down. They called about Dixie and everything fell into place. In spite of a miserable rainy day, Dixie was his usual good guy self and tried very hard to stay steady under George who is used to riding a kind of rough gaited QH. He went to his new home Saturday- Thank you!


KJ's Rose, ch. m, 16.1h, 1998

Rose is adopted!! Eliza called looking for a younger mare to take over from her old retired mount. The day Eliza came, for some reason Rose acted quite silly when Bev first got on her--for as long as she had been here, she had NEVER been anything but angelic- go figure! Eliza was not at all perturbed- she works with young TB's. When she got on, Rose tried another trick or two but then settled and went well. After a vet check- actually two, the first week found her with a cut and swollen knee so we could only do 3/4 legs and had to finish the last leg the following week- Rose will now start a new career as a local event/show horse. Congratulations!

KJ's Rose

Fightin Fox, ch. g., 16h, 2001.

Fightin Fox was adopted! Cassidy from MD has an older TB jumper who was ready for a quieter life. She boards at the same barn with Cugino (Ferdinand) and Megan- she really likes Cugino and Megan suggested she look for a new young horse at our rescue. Cassidy went on our site and immediately liked Fox. She came to try him (on her birthday it so happened!) and was not disappointed! She gave us a deposit on the spot and picked him up less than a week later. We look forward to following Fox and Cassidy in the coming months, we are sure they will be a great team- Thank you!

Update February 2006:

Fox is wonderful!!! Very intelligent, he picks up on things so fast.  The
progress we've made in a week is amazing.  He's a real sweetheart and has settled in at his new home wonderfully.  I absolutely love him, and he will be perfect for everything I wanted him for.  I feel he has the patience and steadiness to be a great lesson horse and the ability to turn around and compete at a higher level for me.  I really see us going far.  I feel priviledged to own such a great horse.  Megan and I are going to ride together this weekend and get some pictures of our guys to send to you.

Thanks for everything!!!


Update June 2006:

Hi Bev,

I just wanted to send you a recent picture of Fox. He's doing great!!! He definitely wasn't a race horse...he could just stand there all day and have his head scratched...he really is the most laid back thoroughbred I've ever met.


Suddenly Annie, Dk. B. m., 15.3+, 2001

Adopted through Angel Acres.

Suddenly Annie

Casey's Smile, ch. g., 16.3h+, 2002.

Casey is adopted! Shaina and her mom Karen called about Casey, looking for a horse that could show and do some dressage. They fell in love with Casey's picture and came to see him. Although they were planning to look at other horses we had, just to be sure, after riding Casey they decided they didnt have to look any further. He went to his new home and we have already heard from Shaina!

Hi Bev,

It all started when my mom I were looking for a horse. We had come across Casey's Smile on Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue's Website and I emailed about him. A few days later we went and had a look at him. We loved him. So we made arrangements to buy him and have him shipped home. We love him!

I just wanted to say that Casey will have a great home. And will be properly cared for and loved on. We plan to work with him over the next few months and teach him just some simple things. Like flying lead changes. And nothing big. Not yet anyway. I want to teach him to jump at least 3 feet. And we are also going to teach him some dressage movements. Hopefully he can make up through 2nd level. I think he can do at least 2nd level if not maybe a little bit of 3rd level movements. He may do some light trail riding on some days. But most likely ring work. And will probably get ridden at least 3-5 times a week with a few days off each week. I will send pictures of him after we get him going great and looking nice. But Thank You so much for inviting us to come and see Casey. Without your website we would have never found Casey..!

Thanks so much,
Shaina and Karen... the proud new owners of Casey...

Update May 2006:

Unfortunately, Casey wasn't staying sound with the work that Shaina was doing in the indoor- his tendon was bothering him a bit, so he came back to us. Shaina rode Fred and adopted him instead (and that is working out well!) Several days later, a very nice local couple, Pat and Ken, called. They had just lost their treasured TB after a long drawn out and somewhat bizarre medical situation, and were devastated by their loss. They needed a big horse because Ken is very tall, and a good temperament, because they keep their horses at home on their lovely farm. They only trail ride occasionally and spoil them daily, so Casey was the perfect fit. They came down, fell in love, and took him home an hour later. Their other horse is happy to have a friend again, and  Pat and Ken are thrilled-- looks like it was all meant to be!

Update September 2006:

What a wonderful, gentle and perfect playmate and friend Casey has turned out to be... he is doing so well, has grown about 1 1/2 inches and has filled in beautifully! I'm including a picture of my 10 year old grandaughter Jackie riding Casey for the first time last weekend! He was so good with her! I would love to see her and Casey show together in the future! I'm also including a picture or two of Casey and Billy playing with a jolly ball... we have such happy horses now! Thank you so much for helping repair the broken hearts of our Eaby family pets and persons! Love and best wishes to you all... Pat










Wulpe, dk. b. colt, 2001.

Once a well-thought-of race horse, Wulpe was claimed at Gulfstream Park for $32,000- in March and then shipped to Suffolk Downs. Wulpe raced just three times in allowance company there- a third, a second, and a win- but was then hurt in that final race and then was "given to a good home." Wulpe subsequently passed through a few more hands and then brought to the New Holland where Beltex bought him.

Luckily we were there, and we bought him and brought him home. We contacted one of his early owners, a kind man who is extremely supportive of Thoroughbred Charities and the anti slaughter movement. He promptly arranged to adopt Wulpe and place him with his alma mater, Murray State University in KY where he will be a part of the riding program there. Thank you for giving this story an incredibly happy ending!!!

Let's Smoke 'Em, bay filly, 2001, 15.3h.

Let's Smoke 'Em was adopted. Chuck from PA was looking for a mare to breed.  Smokey had gotten badly injured in an August fence accident and it was touch and go there for awhile--- but she made it. It will take some time for her leg to completely heal so this is a good compromise.

She will get the time she needs and Chuck will have a nicely bred mare for his new PA stallion. Thank you for taking her on and giving her a good home!

Let's Smoke 'Em

Eli, ch. g., 15.3h, 2000.

Eli was adopted! Carol contacted us several weeks ago looking for a new horse for her teenage daughter Anna who was coming off a pony---but they had to place the pony first.  As soon as Eli came in we thought of Anna- as things turned out they had just found a home for the pony days before. They came down to see Eli and it was love at first sight. He went very well for Anna and they adopted him on the spot. He heads to his new home this week where they will work through the winter and start eventing in the spring. Congratulations!

Update December 2005:

We absolutely adore Eli!! The whole barn loves him and he seems to delight in all of the attention. He is really starting to settle in, and he got a full workout Sat, Sunday and today. For awhile, we are having Mya give Anna two lessons per week on him to get him started and back in condition. Anna will ride him 1-2 additional days, and Mya will work him out 1-2 days and of course he will get a well deserved day or two per week of rest! It seems that if he is fully exercised, he is starting to handle only being out for part of the day.

He loves all of his food, although he is not sure what to make of the apples Anna offers him, so we have gone back to carrots. He is such a happy boy and seems eager to please. Anna says he is a good listener. Mya had Anna cantering over poles today and doing three low jumps in a row and he looked wonderful! Mya thinks he is so athletic. They will be training him in dressage soon, and she said he will definitely be able to try out some shows this spring! We can't thank you enough for thinking of Anna for Eli. They are going to be so good together! Please tell his former owner that he is getting lots of love-plenty of hugs and kisses which he seems to enjoy every day!


Rate Increase, dk. b. m., 16.1 and growing, 2001.

Rate Increase was adopted! Casey and her parents came down from NJ and fell in love with this sweet mare. Although Rate Increase is very kind, we were concerned that the mare was a bit too green for Casey, her parents and trainer promised to put the time and training into her before Casey starts riding her regularly. She passed the vet check with flying colors and is going to her new home on Sunday.

Update Jan. 2006:

Hi Bev!
Starlight (formerly Rate Increase) is doing very well. She had her first training lesson and it was plain to see she was confused. She seemed to be saying, "But I want to run!" Anyway, her trainer, Carole, feels that she'll do well in the Spring with regular training. In the meantime Casey and I just adore her. We can't imagine life without Starlight.
Rate Increase

Cugino, bay g., 16.2h, 2001

Cugino was adopted! Megan from the eastern shore of MD was looking for a project to bring along. She called about Cugino and we talked about his on again off again lack of a gas pedal under saddle. Megan came to try him (read: walk a bit, stall a lot, walk a bit more, stall again) and really liked him. She could see that he wasn't mean or nasty, but just knew he really didnt have to go when he was asked. She has given his retraining a lot of thought and has some great ideas to try. She has the experience, confidence, and willingness to work through it, as well as the support crew, so she has adopted him and taken him. Thanks! We hope to be reading about the wonderful things you two will be doing once you get on the same page!

Update January 2006:

Cugino (Ferdinand)  is so awesome; he goes in a nice light frame, and is jumping little 2' jumps. It's amazing that people actually love Ferdinand when they see him- We are actually going to do a dressage show next month! He seems to definitely be ready-- we're planning on doing training level. His flat work is amazing. When I pop him over fences, he gets a little full of it sometimes, but he definitely never wants to stop or be dishonest. I may take a few lessons with him this spring from a nearby trainer who does the big jumpers-- I think Ferdy has some potential o/f. Regardless, he is a ton of fun, and has really become an amazing horse! He has come so far in the last couple of months. He loves his new barn, too, because there's a lot more room to ride outside of the ring.

Update September 2006:

Hi Bev!

Thanks for sending your old pictures of Ferdinand (Cugino)! He sure has changed in the almost year since I have had him :). You can tell in those pics that he was not very interested in moving forward (no muscles)!

Things have been going great. Ferdinand loves his job, especially over fences. Due to a restrictive situation (no trailer availability) at my other farm, we have still not gotten to show, but we have trailered places for lessons, gone cross-country schooling, and done a bunch of other fun stuff. He even went swimming a couple of times in the Patuxent River, which he loved. We moved around a bit because I was starting two-year-olds at a thoroughbred farm in southern Maryland, but we are now back settled in near Annapolis. His new farm is affiliated with the Marlborough Hunt Club, and we have lots of outings planned for the fall, including some local shows, and maybe a lesson or two at the Capital Challenge (oh boy!). Ferdinand is absolutely what I like in a horse- he is smart, a great mover, and is forward to the jumps. I know that he is going to do well at the shows and little events I have planned for him. He has turned out to be even more fantastic than I hoped.

My friend took some great video on my cell phone (ah, technology) this weekend, and I hoped to send it to you; unfortunately, cell phone video and computer video do not seem to mingle well :(. He is pretty great to watch on the flat and over jumps. And don't worry, when people see him and rant and rave about how gorgeous he is, I always tell them about your great rescue and all the cool horses you get!

Thanks for everything,

Megan Childs

Update November 2007:

Hi Bev!

I realized that it has been awhile since I have updated you on how well Ferdinand is doing :). As always, he is happy and looks great (I get compliments on how handsome he is daily).

We showed almost all summer, and Ferdinand and I were always in the ribbons in our local hunter and equitation divisions. Toward the end of the summer, he got an abcess and earned almost a month off. Since then, he is doing great again and we are planning on competing in December and January, I hope! We are going to do some dressage shows and hopefully gear up for a little eventing this spring . . .

I attached a few photos of us from a show at PG Equestrian Center. Hope that all is well at the horse rescue :). Eventually, John and I hope to get him a "husband horse" from MAHR . . . he has been walk/trotting on Ferdinand under my supervision for quite some time now, so I think he's getting the hang of riding TB's!

Megan Childs
















Cautionary, bay mare, 6 yrs, 16.1h.

Cautionary was adopted! She is going to a sport horse breeding program in SC this week. Thanks and congratulations!

Cautionary with Jeanne

Rowdy, b.g., 17.1h, 12 yrs.

Rowdy was adopted. Ashley works at a nearby farm and was looking for a horse for pleasure riding and maybe some local shows. She came to see our horses and fell in love with Rowdy. He is her first very own horse and will be spoiled rotten and have a home forever. Thanks!!

Jonquil's Hope, bay mare, 15.3h+, 2000.

Jonquil's Hope was adopted! Susan from DE used to event a lot in Ginny and Bev's era- but work and family intervened and she hadn't competed recently. After her young horse came down with navicular, she was in the market for a new horse. Jonquil reminded Susan of her old event mare-- she came down and fell in love!!

Susan is very experienced and has a good feel, so we feel that Jonquil finally has her forever home- we are thrilled, it must have been meant to be. Congrats! We look forward to seeing you at area events in the future!

Update September 2005:

Dear Bev and Ginny,

I cannot tell you how much we love Jonquil! All my boys love her too! It is as if she has always been here. I rode her in my arena w/t/c and she did not put a foot wrong! She also got both leads instantly. My husband is also in love with her! I hope to be up when you 2 go for a cross country school. I would love to bring her. She is extremely athletic and that canter is wonderful! Love you guys, and thank u for everything!


Update October 2005:

Hi Bev and Ginny,

Jonquil was a little star at her first dressage show!!!!! She came home with a first and third place against seasoned competitors and horses! I was so proud of her!! She is so sweet..... loves life! We have definitely bonded. She always puts her head in my arms for hugs and rubs! I thank God each day for such a wonderful blessing!

Thanks again,
Susan Jacobs

Update January 2006:

Hey Bev and Ginny,

My beautiful gal is great! She is a star down here! They all think she is the most beautiful horse they have ever seen! Especially when she is doing her dressage movements! She loves the dressage, and is excelling at all the lateral work. Her topline has really changed, and she is lighter than air! I took her up to pleasant hollow and had a jump lesson, she was a star! She is like a cat over fences, however, I am having so much fun with her in the dressage I am going to pursue this!
She has great potential and really enjoys it! Hope all is well with you 2 -Best always Susan

Jonquill's Hope

Beyond The River, ch. g., 3 yrs., close to 16h and still growing!

Kathy, an experienced dressage rider and instructor from DE was thinking about getting a young horse to have some fun eventing with. Her daughter Jess, an event rider and instructor, saw River on the site and called her mom, telling her she had to come see him right away. We set up an appointment, River was his usual laid back kind self, and Kathy adopted him. He left yesterday as well. Thank you!!

Update September 2005:

Bev and Ginny,

 Just wanted to send an update on River. He is doing great and Mom loves him. We went over to pony club to ride today and he was super. We warmed up around the ring and then went out around the club. Even jumped a few baby x-country jumps. Not bad for being with us for less than a week. That was the first jump he has seen over at pony club and he popped right over. I was riding a new 5 yr ottb and he wanted no part of the x-country jumps. Hopefully, he will copy after River in a little while. River is very nonchalant about everything. He stands nicely in the x-ties and wash stall. We gave him a nice bath and he really seemed to enjoy it. He sleeps flat out in his stall during the day and again when he goes out in the field.

 He has a lot of growing to do so we are only riding him about 15-20 min max right now since the ground is so hard! 

 We hope to bring him to St. Augustine HT for elementary.  
Thanks for everything!

Jess & Kathy

Update June 2006:

I moved River to prenovice at Plantation fields and we had a 34 in dressage to tie us for second and went clean over a big scary stadium and x-country. He flew around the x-country and did not bat an eye at his first ditches or the water which we had to canter through and jump a big log out. I would love to move him up to Novice but we are just taking our time and doing it right. He is so wonderful. He is just as cool and calm as it gets and is lovely to work around. Does not care about other horses acting goofy in warmup and we galloped most of the course and he was very good about coming back. He needs a bit bigger jumps though as the small ones are not backing him off much now. I have had a great time with him-


Beyond the River

Sept. 2005

Sept. 2005

Sept. 2005

June 2006

June 2006

Big Ruby K, grey gelding, 16.0 h, 6 yrs.

Leigh and her mom Jennie saw Ruby on the site. Leigh was looking for a young horse to bring along to do some local showing. Jennie had a son of Rubiano and was always on the lookout for another. They came yesterday to see him and fell in love. Both rode him and he went very well, although a bit careful on the rock hard ground- and they came back last night to bring him home! Congratulations!!

Big Ruby K

Honest Illusions, ch. g., 2001, 15.2h+

Honest Illusions was adopted! Tony from PA was looking for a young horse to trail ride. An experienced horseman and western rider, he saw HI's pic and fell in love. His fiancee Kathy and her daughter both ride English so can help out. When Tony came down, for some reason HI was acting silly-young horses can do that sometimes- even though he had always been so level headed. He went OK for Bev and Kathy but really settled when Bev started working on his neck reining- he'd had a start with his former owner and picked it right back up. After a vet check, he went to his new home. Tony is having an experienced hunter-rider-turned-western-trainer work with him to give him a solid foundation. Congratulations!!

Update November 2005:

Hi Bev,

Just wanted to update you on honest illusions. I have named him sadona. He is just wonderful. He is calm, gentle and will do just everything. I cannot find one vice!!!!!!!! He trailers fine. He loves to be bathed and brushed all over and have his hooves cleaned. Not a problem doing anything at all to him. He loves attention but is still unsure of what a carrot or apple is for. He is learning though and does love his stud muffins.

When you turn him out, he likes to show you how fast he can cross a field. He runs like the wind. I can't believe he was not a winner. Anyway, he has taken to western saddles and riding like a duck takes to water and has been about as bomb proof, gentle and sensible as you can get. Everyone at his new home loves him and are very impressed. He really is a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will send you some pictures real soon. Kudos to you and your staff.

Tony C.

Update August 2007:

Well ......  it was quite a day for Kai's first show.  Left the house at 4:30 after about 4 hours sleep - welcome to the world of showing - LOL.  Supposed the leave the barn at 6:30 - my trainer Carolyn was late as usual - didn't leave until 7+.  Missed the turn into the showgrounds - arrived around 8:15 - first class at 9.  If she wasn't so good at what she does, I would have been really mad at her - we needed more time to settle before the class. 

Kai was like a snorting, fire-breathing dragon - whites of his eyes showing, prancing around.  None of this unexpected - he probably thought he was back at the racetrack.  We threw the tack on him and I got on (with trepidation, I might add) and headed up the hill to the warm-up area.  I tried to calm and settle him but there was just not enough time and he was on sensory overload.  Despite all this he was such a good boy - never got out of control or pulled anything scary.  So we warmed up and best we could in the time left - couldn't have done it without Carolyn coaching - I was as nervous and tense as Kai which, of course, didn't help. 

I have to brag a little - the spectators and other riders were in awe of him - he looked like a million bucks!  So many complements on what a beautiful horse and our impeccable turnout - very gratifying.  Sooooo much work to get to a show looking that good.  First class went off without a blow-up (Into level walk/trot) - he went better than I expected but we were both very tense and he was a little spooky at the judge sitting in a horse trailer.  We got mostly 6's and 7's (satisfactory/fairly good) with some lower marks where we got too tense.  Then we went back to the schooling area to work on the canter - I was ready for trouble but, surprisingly, he cantered beautifully - no grabbing the bit and taking off, thank heavens. 

Into the second test (Training level, w/t/c) and he got "stuck" at the first halt - wouldn't move forward - looking around, etc.  Got him moving (whew!) - he was going pretty well - took his correct lead, nice canter - then I went off course (UGH!).  My mind just went blank - they blow a whistle and tell you where to re-start the movement (2 penalty points).  Of course I wasn't worrying about the score - just hoping to complete the test in a reasonable fashion, which we did.  There were some very nice moments which, as Carolyn says, to focus on and pat myself on the back, realizing how far we have come in 10 months.  Most of our mistakes were due to tension which, hopefully, will be ironed out in time.  The judge's comment on the scorecard made my day - "attractive and capable pair, super ability".  She knew I had my hands full and offered just the right encouragement.  Then she said "learn, in time, to trust him more and allow him to move more freely forward".  I think he proved, despite the circumstances, that he is honest and kind and will give everything he is capable of........ Came home, ate dinner at 5 (nothing to eat all day except a granola bar) and konked out at 7 - I was exhausted.  Will head out to the barn shortly to check on my main man - he had a rough day, poor guy.  He was so glad to get home!

Christine and Kai (Honest Illusions)

Honest Illusions

Geronimo, App G., 14.2h, aged.

Geronimo found the perfect home!  Marybeth from PA was looking for a horse that could come live on her farm and basically be a pet. She works with disabled children and wanted a horse that they could brush, handle, and love.

She took him home last weekend and reports that he already comes a-runnin when she calls his name. He should have many long happy years ahead of him......

Red Attack, ch.g., 16.2h, 1991.

Red Attack was adopted!

Red Attack

Moon Sprit, dk.b. m., 2000, 16h.

Moon Sprit was adopted! Cheryl from PA was looking for a show hunter prospect. She had Moon Sprit in mind when she came to visit but wanted to look at everyone. We went to the mare's field and Moon Sprit chose Cheryl! She walked right up to her and gave her that "I'm your girl, take me home" look. We tacked her up and she went beautifully, even though it had been 6 weeks or so since she was last ridden. Cheryl took a video to show her trainers, but we don't think anyone was going to get Cheryl to change her mind. Everyone approved of her though, and after a vet check she went home. Congratulations!

Update November 2005:

Dear Bev,
Hello. I hope all is going well for you. I wanted to update you on Lexy.
We went to our first horse show today and she was awesome!!! It was like she was born to be a show horse. We placed 5th out of 11 riders at Tail Wind Farm. I was so excited that I never stopped smiling. When they called my number I just stood there because I never thought we would place in our first show.  She was so calm and sweet. No one could believe that she has only been in training for 4 months. I even had people compliment me on how beautiful she is and they wanted to know where I got her. I proudly told them Midatlantic Horse Rescue.
Lexy has become the most loving horse. She is always putting her head in my arms. I can't thank you enough and I'll let you know about our future success.


Moon Sprit

Cool Hand Doc, dk bay TM m., 2000, 16.0h.

Cool Hand Doc was adopted. Kathy adopted Foxy and Lettie earlier this year. Lettie wasn't doing well in a small barn setting- she was super attached to whoever she was near- so we arranged for her to go to a new home through Tony and Jill Curtis's farm, Shiloh Farm Horse Rescue (where she is doing super!) Kathy wanted another horse and came to see everyone. We all agreed that Doc would be a great match. After watching her go and riding her, she decided to adopt her. After a vet check she went home. Her new barn name is Missy and they are having a great time. Thank you!!

Update November 2005:

Hi Bev,
     Just thought I let you know how Missy is doing.  I am really having a lot of fun with her.  We have been taking lessons once a week for about two months and she is really learning alot.  We just went on a paper chase at Radnor in Pa and she did great. We have done a few other hunt paces and we go trail riding every weekend if we can. 
      Kathy Divito

Cool Hand Doc

Larkspur, b.f., 16.0h, 3 yrs.

Larkspur found her forever home! Jeanne Davis of Wind Horse Offering adopted her as a resale project. Jeenie R. (who used to own Sir Proud) had since moved to Wind Horse Offering, met Lark and fell in love. Jeanne had given Lark a really great foundation. Everyone- students, friends, and visiting clinicians- talked about her impressive movement, ability, and unflappable temperament. We are so glad that Jeenie finally found her horse of a lifetime and that Jeanne is there to guide them both. Lark looks fabulous, and the dentist figured she was a year younger than we thought (just now 3, not turning 4) so they are going very slowly. We think you will be reading about these two in the future in the dressage arena! Wonderful news!

Rum Punch, Gr. M., 16.3h+, 9 yrs.

Rum Punch is adopted! Elizabeth from NJ has a small lesson program and was looking for a horse that was quiet enough and big enough for some of her students. We finished Rum's EPM treatment several weeks ago and she is coming around but it will be a long process for her muscle tone to return in her hind end. Elizabeth saw her and fell in love, calling us to say she would adopt her before she even got halfway back home. Elizabeth has the knowledge and experience to do the right thing for Rum. We are thrilled and so is Rum. Thank you!

Rum Punch

Blazing Native, grey gelding, 15.3h, 13 yrs.

Blazing Native was adopted by Christine from VA. She had come to see Moon Sprit several weeks ago but it wasn't quite the right match. When Native came in, we thought of Christine. As soon as she came back from a riding holiday in Ireland, she came to meet him and fell in love instantly. He passed his vet check and will leave for his new home as soon as we find a ride. Christine plans to pleasure ride and show in some lower level dressage shows. Congratulations!

Update September 2005:

Hi Bev,

Well, can you believe it, finally got to ride my hospital patient today.  What a sweetie!  Stood like a rock at the mounting block, walked and trotted like he had been ridden every day - boy was I surprised!  Not to say he may give me a run for my money at some point but who knows - maybe what you see is what you get!  Needless to say neither of us is fit (it's been 2 months since I last rode) - he's been in a stall for 6 weeks - so will take it nice and easy for now.  Worked on circles, bending, leg yielding - going in a straight line on the diagonal - just the basics. 

Very soft mouth - no pulling, head tossing, resisting contact. Teriffic gaits - nice ground covering walk and perfect "working" trot - not too fast, not too slow.  He seems very quick to learn and willing to please - at the end of the 40 min. session he understood that pressure from the inside leg means move away from it.  He is quite stiff on lateral bending - particularly the left side - so we have a lot of work in this area but I think with his attitude we will get there in time. 

His "buddies" in the pasture have been giving him a hard time this week - somebody is biting and kicking.  This really upsets me as I don't want to see him get hurt - he is really banged up - hopefully the pecking order will settle down soon.  Honestly, always something.  One of these days I will remember to take my camera and send you some pictures.

Take Care,
Blazing Native

Ready to Go, b.g., 16.3h, 1993

Ready was adopted by a family from NJ who was looking for a horse for their very tall 14 year old son. Justin made the trip with his parents just to meet Ready. He went very well for Justin and after a brief vet check, went to his new home that he shares with a couple of other horses and some goats (not on Ready's list of favorite things so far!) Mom Sandy teaches riding at a local show barn so they will be in great hands. Ready and Justin plan to do some local showing once they get to know each other. Congratulations!
Ready to Go

Jaglander, b.g., 2001, 15.1h

Francie came up from VA- she had known Beale Morris and decided she wanted to definitely get her next horse from  our rescue. She came to see Its Okay and really liked him- but when she saw Jag, she KNEW he was the one for her. He was also footsore, so after a pair of front shoes, we did a quick video and sent it to her. She called that same day and said she would take him. He is a special guy, he tries so hard- she is looking for an event horse so that should be right up his alley. Way to go!

Update September 2005:

Jag is a pocket horse and so sweet. What a charmer he is and to all he comes in contact with. He is now an international traveler as I took him and one other home to Canada for a few weeks to escape the heat and play.

I can not thank you enough for him and can't wait for you to see how dark he has gotten and round. He looks like a little raisin. The only disagreement we have had has been over the amount of carrots he can consume. Other than that he is wonderful. Enjoy the last of summer and the cool fall weather that is on it's way.

As always, Francie


It's OK, dk. b. g., 16.1h, 2000

Its Okay got adopted. Pat from PA came to see him- she had always wanted a dark bay TB to show and enjoy. He went very well although he was footsore- the ground had gotten hard and his barefeet were tender. We put shoes on him a few days later, Pat came back and rode him- he was his usual steady self. (He really has become a beautiful mover, a long way from that sick skinny weak boy that came home from the sale!) After a vet check and xrays (no problem with that hock) he left for his new home. Congrats!!

Update: August 2005

It's OK is doing well.  He is gaining weight and has a very kind attitude. I 've ridden him a little; want to give him time to gain weight and develop some muscle. No trouble being by himself when I ride my other horse; just happy to remain in his stall with lots to eat!  He seems to be becoming more sure of himself and more secure mentally. I am still working on the hind leg- he picks it up and lets me work on it but when the farrier tried to lift it and bring it forward for the trimming, he pulled away as if it hurt.  However, he will lift it and move it forward on his own. ???? Who knows, but as long as he progresses, we are headed in the right direction.  I have a chiropractor/acupuncturist vet coming soon, so I hope that she can give us a little more insight. 

Hope that your work continues to go well.  Will send some photos as he gains weight and muscle.

Thanks, Pat

It's OK

Prospector's Son, b. g., 2000, 16.0h

Gayle, her daughter Molly, and friend Tracey drove up from Northern VA. Gayle and Molly had to their old horse down and were looking for a quiet new horse that they could bring along and eventually show. They are TB fans (especially fond of Afleet Alex). PS was wonderful, very kind and patient, and really seemed to like the attention from all these ladies. After a vet check a week later, he left for  his new home. Congratulations!

Prospector's Son

Arctic Ghost, Gr. f., 2001, 15.2h

Andie from North Carolina saw Ghost's picture and called  immediately. She has two arabs that were once abuse cases- She wanted a horse to hack and maybe breed, has always been partial to greys and TB's- and Arctic was it!

She left early one morning, and drove straight through to MD. Ghost was a little sore as we had recently added a new mare to her field and they must have done a bit of running- but Andie loved her, adopted her, and turned around to return home. They got in late that night- but by 9 the next morning, Ghost had a bath, fly spray, fly sheet and was out with her new buddies! Andie reports that she is very sweet- her one knee is a bit up and sore- more running around with her new buddies- but with time it should settle down and set up. Thank you for giving this sweet mare a second life!

Artic Ghost

Stormy Pixie, b.m., 16.0h, 1999

Stormy Pixie was adopted- this mare really came around in the short time we had her, going from defensive and difficult to a real pocket pet. We knew she would need a soft, patient rider to keep her on the right track- and then Daretta called.  She is a good friend of Sue (Wind Digger's mom- a former problem child turned eventing star in the making) Daretta was looking for a young event prospect and Pixie caught her eye. She came out to meet her, Pixie was a star for her and that was that- after a vet check, she went home to the Frederick MD area. We look forward to the same glowing reports and super pictures that we get from Sue and Wind Digger, as Pixie and Daretta start on their new partnership!

Update September 2005:

Hi Bev -

I think you've gotten all the details over the phone from Susan, and I think either she or Terry sent some pictures, but I wanted to tell you personally that Pixie is doing GREAT. I just can't believe how fun this little girl is. She LOVES cross-country and is just so much fun to ride out there. She's very forward and her gallop is just to die for. She did the x-c clinic at home over a recognized BN course, her first x-c ever, and the only thing she looked at was the ditch, and she went over that after taking a good look at it. Last Saturday, we did a pipe opener x-c school over an elementary course, her first "show" type experience away from home, and she was awesome. Jumped everything, but did need a lead into the water (we're working hard on the water at home now). She had no problems leaving the horses behind in warm-up or leaving Zack behind at the trailer. She rolled right out of the start box and never looked back. She was definitely nervous especially in the warmup ring, but she listened to me the whole time, and stayed steady and consistent, and I couldn't have been more pleased. We schooled the stadium course at home after the horse trial, that was definitely more work than x-c, but she jumped everything, even a combination. I found that she needs to canter courses right now and get into a rhythm (and what a lovely rhythm she has). Otherwise, if I try and trot things, she wiggles and swings her hind end out and I lose all my steering. She still goes even though it's sideways, but it's a lot more work for me that way.

Enzo took a lot of my confidence on x-c away, and he definitely took away the enjoyment and the fun. I got all that back with Pixie - I couldn't be happier! My dad commented on how at St Augustine's, there was a look of sheer terror on my face when galloping Enzo around, and now with Pixie, I'm smiling and having fun in the pictures.

All the issues with her not using her front end well and throwing her legs around are pretty much gone. She tucks herself up and jumps just fine.
What we have discovered with her (my instructor is so awesome - she sees
everything!) is that when she is uncomfortable with something, her movements become very exaggerated and that's when she kind of loses control of her legs (at least, that's what it feels like when you sit on her - those legs start pinwheeling all over the place!). I think she is becoming more comfortable jumping and more comfortable with me as a whole, so she's paying more attention to what her body is doing now. Thanks to Sally's observation, I have a way of knowing when she's unsure of something, and I'll be able to tell when she figures it out and is ok with it.

Her first horse trial will now be at Olney on Oct 9, as the gas prices are just too prohibitive for us to drive up to Olde Hope, unfortunately.

Pixie truly is the lovely, athletic horse you told me she was. I'm so glad I have her!

Take care -

Update June 2006:

Hi Bev -

Pixie FINALLY made it to her first horse trial this weekend. She was sound, the weather was beautiful, and she really made me proud. Finished on her dressage score and ended up 4th in her division. We didn't embarrass ourselves too terribly in dressage - the first half of the test was actually pretty decent, then we cantered and the second half of the test went downhill from there, but my whole goal was to just stay in the ring and get thru it, so we exceeded my expectations. She was so much fun x-c - I was just grinning from ear to ear when I got done. The whole x-c thing just seems to make sense to her. Stadium, she's still kind of sticky and balky until she gets a few fences under her belt, but x-c, she rolls right out of the start box and never looks back.

Her hoof is healing nicely, after 2 weeks of stall rest and bandaging. The farrier isn't too concerned about the damage, but we'll have to wait and see what happens as her hoof grows and the scar progresses down her foot.
The vet described her injury as when you pull the skin away from the back of your fingernail - very painful, but not necessarily that serious. We're still not sure exactly what she did to herself. It was trauma of some sort, either another horse stepping on her coronet band, or the vet suggested maybe she had a hematoma there that burst, but he'd never seen anything like it. It always makes you feel good when the vet looks at it and has no idea what it is...

Anyway, just thought I'd pass on the good news. Not sure when her next outing will be. I want her to do one or 2 more at baby beg novice before I move her up to a true beginner novice. I think she needs more experience in stadium to understand her job before I start throwing bigger fences and/or harder questions at her. I'll send you the link once the photographer gets the pictures posted on-line. He got a great shot of her in both stadium and on x-c. Everyone at the photographer's booth kept telling me how photogenic she is - that's my girl :-)

Take care -

Update September 2006:

Hi Bev -

I thought you'd like to see some pictures from our recent x-c school. Check out Pixie coming out of the water - does she look like an event horse or what? And a year ago, she would have needed a lead to even get into the water. My little girl is growing up :-)

We'll be back at Fair Hill on the 17th to do our first true beginner novice. I'm excited to get her out again. I'll let you know our times when we get them, maybe if you have the time, you can come see her jump. That's much more exciting than her dressage! (See photos to the right)

Take care - Daretta





Update November 2007:

Hey Bev -

Pixie did her first training yesterday and she ended up 4th! She was a bit
wired for dressage, not sure what was going on there since our last 2
outings, she was very relaxed for dressage. She may have been in season,
it's hard to tell with her (she's not very obvious when she is). But I
held her together and even though we had some rough spots, there were a few
good moments, too, and the judge was very fair and very understanding.
When she worked, she worked well, when she didn't, she was a witch. It
actually turned out better than I thought considering we had a rearing and
spinning fight when it was time to leave warmup and head to the ring for
our test. She was clean stadium and she loped around xc just fine until we
got to the 2nd water. It was a big jump in, something I've never really
schooled with her. The first water was a small log, she hopped right over
that. But the 2nd water was 2 stacked logs, kinda like a little oxer, and
she just didn't understand it. If it had been a single log, she would
have been fine, but the fence was big and she couldn't stop and look and
hop over it (altho she considered it). But on the second approach, she was
like, I get it now, Mom, and hopped right in (I attached a picture for you
- she looks like a real event horse!). She really needs to school things
like that to understand them before she sees them in competition, but it
doesn't always work out that way. Anyway, that was our only bobble, the
rest of the course was lovely and she had no issues with the bigger fences
or any of the combinations out there. There was a lot of carnage on xc,
only 2 or 3 clears, then us with one stop, then there were some multiple
stops, falls and eliminations, so we still ended up 4th. I'm very proud of
her. I think that was a good end to our season.

How did St Augustine's go? I saw that you had Press Forward entered - her
jumping pictures on the website were cute, what a nice girl.

Pixie at Fairhill (below)

Sherman's Prospect, b.g., 6 yrs. 16.0+ h.

Nemo is adopted! The University of MD was looking for well mannered TB geldings for a non invasive nurtitional study. We called and got more info and when we found out that he would be well cared for and useful, we signed him up! When the study is over, he will either go to the U MD riding program or if he is not sound by then, will come back to us. We are pleased that he will be getting great care and lots of attention and a chance to come around.

Sherman's Prospect

Fort Monmouth, bay g., 1999, 16.2h.

Ft Monmouth was adopted! Robin and Lisa, from Rising Sun, were going to be in the market for a nice young resale project. They heard about Fort from two different people, and although they weren't quite ready they decided to come see him. After arriving with a trailer, watching him go and trying him, they adopted him on the spot! They are knowledgeable, soft riders who will bring him along and give him the time he needs to get muscled and well. Now called Monte in the barn, they are thrilled with his attitude and progress. Congratulations!

Update May 2005:

Hi Bev & Ginny,

Lisa & I just wanted to give you a quick update on Monte. He has put on a ton of weight and looks like a different horse from a 11/2 months ago. He is now going nicely under saddle and jumping 2 foot fences and loves it. He is still as sweet as he was the day we brought him home.

Martha also has been working on him as he starts to muscle up. We will send you a few pictures in the next few weeks, so you can see how much he has changed. Thanks again for a wonderful horse.

Lisa & Robyn

Update June 2005:

I wanted to give you an update on Monty! He has remained a very quiet and trainable fellow with tons of self confidence. He was steering and riding off of leg and body aids after about a week . He is now jumping 2 3" to 2 6" at a trot and does not look at anything. He jumps flower boxes, barrels, combinations and coops with all the confidence of a horse that's done it many times! He has put on a lot of weight and seems to like his new beginning. He also hacks out and crosses water like it's no big deal. I will email you pictures soon.

Thanks Lisa and Monty

Update July 2005

Here are a few pictures of Monty. He is going to do his first cross country school Tuesday. All is going well and he improves with every ride. We are cantering fences now and continuing 2'3" to 2'6" even though it is very easy for him. My intention now is to keep him for my event horse and he has been a wonderful ride!  

Thanks - Lisa

Update July 2007:

Hi Bev and Ginny, I wanted to update you again on Monty's progress and life as an event horse. As of this year he has really come into his self! He is now about 17.1 hands and absolutely stunning! He is a soft fluid dressage horse, extremely brave and talented stadium jumping and has become very brave x/country and seems to really like his job.

We are starting recognized novice now after several successful starter trails at novice. I hope to end the season with a training event! What a great horse and partner I have. Thank you again!

Lisa and Monty I will email you pictures of him soon !

Fort Monmouth

July 2005

July 2005

NotanOrdinaryjoe, b.g, 2000, 16.0h

Not An Ordinaryjoe was adopted! Phyllis lives right up the road and came to see Joe. She was looking for a horse to play around with, hack out, and maybe do some low level eventing and fun shows.  She was also hoping for someone steady enough for her husband George to hack. Because the footing was so slick we were only able to walk and trot but he was his normal steady-Eddie self. She rode him and really liked him--but was going to see another horse.

We had other people coming to see him and Phyllis was worried that she would miss him. We figured it would all work out and it did- he wasn't quite what the other people were looking for and Phyllis called about 5 minutes after they left and decided she wanted him. After a vet check on Thursday he went to his new home a mile away. He arrived like he had lived there forever and Phyllis and George are very happy. Congratulations!


Lettie Spaghetti, bay mare, 2000, 16.0h+.
Foxyirish, b.g., 2000, 15.2 h

Lettie and Foxyirish were adopted! Kathy from NJ called- she lost two horses over the past five months- Lettie reminded her of her jumper. Foxy looked just like a two year old that she had rescued that had to be put down because of paralysis from a neurological condition. She came out to the farm and tried both and loved them.

After a vet check, they went home! She reports that they are currently pretty attached, and has had to seperate them in order to regain some order but things are improving.

Congratulations, and thank you for giving these horses a chance at a new career and happy life.

Update April 2005:

Well Lettie does seems to be getting along a little better.  She does not get as upset when I ride Irish and she is willing to wait her turn to be put outside after eating. I still have them in separate paddocks but they are right next to each other.  Irish is in the middle of the three paddocks so he can either play with Lettie over the fence or go to the other end and play with Sky.

I took Irish for a second lesson and my trainer could not belive how well he was going.  He has even stop his playful bucking must of the time.  She feels that with a little work he will really make a nice horse.

I have been riding Lettie a little more and she is coming along nicely also.  I'm still not sure if I can keep both horses but for now I am going to work with them both as much as I can.  They are really two totally different horses. Irish has a lot of energy and still loves to run. Where Lettie would rather just walk and maybe trot sometimes. I really am falling in love with both horses.

Well have to go now I will try to keep you up to date on how things are going.

Lettie Spaghetti


Dinner Cider, Dk B. G., 16h, 2000.

Molly from the Eastern Shore came looking for a horse for her student Georden. Martha Grace had just finished DC's massage when they arrived to see him, so we just tacked him up and went to the indoor. It was his first time there and he was perfect. Everyone loved him and that was that.

After a vet check he went to his new home. Molly reports that he is so quiet and kind and that Georden even had to carry a stick to keep him going. He will be a pony club/event mount and family pet. Congratulations!

Update March 2005

DC went the best ever today! He was loose and relaxed, and Geordon was thrilled! He just gets nicer and nicer. Everyone who sees him can't believe that he is off the track and so calm. He's even gained some weight! He looks longingly at the other horses. I'm hoping to turn him out with others soon.

Update April 2005:

Dinner Cider's name is now TAD , short for  "Just A Tad".   We just love him.  What a handsome fellow he is.  He is gaining weight slowly but surely.  He is a lovely mover and has great ground manners.  Geordon is even taking him over small jumps.  Nothing seems to bother him. 

He got a bit spooked by a recent thunderstorm and got his leg caught in the fence.  He is mending and Geordon is still riding him daily.  We might even show him in July in our Baby Green division.  We are so happy to have him.  Geordon has a horse that she always wanted.  She is working very hard with him and can't wait to see what he can do.

Thank you very much

Chris and Geordon

Update August 2005:

HI Bev,
I just wanted to update you on Tad ( formerly known as Dinner Cider) .  I need to send you a picture soon you won't believe how handsome he is.   Geordon rides him everyday and he is such an athlete.  He even does lead changes.  She recently rode him in a pony club fun musical dressage at our barn.  He wasn't bothered by the music, people, or the costumes.  She has been jumping 2' 6 courses with him and he is doing great.  We look forward to next year and doing some eventing with him.   We will send a picture soon.
Thank you
Chris and Geordon Duncan
and Tad!!!
Dinner Cider

My Gal Arissa, bay mare, 1999, 16 hands

Mitzi from MD was looking for a horse that she and her daughters could share for eventing, pony club, dressage, and pleasure riding. Her friend and mentor Brittany had adopted Appealing Fella (Matt) from us and that had worked well, so they came up to see the horses. We took Arissa to the indoor, things went well, and that was that. She passed the vet last Friday and went home Sunday. Congratulations!

My Gal Arissa

Iron Madonna, b.f., 2000, 16.0+h

Spencer from KY emailed about her, looking for a mare that could do dressage and jump, plus have enough pedigree to breed. After back and forth emails, he decided to adopt her sight unseen. She found a ride from Simoff Horse Transport last Thursday and after a long trip arrived safely. Spencer emailed to say they were very pleased and that she was everything we had said. Thank you for giving her a good home!

Update April 11, 2oo5:
Iron Madonna's doing great -(we call her Donna). She's very sweet, and likes our attention - she has had no problem fitting in to our little herd. All in all, we're quite happy.


Iron Madonna

Friendly Affair, dk. b. g., 2000, 16.0h+

Our friends at New Bolton Center were looking for a horse for their drug program. NBC is constantly researching racetrack meds and their withdrawal time from a horse's system. He will not be given anything dangerous or risky. Basically, he will live in a lovely big field with a group of other horses and come in two days a month and give blood.

They are well fed and cared for, with regular vet, dental, and farrier care- and when he is done in the program, he will come back to us if not adopted by someone at the center. We are pleased that he will have a secure and happy future, and will help our equine friends as well. Congratulations and thank you!

Friendly Affair

Shoobie, b.g., 1998, 15.2+h.

John from PA has been a long time friend and supporter of MAHR- he is also a racehorse trainer based at a countryside training center complete with lots of hacking and a swimming pool. Shoobie had been a good runner, running as recently as late fall- he wasn't really settling into the laid back pleasure horse life, so John adopted him and will give him some time, then bring him back to run on the turf next spring. John is very experienced and compassionate and his horses are very well cared for, so we know Shoobie is in good hands.


She's Some Fox, b.m., 5yrs, 16.1+h.

She's Some Fox is adopted! Brandi from VA called looking for a mare for her daughter to ride and to breed to a draft cross. She has a large pasture, and a 19 yr old Arabian who needs a friend. She came and saw Foxy, we discussed the fact that she is happiest out and with a routine, and they decided to adopt her. We are very happy, she will have a great home! Congratulations!

She's Some Fox

Smooth Crossing, bay gelding, 2001, 16.1h+, unraced.

John from Newark, DE has been a great supporter of our work here. He has been involved with horses for a long time, and finally decided to get a horse to bring along. After watching SC go, he decided to adopt him.

After a vet check, he went to his new home where he shares a beautiful farm with Vicki and Pokey Hontas. He plans to give him the winter to mature, then will start him in the spring. Congratulations!

Smooth Crossin

Galway Miner, dk.b. gelding, 1998, 16.1h.
TJ's Knickknack, bay gelding, 1998, 16.0+h.

Ray and Beth, an experienced husband/wife event team from MD, adopted Reds Ready from us. After giving him some good basics, they sold him to a student. It has worked out very well, and they had a spot for another.

They came to see all of the horses; Ray really liked Miner, and Beth liked TJ-- so they took both! After a vet check, they went home Tuesday. Congratulations, and thanks for helping these great horses shine!

Galway Miner

TJ's Knicknack

Princes of Maine, bay gelding, 1999, 15.3h.

Sally, an experienced event rider from NJ, adopted one of our first rescues, All Faithful (Zack). Unfortunately, Zack developed a sunlight allergy last year and she had to find him a home as a companion.

She then contacted us about Prince. She came and rode on Sunday and fell in love. She tried but couldnt find anything not to like about him. He went home on Monday. Congratulations! We look forward to your eventing debut in the spring!

Update November 2007:

I just wanted to let you know that since we saw you at Fair Hill things are going much better!! I know that Susan has talked to you about Prince but I just wanted to say thanks for what you do and for sending such a great boy my way. I have been taking lessons from Sally Shirley and she has taught me a lot about how to ride his silly self!! We got third at Olde Hope and had an absolutely wonderful day of jumping!! I think we scared some of the spectators because he really loves to jump and goes forward to the jumps. I think a little more than they are used to in the elementary division. We ride this weekend at Waredaca and then depending on the outcome there we are probably going to finish with Full Moon for the season. I just thought you should have some better pics of him since he is so handsome now!!
Thanks again,
Kristi Wilson
P.S. These are pics from earlier in the season!!

Princess of Maine

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Murmadon, b.g., 4 yr old, 16h.

Alison from MD had been horseless for a few years. She came to see Murmadon over a month ago and really liked him but then decided that she wasn't quite ready to take on a new horse. About two weeks ago, she emailed and said she hadn't been able to stop looking at him on our site. She came out and spent a lot of time with him, riding and on the ground, and decided to go for it. After a vet check he went to his new home where he shares attention with a little bossy black pony. Murmadon settled right in and has been a total gentleman. He will be used for pleasure, eventing, and dressage.


Letting you know Murmadon, now known as Benson, is doing wonderfully. Unflappable, at least in a violent way, to almost any distraction. He has heard gunshots, had chickens fly near him (those free-range hens get a little giddy), etc.  I can even open gates from his back. He has a bit of fun but settles in nicely once reassured we mean to do a little business.

He has made some space for himself with the pony and she now asks permission to eat from his hay pile and has extreme separation anxiety when he goes for a hack. Thank you for what you do.  We’ll be back when the kids outgrow the pony.


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